Decompress Files Action—Setting Properties

The Decompress Files action is used to extract compressed files. You can extract individual compression files or all compression files in a designated folder. To specify more than one file to decompress use wildcard characters (i.e. * or ? ).

To set Decompress Files properties:

  1. From the Task Builder Available Actions pane, open the Compression folder and double-click the Decompress Files action or drag it into the Steps pane. The properties dialog window of the action will appear as shown below:

  1. In the General tab properties under the Archive files parameter, click the Open Folder button and navigate to the compressed file you want to extract or enter the full path on the field provided. To select more than one file, use the SHIFT key during selection. To select individual files, use the CTRL key during selection. Alternately, you can type in the path and file names. Use asterisk (*) and question mark (?) as wildcard characters to designate multiple files. For example, use *.DOC to include all files in the selected folder with a .DOC extension. Separate multiple entries with a pipe symbol (|).

  2. In the Extract to folder parameter, enter the path and file name for the destination, or click the Open Folder button , navigate to the folder and type in the file name. Any non-existent folders designated are created at run time.

  3. In the Compression type drop-down, select the type of compression.

  4. Click the Options tab, and select the check boxes according to the following guidelines:

  5. In the Exclude mask parameter, enter the names of any files or folders within the selected source folder that you want to exclude from the action. You can use asterisk (*) and question mark (?) as wildcard characters. Separate multiple entries with a pipe symbol (|).

  6. To set the Description tab properties, please refer to Description Tab Options.

  7. To set the Error Causes and On Error tab properties, please refer to Step Error Handling.

  8. When finished, click OK to save settings.

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