1918    Extended Functions : GetAgentName() and GetAgentID() are not working
1985    SharePoint : "Add list item" and "Update list item" needs to know which fields can be managed
2022    AM: Using the schedule trigger to run a task on holidays causes AMTS to use 100% CPU and fire the task repeatedly
2072    FTP problems with AS/400
2118    SUGGESTION:  BPA:  Command line installation for BPA Servers
2140    Encrypt/Decrypt actions to allow a dataset to be created containing the list of files that was encrypted/decrypted
2183    FTP & FILE: Throwing & Ignoring errors when multiple files are involved.
2248    NAG SCREEN MISSPELLING: Administrator Rights Required Window is Spelled 'Admnistrator'
2260    HTTP Action , On Error timeout not respected
2295    AMTS: Restoring a German XP AM7 backup on a German or English AM8 does not populate tasks on TA.
2296    SAS checkbox and customizations to Holidays not kept with backup/restore (AM7 carry over)
2325    AMTB: “Change Printer” action is case sensitive.
2327    AMTB:  PGP public/private key: giving wrong email-address gives access violation error, Error should be precise.
2339    'Task engine initialization failed.  You may need to reinstall AutoMate.'
2340    AutoMate8TaskFile.atl Contains Null Entries
2358    FTP: Intermittent issue: “Download” activity, “Local files”, “Make new folder”, Renaming new folder does not save when pressing “Ok”.
2371    Improved handling of error for expired PASSHIO file
2407    AMTS: “Run alone” priority type does not work in AM8.
2413    AutoMate Logs do not adhere to custom range when specifying a partial day
2420    Datastore Migration Utility - Enhance to also convert task data
2431    Syntax errors and removed function references in BASICScript do not generate error events
2443    BASICScript function in parent task not available to child task
2497    Enhancement for BPA: Constants encryption needs to be strengthened
2505    Datastore Migration Utility enhancement: Provide options to select which tables to migrate
2506    Datastore Migration Utility: v7 data with high ASCII fails to migrate
2508    AMTB: “Enable/Disable Task” action does not work.
2529    XML: READ NODE: evaluate xpath expression, dataset to xml actions are listing variables in drop down in wrong order
2545    COMPRESS: Trying to add a Compress Files action causes an error
2563    AM8: AMTA-Task Properties-Security: Changes to the password protection fields do not persist.
2582    AM Error notification through E-mail is not functional.
2601    AMTS: SQL Connection entries are not saved
2660    SUGGESTION: Web Service/Create Object/Execute DLL Function action: Support enum types in complex objects as well as arguments
2703    Active Directory - 'Create User' fails when user is created
2706    Active Directory - 'Modify Group' removing user does not remove user
2708    Active Directory - 'Create Object' Adding a new Computer fails with computer added.
2716    BPA Global Constants are not being recognized.
2782    BPA8: Embedded resource is throwing exception for Get email with specific server.
2795    AMTS - SQL Connections are not returned correctly
2801    'task engine initialization failed. you may need to reinstall automate' when triggering 50 simultaneous subtasks
2802    AMTS - Duplicate names are allowed
2841    “BPA Agent 8” service encounters an error when stopped manually.
2853    Simplified Chinese character handling issue
2860    Add SharePoint Attachment action, limitation for the Client Object Model.
2912    AMTA:  Adding Schedule / Window trigger gives "System.ServiceModel.FaultException" error.
2921    AMTB: Start Task: Selecting an empty task gives HRCHECK error and theTB hangs.
2923    IF WINDOW EXISTS: Contents tab object is not functional
2939    log files do not match the actual step number that fails
2997    AMTS: RunningTaskConstruct.StartTime received is in local time
3047    AMTS: File conflict are not resolved properly
3062    AMTB : Share point 2007 : Move File : Does not work for kanji character file
3064    AMTB: Amazon: S3: Create bucket does not support Unicode.
3065    AMTB: Amazon: S3: Get Bucket location always gives same value
3068    AMTB: Amazon: S3: Get Object: Dataset not created when we choose store file
3109    AMTS: Messages TimeStamp is local time rather than UTC
3175    AMTA: Restoring a task-folder results in unlinked sign on all the tasks.
3198    AMTB: Selecting “Find Next” or "Find Previous" from the ribbon “Find” menu causes AMTB to stop responding.
3207    LOOP FILES: 'folder does not exist' error message when trying to loop a hidden share (CR32793)
3243    SERVICE: service appears to be unresponsive or 'disconnected' after an intermittent timeframe
3263    AMTA: Task Security issue : Encrypt task
3269    AMTS: ManagedTaskConstruct.AMLEncrypted is returned ALWAYS false
3278    SUGGESTION: INSPECT DATASET: adjust functionality so that opening 'inspect dataset' shows the entire dataset rather than just the first row
3317    Azure Storage: Delete entity: Error should be precise.
3331    TRANSLATIONS: french translation updates and amtb category corrections
3337    AMTB FRENCH: 'run selected' and 'run from here' are grayed out in french installation
3338    AMTB FRENCH: trfmscripterror when trying to edit a basic script in french installation of amtb
3350    TRANSLATION: SMC Reports/Execution Events/Column wording localization
3351    IMPORT: specific logon settings are not imported from am9 tasks into bpa9 (same for am8 to bpa9)
3358    AMTB: Decrease indent the region gives "List index out of bound" error
3362    IMPORT: am6 dialog box action does not import properly into am9
3364    Schedule trigger description is not complete
3367    AMTA & TB: “Start Task” action: “Start managed task” option is unable to locate any subtask located inside the “Samples\...” directory.
3368    AMTA: Stopping/Restarting the service gives "could not stop AM 9 service" on XP 32 bit
3369    AMTS: RunningTaskConstruct TimeStamp is in local time
3371    AM8: Pressing enter in the "Find" option does not select "Find Next" by default
3373    AMTB: 'TfrmAMTB7::FormShow Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window' when starting amtb with a tabbed left window pane
3374    CRM: List Entities GUI and execution is not working Properly
3375    IMPORT: am6 http post is importing as http get in am9
3377    WINDOW: 'if window exists' does not recognize windows with window objects configured
3378    IMPORT: am7 tasks with accentuated characters are importing improperly into am9. accentuated characters are being replaced with ? symbols
3379    AMTA: SQL connections are being cleared every time you go back into SQL connections
3380    WINDOW: 'wait for window' high cpu utilization when waiting for a window
3384    AMTA: Sample task deleted .
3385    AMTA: Tasks cannot be encrypted from within task properties
3386    WINDOW: 'wait for window' anomalies
3388    IMPORT: wait item in bpa8 workflow is missing when imported into bpa9
3389    SEND EMAIL: Expression evaluation failed: "Missing closing percentage sign to end expression". when the body contains a %
3390    FILE SYSTEM: error codes are not mapping properly from am8 to am9
3391    WEB BROWSER: crashes amtb when switching between open and create session when 'default browser' is selected
3394    AMTB: intermittently amtb.exe process remains running and prevents wfd.exe from closing
3395    SUGGESTION: AMTA run all tasks within a folder
3398    AMTS - TaskServicePreferencesConstruct encrypted password are saved as empty string upon resave
3399    AMTB: folder rename step copy/paste from am7 amtb to am9 amtb results in a blank step in am9
3402    SMC/WFD: unhandled exception when saving multiple parameters within a function in amtb opened from smc or wfd
3404    SUGGESTION: Add an ability to support NewLineCharacter for sftp
3405    AMTASK: speed parameter from command line is being ignored
3407    TRANSLATION: FRENCH ftp advanced missing advanced commands
3410    Azure: On Create session Storage spell incorrect "Storate" on steps pane
3411    AMTA 9:  “Show error stack”, Error line cannot be clicked to open the source task.
3412    AM9: Error reporting issues
3414    WAIT FOR WINDOW: expression builder does not open from the object editor
3415    Replace Text: Text not replacing when we enter any number in Starting at the following instance field
3416    FUNCTION: getipaddress() function is not returning ip addresses instead it's returning the installation directory
3418    LOCALIZATION: standardize how the services are titled for every language so they stay grouped together
3423    SEND EMAIL: pasting multiple lines of text into the body field only pastes the first line
3426    IMPORT: 'if window exists' does not import properly from am8 to am9
3428    AMTA: next launch date does not update if you uncheck the 'show error window when task administrator is open', the columns stop refreshing
3429    AMTA: unselecting 'play sound on task failure' option does not save in that state also sound does not play
3431    TA: description for the schedule trigger does not wrap around and you must mouse over to read the entire description.
3432    File Delete: On Error missing no files deleted
3433    LOCALIZATION: french amtb inhibits RUN after editing task variables
3435    AMTB: French translation
3436    SimpleDB : Action is not working
3437    Azure: Insert and Update Entity does not support Variables in entity value DataGrid.
3438    AMTS: setting the remote admin password in amta sets the password in the registry as clear text
3439    AMTS: setting default user name and password in amta resets the remote admin password to !ENCRYPTED! in the registry
3440    AMTA: Schedule Trigger, the add/modify exclusions panel would not populate countries list correctly.
3441    AMTS: 'system.runtime.callbackexception' when toggling file modified on a file trigger in amta
3443    AMTB: amtb.exe processes running with no gui
3444    AMTB: labels missing in labels pane and pull down menu
3449    DIALOG: unable to highlight data populated in an input dialog box window to copy to clipboard
3450    BPAS_EXEC: ExecutionServer.config.xml connection string is not encrypted
3451    FTP [Main](Step 1) An unexpected error has occurred. 
3452    AMTA: Sort by Name in detail view does not sort the collection correctly
3453    No Files Copied is missing in the File System Action ( Copy)
3454    File System action (Copy) Incorrect spelling on error cause 7018 "Destination Folder is never than Source folder."
3458    SEND EMAIL: enter key does not work in the body field
3459    DIALOG SELECTION BOX: multiple selection (shift +mouse click) does not work
3460    DIALOG SELECTION BOX: pasting action from am7 amtb into am9 amtb with expressions in the item fields imports improperly
3461    INTERACTIVITY SELECT ITEM: unable to select item that is not visible in list
3462    AMTA: 'create shortcut' functionality is missing from amta
3463    Block Input : Convert it to WPF
3466    AMTA: Certain panels that allow for modification of paths through OpenFileDialog should not do so when accessing remote computer
3469    Task with three nested Select Cases fails on third case due to variable losing assignment (GS31813)
3471    PROCESS: 'wait for process" activity does not populate process selected in drop down in the aml code
3473    MOVE MOUSE: allow the 'insert' functionality to apply even if amtb is not focused
3476    Text Replace function does not properly support regex replacement. (GS31667)
3478    AWE errors when trying to use SSL certs for authentication. (GS30915)
3481    DIALOG: position properties are missing from selection box activity
3483    SEND KEYSTROKES: using a variable for repeating keys instead sends the value instead of the key repeated the value amount of times
3484    WRITE TO FILE: overwrite option adds an extra blank line to end of file being written
3485    BROWSER: get value activity - 'an unexpected error has occurred'
3486    FILE SYSTEM: file copy activity - copies files based on creation date rather than modified date
3491    LOOP FILES: does not populate dateset when using unc paths
3492    SET TEXT: 'Error setting value of specified object.' when trying to set text for a specific site in internet explorer
3494    TRIM LOG: amtask.exe crashing if log files are not being trimmed once the trim threshold has been met
3498    Multiple issues during an import from AM6 to AM9
3500    FTP LOGON: ftp log location does not create location if the location does not already exist
3502    MOVE MOUSE TO OBJECT: does not populate object name when selecting certain objects
3504    BACKUP/RESTORE: converted am7 subtasks do not execute when restoring am7 backup into am9
3505    BACKUP AUTOMATE: 'Could not backup the Current User registry settings' when importing am7 task into am8/am9 with 'backup registry for local user'
3506    DATASTORE MIGRATION UTILITY: data migration from bpa7 to bpa9 using the utility results in an empty database for bpa9
3507    AMTB: Function:Function parameter value disappears when we close and open the TB.
3508    AM9 & BPA9 TB v9.0.1.1: “Synchronize Folders” activity does not work.
3509    AM9: In XML - Create Node - the 'value' of the new node to be created is a text that is not required but AM states it is a required field
3511    AM9: FTP Logon “Overwrite existing log file” problem
3514    AMTA: remote administration passwords are not encrypted when set from amta
3515    BPA_TS: Access violation at address 0056C876 in module 'BPA_TS.exe'. Write of address 0000006C
3517    Window: "Wait for window" does not wait for the specified window on second run.
3519    IF PROCESS RUNNING: selecting a process in the activity is not saved when clicking OK
3521    MSMQ: retrieve message is not populating the dataset with all pertinent and correct information
3522    REPLACE TEXT: problems replacing text in AM but OK in BASICScript
3523    WAIT FOR WINDOW: actions waits indefinitely even though window with contents has already appeared.
3524    FTP: Get Long list sends 'LIST ' command instead of 'LIST' when parameter is empty
3527    INSTALL: installing just the server components and smc results in multiple errors in amtb
3530    AM9 & BPA 9 TB: Access violation occurs when opening the TB in managed and unmanaged mode.
3531    BPA9 Upgrade ( to,”Agents”: Creates an additional agent “0” while retaining the original agent.
3532    LOCALIZATION: standardize how the services are titled for every language so they stay grouped together
3533    CONFIGURATION EDITOR: bpa9 configuration editor utility has a title bar that say 'bpa server 8'
3535    AMTS: Cannot connect to localhost when event viewer (application) is full.
3537    EVENT LOG: "An unexpected error has occured" when the event viewer (application) is full
3539    INSTALL: reinstall of the same uninstalled version does not populate the .xml file correctly when using custom install
3541    INSTALL: reinstall of bpa9 where bpa8 and bpa9 is installed causes bpa9 to point to bpa8 datastore
3542    BPA MANAGEMENT SERVER: none of the services are responsive when the windows event log is full
3544    “S3”, “Delete object “activity: Causes step to get stuck in “Running” status indefinitely.
3545    “SimpleDB”, “Create session” activity: Step has wrong description in “Visual” view.
3546    “AMTA”, “Windows XP”: TA stops responding and encounters a system time out error.
3551    During the uninstall if you place a check for Remove all the uninstall process will hang and never complete
3556    Enhancement request: Add ability to see shared variables in the expression builder of each task, if it’s opened from the workflow designer.
3563    AMEMAUTOSTARTMODE: Specifying a User and Changing the Value to 2 Prevents Unlock/Logon of Workstation
3565    AM9 and BPA9 Upgrade: Upgrading from version to causes all merged/new actions to be removed from action list.
3569    DEBUG LOGS: debug logs are not being created in any os other than windows 7
3571    AM8 “FTP”: Specifying an invalid “Host” name will generate the incorrect error message.
3573    SMC: default agent properties task isolation shows its value as inherited, from where?
3577    TRANSLATION: amtb error 'erreur abstraite' when searching in functions on french version of windows
3578    BPA INSTALL: cryptography (encrypt.dll) missing from SMC only installations
3579    SMC: SMC crashes when trying to open a task from the repository
3580    Write to file action is skipping when checking to see if the file exists while its running on a network share
3582    AMTA: Copy and Paste a task gives " The ID passed does not exists"
3583    REMOVE FOLDER: action takes over 30 seconds to remove one folder out of total 17000 folders on a network share (GS32698)
3584    AMTA & SMC: Deleting the value of a Constant and then pressing the "Tab" key will cause an "InvalidOperationException".
3585    SMC: Adding Holidays gives an exception error if we add it on default category.
3586    Loop List: The first loop stays on the first line of the list.
3588    Get File Information: Dataset in the Get File information does not get updated in a loop
3599    AMTS: tasks do not appear in amta when uninstalling and then installing
3603    AMTA: Exception error occurs when we create a task when service stops.
3604    XML: Create node: No description on Create node in steps pane.
3605    FILE TRIGGER: polling interval appears to not save when adjusted
3606    AMTB: Task imported from previous version of AM, stops on step 13 when the task has 14 steps
3608    Window trigger is not exporting the WindowControl object
3609    SNMP trigger not exporting users from Authentication section
3611    PRINT: printing to default network printer does not work
3612    PRINT: URLs do not print from amta and cannot select specific printer when URL is selected
3615    SMC: execution events report does not show the numeric value for durations over an hour
3617    “Datastore Migration Utility”: HRCHECK error during migration process.
3620    Actions: Web Browser Set Text action to Trigger OnChange Event via webpage drop down
3621    MOVE MOUSE: move mouse foreground window setting does not consider title and toolbar when inputting coordinates
3629    AMTS: 'A problem occurred while initializing the AutoMate 8 Task Interpreter: Could not initialize AMWorkflowPrm.dll.'
3634    AMTA: Create shortcut options give "System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException" error.
3635    AMTA: spell error on create shortcut options" In My Document"
3636    FTP: ftp long list does not populate return data as it did in am6
3637    WEB BROWSER: web browser action not recognizing elements in firefox
3638    TRIGGERS: after AM installation, key, window, and process triggers are not functional until the service is restarted
3639    AM UNINSTALL: uninstalling am9 deletes the AutoMate9TaskFile.atl and Holidays.aho when it should remain
3641    AMTS: extension codes do not work after trial period has expired
3642    AMTS: extension code sets trial period to 0 days instead of 15 days
3643    WAIT FOR PROCESS: error 'Step is missing required parameter "PROCESS"' when waiting for a process ID
3645    Schedule trigger:Behavior- Trigger after the condition has been met value is not saved.
3654    Action: Delete Folder action doubles the MODE="FOLDER" code
3655    Uninstall BPA: Uninstallation of BPA not working.
3661    AMTA importing a task that had been previously edited on the TB causes an empty task to be imported into the TA.
3662    Active Directory:  Active Directory error on outputpane shows incorrect GUI
3663    Low Isolation: Running a task on Low Isolation giving  " Could not determine the process ID of the task" error message.
3668    TB - "About" screen version numbers are missing.
3669    INSTALL: remove the passhio.key portion of the installation from AM and BPA
3670    AMEM: '(Step #-1) Could not get Process ID from Event Monitor' after task logs onto workstation
3673    Printer: Exception error if no printer is on the list .
3674    AMTA: Minor GUI Issues
3678    AMTA: While Deploying last option of Task Dialog does not work.
3680    AMTA: Managed Task Priorites are not setting correctly
3681    Screen Capture: An unexpected error occurs when specifying a non-existing folder in the "Image Path".
3685    SEND KEYSTROKES: AM8 action with 'pause before sending/pasting keys' set to 100ms imports to AM9 as 50ms
3690    UninstallAM: Uninstallation of AM leaving behind AMTA, AMTB shortcut on Start menu.
3697    Update Eula CopyRight to 2012
3698    AMTA: Tooltip for Event Monitor User is wrong.
3700    SMC: Users: Description is missing.
3701    SMC: Exclusions: click on remove button, after removed all inherited exclusions, gives NullReferenceException.
3704    Action: Exchange action - When filtering is used on DateTime fields, there is a 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
3705    GET FILE INFORMATION: action adds a new line after the value when populating a variable with size
3706    Suggestion: SMC: GUI Issue: (Window Server 2008 R2)
3712    SMC: Agent Deploy: Description format is wrong
3716    AMTA: Queued Task , Started At time in Execution Status is DateMin , it should be empty.
3723    Import Issue: AMDEFINETYPE step is not getting imported properly in v9
3725    AM Install,Repair: Program maintenance window is missing when we try to reinstall on previously installed AM.
3726    BPA 9 “Program Maintenance” window is missing. Results in “Fatal error during installation” when accessed from add/remove window.
3729    DEPLOY: XP workstation reboots after the uninstall of current agent due to deploy of a new agent on top of the current one
3734    DEPLOY: agent deployment information window for previous installation appears to have broken tag or formatting in the body
3737    SMC: Process Agent: Connection refuses.
3738    SMC: Process Agent: process is not able to run form Repository
3741    BPAS_EXEC / BPAS_MAN: the services appear to bind through  ip address numeric order rather than through the binding order specified in windows
3742    Amazon Issues
3743    DEPLOY: deployed agents are creating a 'Network Automation Inc.' start menu entry
3746    Installar: During installation and in Help->Release Notes  it shows " Changes in"
3748    BPA “Repair” and “Change” option from Add/Remove program causes default agent to become offline and adds a new agent “0”.
3749    Installing AM9 (v9.0.1.9) on a machine with release version installed, causes a “…AutoMate 9 Task Interpreter Access violation…”
3759    AMTA/SMC/BPA_TS: component will connect to the service if the first NIC in the binding order is disconnected or unplugged