HTTP Post/Put Action—Setting Properties

The HTTP Post/Put action is used to post or upload a specified file or string to an HTTP server without using an external browser. You can also specify values to populate specific fields at the site. Optionally, the resulting content at the target url can be used to populate a variable.

To set HTTP Post/Put properties:

  1. From the Task Builder Available Actions pane, open the Internet folder and double-click the HTTP Post/Put action or drag it into the Steps pane.

  2. In the URL box, enter the URL (uniform resource locator) to which the data should be posted.

  3. Click the Auto fill... button to enter the location where the form data exists. You can select from URL or from file.

  4. If you are posting text, select Use specific string and then enter the text as follows:

  5. To post a file, select Use local file. Then click the Open Folder button, navigate to the file, and click Open or simply enter the full path and filename manually.

  6. If the site requires a Put command rather than the default Post, select Use Put command.

  7. If you want to prevent the web page from setting cookies, select Block cookies.

  8. Click the Advanced tab and enter the properties as follows:

  9. If you do not want to use the default proxy server as entered in Task Administrator System Options, click the Proxy tab and select an alternate setting in the Proxy type box. The options are None, Socks4, Socks4a, or Socks5. If you select any option other than None, enter the properties as follows:

  10. To set the Description tab properties, refer to Description Tab Options.

  11. To set the Error Causes and On Error tab properties, refer to Step Error Handling.

  12. When finished, click OK to save settings and close the properties dialog window.

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