Creating a New Task Using the Wizard

The AutoMateā„¢ Add Task Wizard is a Task Administrator feature designed make the task creation process easy by walking you through the required steps. Using the wizard creates a managed task, which you can then view, run, or modify through the Task Administrator.

To create a task using the Add Task wizard:

  1. Ensure the Add Task wizard is active by doing the following:


  1. On the Task Administrator tool-bar, click New or right-click anywhere inside the Task Administrator's main window and select New from the right-click menu. The Add Task Wizard window appears, as shown below.


  1. In the Managed Task Name parameter, enter a unique name for the task. To disable using the Add Task Wizard, select the option In the future, do not use this wizard. Thereafter, Click Next. The Create Steps screen appears, as shown below.


  1. Click Create Steps and then use the Task Builder to add the actions of your task. After creating your task, click the Update and Close button from the Task Builder to save the task and close the Task Builder window. For more information see Creating Task Steps. When returning back to the Create Steps screen, click Next to proceed to the Select Triggers screen, displayed below.


  1. If you want the task to run automatically, click Add to bring up the Triggers window (shown below) and set up one or more triggers.


  1. Upon selection of a trigger, the properties of the that trigger then appears. Enter the desired properties and click OK to save the settings and close the properties window (for more information, see Setting Triggers). The Select Triggers screen is then updated with information relating to the newly created trigger (as shown below). Click Next to proceed.


  1. The Logged Off Properties screen (shown below) appears next. This screen allows you to choose what the task should do in case the workstation is locked or logged off during runtime. It also allows you to enter a username and password that Automate can use to logon or unlock the workstation. For more details regarding logon properties, see Setting Task Logon Properties. After entering all required settings, click Next to proceed.



  1. The Finished! screen appears (illustrated below) signifying the completion of your task creation. This screen will provide a summary of the task including the task name and trigger(s) selected. Click the Finish button to exit the Add Task Wizard. A new task icon corresponding to the newly created task will appear in the Managed Tasks window of the Task Administrator.

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