Idle Trigger

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Triggers a task when no keyboard or mouse input occurs for the specified period of time (i.e. the system is idle).

Practical Usage

Occasionally tasks are better run when the machine is not in use by a real person. The Idle trigger allows a task to be configured to run when the system has not been in use.


General Tab

Launch task when machine has been idle for:

Specifies the amount of time the system should remain idle before the trigger is activated. Available time values are:

Behavior Tab

Trigger after the condition has been met 'X' times.

If enabled, specifies how many times the trigger condition must be met before the task is started (disabled by default). This parameter is available in all triggers except Schedule Trigger.

AMTrigger Parameters

When this trigger is activated, it automatically passes the "AMTrigger" object to the task. AMTrigger can be used within a task to determine whether or not the task was started by a trigger, which trigger started the task, when the trigger was activated and other trigger related properties. For more details, see Using AMTrigger.

Common AMTrigger Fields

Every instance of AMTrigger populates a list of common fields which are described in the table below.

NOTE: A full list of AMTrigger objects exclusive to each trigger can be viewed from the Expression Builder by expanding Objects -> Triggers and selecting the desired trigger.


Data Type

Return Value



Returns the name of the event or condition that triggered the task. Each event or condition contains a unique name. For this trigger, the value is always AMIDLETRIGGER.



Returns the name of the managed task that the trigger was attached to. Useful to determine the responsible task when two managed tasks point to the same AML file.



Returns the date and time when the trigger occurred.



Returns the machine name where the trigger occurred.



If the workstation was locked when the trigger occurred, the value returned is 1. Otherwise, it will be 0.



If the workstation was logged off when the trigger occurred, the value returned is 1. Otherwise, it will be 0.



Returns a verbose set of information about the triggered event or condition in AML (AutoMate Markup Language) format.


Specific AMTrigger Fields

There are no AMTrigger specific fields created for the Idle Trigger.

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