Open Web Page Action—Setting Properties

The Open Web Page Action opens a specified web page using the default browser. If Internet Explorer is the default browser, the action can include a delay that allows the web page to finish opening. For other browsers, you could include a Pause Task action to allow time for the page to finish loading.

If the web interaction does not require a browser, other actions may be preferable. To download a file or retrieve the contents of a page, you can use the HTTP Download Action. To post values to a web form, you can use the HTTP Post Action.

To set Open Web Page properties

  1. From the Task Builder Available Actions pane, open the Internet folder and double-click the Open Web Page action or drag it into the Steps pane.

  2. In the Web page to open box, enter the URL for the web page. For recently visited pages, you can select from a drop-down list.

  3. If your browser is Internet Explorer, Wait for web page to finish loading is selected by default. Clear the check box if it is not necessary for the page to fully load before the next step executes.  

  4. If you want to populate a variable or dataset with data from the web page, click the Advanced tab, and enter properties as follows:

  5. To set the Description tab properties, refer to Description Tab Options.

  6. To set the Error Causes and On Error tab properties, refer to Step Error Handling.

  7. When finished, click OK to save settings and close the properties dialog window.

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