Input Box Action—Setting Properties

The Input Box action is used to display a message box in which the user can enter a value. The value is used to populate a variable. The variable must be created in an earlier step using the Create Variable action. The input box will have two buttons, OK and Cancel.

To set Input Box properties

  1. From the Task Builder Available Actions pane, open the Dialog folder and double-click the Input Box action or drag it into the Steps pane. The following properties dialog appears:

  1. In the Message to display box, type the message, or click the Insert Expression/Variable button and use the Expression Builder to enter a variable or expression. Usually the message is a question for the user to answer.

  2. If you want the input box to display with a default value, enter it in the Default value box. If this is left blank, no value is displayed when the input box opens.

  3. In the Populate variable with value entered box, select the variable to populate.

  4. Under Title of the input box, type the text to be displayed in the input box title bar.

  5. Click the Advanced tab.

  6. In the Position box, select from the drop-down list. For the customized selection, move the mouse pointer to the desired position for the upper left corner and press Insert. By default, the message box is positioned in the center of the screen.

  7. To add an icon to the input box, click Display this icon in the message box, and then select an icon from the drop-down list.

  8. If you want the Cancel button to be selected by default, select it in the Button selected by default box. Otherwise OK is the default selection.

  9. In the On cancel box, select the action to be take if the Cancel button is clicked. The options are:

  10. To set a time-out that automatically selects the default button after a specified period, select Automatically press the default button after, and then enter the number of seconds to wait.

  11. To mask user input on the screen, select Mask input. If this is selected, the user's input appears as pound symbols (#).

  12. To set the Description tab properties, refer to Description Tab Options.

  13. To set the Error Causes and On Error tab properties, refer to Step Error Handling.

  14. When finished, click OK to save settings and close the properties dialog window.

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