Decrement Variable Action—Setting Properties

The Decrement Variable action is used to decrease the value of a numeric variable by a specified amount. This action is usually used for a counter variable inside a loop.

To enter Decrement Variable properties

  1. From the Task Builder Available Actions pane, open the Variables folder and double-click the Decrement Variable action or drag it into the Steps pane.

  2. In the Variable Name box, select the variable to increment.

  3. In the Decrement by box, enter the amount by which to decrease the variable. If the variable is blank when the decrement step runs, zero value is assumed. If you want to use an expression, click the Insert Expression/Variable button and use the Expression Builder to create it.

  4. To set the Description tab properties, refer to Description Tab Options.

  5. To set the Error Causes and On Error tab properties, refer to Step Error Handling.

  6. When finished, click OK to save settings and close the properties dialog window.

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