FTP Advanced Action—Setting Properties

The FTP Advanced action is used to create custom FTP actions, that aren't included in the standard FTP actions. It could be used, for example, to move folders or files on an FTP server or to retrieve file listings.

You set properties by selecting a command and then entering any custom parameters required. When retrieving or sending data, you can populate a variable with the data. The Create Variable action must be used first to create the variable.

To set FTP Advanced properties

  1. From the Task Builder Available Actions pane, open the Internet\FTP folder and double-click the FTP Advanced action or drag it into the Steps pane.

  2. In the FTP command box, select the action to perform. The options are:

  3. In the Parameters box, enter the parameters according to the selected command.

  4. In the Session name box, enter the name of the FTP session. The name is set in the FTP Log On action.

  5. If you are sending or retrieving data and want to use it to populate a variable, click the Data tab. In the applicable box, select the variable to populate.

  6. To set the Description tab properties, refer to Description Tab Options.

  7. To set the Error Causes and On Error tab properties, refer to Step Error Handling.

  8. When finished, click OK to save settings and close the properties dialog window.

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