About Creating Tasks

Tasks are the primary objects in AutoMate. A task is a series of steps designed to achieve some result. A task can be built to automate almost any business process. Tasks can perform file transfers, batch data processing, application testing, e-mail transmissions and much more. A task can be composed of a single step or hundreds of steps. Tasks can be started by a user or set to run automatically when triggered by a particular event.

A managed task is created from the Task Administrator by simply clicking the New button (as shown below). Priorities, security, error handling and other properties for the new managed task can then be set. A managed task can be run, modified or deleted through the Task Administrator console. There are several different ways to create a managed task:

  1. Creating a Task Using the Wizard (default option)

  2. Creating a Task Without the Wizard (preferred by experienced AutoMate users)

External or Un-managed Tasks can also be created which are not accessible from the Task Administrator but are useful for creating sub-tasks (i.e. an embedded task). For further information, see Using External Tasks.

Basic steps of creating a task are:

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