Task Administrator Quick Tour

The Task Administrator is the central tool used to administer AutoMate™. The Task Administrator can be accessed from the Windows Start menu by navigating to Programs -> AutoMate 7 folder and selecting AutoMate 7 Task Administrator (Start Here).

What the Task Administrator Accomplishes

The Task Administrator is used to manage and implement almost all aspects of AutoMate with the exception of task creation and examination. It can perform the following procedures:

Creating and naming new managed tasks

Viewing the Event Log

Manual running of tasks

Remote Administration

Task Deployment

Configuration of trigger events

Viewing or setting task properties

Naming and organization of tasks

Modification of global system settings


Sections of the Task Administrator

The Task Administrator contains a layout similar to that of Windows Explorer. Its window is arranged in three sections with menus and toolbars along the top panel, as illustrated above:

Task Folders Pane

The left Task Folders pane shows the folders that contain managed tasks. If AutoMate is connected to other computers on the network via Remote Administration, this pane will show all currently connected computers and their folders as well. Selecting a folder will display its contents on the right Managed Tasks pane.

Managed Tasks Pane

The Managed Tasks pane shows the contents of the selected folder or computer from the Task Folders pane. This window pane can display a list of local or remote folders, sub-folders and AutoMate tasks. AutoMate allows creation of new folders and nested folders. When a new task is created, it will be placed in the folder that is currently being viewed at the time.

Messages Pane

The Messages pane shows real-time information regarding the status and condition of tasks, triggers, system events and audited events. You can view various statistics such as when a task started, ended and whether a task ran successfully or failed.


Remote Administration

The Task Administrator console is capable of remote administration. That is, the capability to connect to other machines running AutoMate across a TCP/IP network (such as a LAN or the Internet). When connected to a remote machine, the tasks and settings displayed are those of the connected machine, not the local system. To use remote administration, select File -> Connect and enter the machine name or IP address of the remote AutoMate installation. For more information, see About Remote Administration.

Similarly, AutoMate Premium Edition is capable of Runtime Support. This allows for tasks to be developed within the Premium Edition, and then deployed to Runtime Licenses (sold separately) for remote execution. This offers an extremely cost effective means of automating multiple machines with the power of AutoMate.

What the Task Administrator Does NOT Accomplish

Although nearly all aspects of AutoMate's operation are controlled from the Task Administrator, there is one important element that is not. That is, the actions that the task should perform once it executes (either manually or by being triggered). For this, there is a specialized task design and testing tool called the Task Builder. The Task Builder is displayed when the "Edit Steps" button is selected from the Task Properties from within the Task Administrator.

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