AutoMate BPA Server 8 :

Feb 2011

AutoMate BPA Server adds a Configuration Editor which allows the user to view and/or edit Management and Execution Server settings. The release also includes an updated Datastore Migration Utility, various action enhancements, and addresses issues that were introduced in This is a recommended update for all AutoMate BPA Server users.

In This Update


- Added preview handler for AML & AMPKG extensions
- Added filter for AML extension

Configuration Editor
- BPA Server's Configuration Editor utility (ConfigurationEditor.exe) added in installation folder for viewing and configuring Management and Execution Server settings if needed

Datastore Migration Utility
- Addition of Data Store Migration utility in installation folder designed to dramatically reduce the effort, time and risk of migrating data between legacy versions and BPA Server 8

Task Builder (AMTB)
- Changed the Redo Icon to be the Reverse of the Undo icon
- Changed all instances of "Editor Options" parameter/window in AMTB to "Preferences" which better fits its functionality
- Set the Default Task Location for unmanaged tasks to a location accessible to the currently logged on user.
- Added "Rename Region" to the right click menu for the Steps pane
- Inserted comments will now be automatically indented if necessary

Dialog actions
- Message box activity will show a full text description in Visual mode. Age box will scroll the text if it's not large enough to fit the screen. Next or Prev Search will jump to and make visible the appropriate step. Adjusted the Wrapping to be accurate and account for vertical Scroll bar. Enables adding a variable using Expression Builder when there is no Steps panel.

Run action
- Additional details in "Visual" mode
- Folder launching support
- Piped (|) command line support for Run commands

Execute Web Service action
- Added proxy support

SharePoint action
- Added 'Describe List' activity

Web Browser action
- Web Browser - Set activity now supports optional encryption of field values
- Additional details appear for Web browser activities when set to "Visual" mode
- Now supports auto-expansion of modified expander sections

System, Dialog & Web Browser actions (General)
- Replaced all combo and password boxes with framework's latest version

FTP action (General)
- SFTP now works with Password-based keyboard-interactive login

Loop File Contents and Read From File actions
- Added encoding option to support ANSI and Unicode


- Corrected issue with constants not being available when used in a subtask
- Corrected On Error Send Email feature improperly sending to the sender email address instead of the recipient email address
- Fixed issue in regards to the use of an embedded expression to call a task function when that embedded expression was expressed within an AML attribute causing undefined behavior in the calling function
- Corrected several memory usage leaks in AMEM and AMEngine
- Corrected several memory usage leaks in Execution Server (BPA only)

- Fixed some install issues with SQL Server 2008 R2 Express

Task Service
- Resolved problem regarding Logon/Unlock function not working correctly on some operating systems, notably Windows Server 2003
- AMEMAutoStartMode is now being properly written to the registry
- TerminalServicesUser is now being properly written to the registry
- Corrected problem with "Use Authentication" parameter in SMTP System Settings not retaining changes when changes were made to turn this option on or off.
- Corrected issue that would cause tasks to fail with "Error Code 8:" errors after tasks were run thousands of times
- Fixed Failover configuration issue in regards to the agent hanging or refusing to reconnect to the primary server once it becomes available again

Event Monitor
- Corrected issue that could cause the process to lock up or hang under heavy load

Extended Functions
- Fixed issue with RndInt not returning a valid value
- Fixed issue with RndFloat locking up the task

Server Management Console (SMC)
- Fixed issue with appearance of incorrect AMTB icon
- Fixed issue regarding placement of one agent in agent group offline failing entire agent group connection
- Corrected issue with System permissions not sticking when using MySql datastore
- Corrected issue regarding Debug entries '1' & '2' seen in event log when management server starts
- Stabilized calendar and reporting during paged retrieve of data Process Agent
- Fixed issue installing Process Agents without agent names corrected.
- Fixed problem with Process Agent not re-connecting to server once the connection is broken
- Process Agent and Process Root folders permissions fixed
- When importing triggers, they can now be disabled by the user
- Objects grouped by 'Creation Date' now appears in the properly scheduled order
- Version 8 Agent Deployment no longer interferes with Version 7 deployed Agents
- Dashboard canvas is now updated correctly on 'Edit'

Web/WPF Server Management Console (SMC)
- Company Web links changed to version 8
- Added Agents Report
- Added Users Reports (Enterprise only)

Web-based Server Management Console (SMC) only
- Login username is remembered only when choosing 'private' computer

WPF Server Management Console (SMC) only
- Plugged access to reports/dashboard when admin was logged in and another lower privileged user logged in. The current Dashboard/report would be visible and interactive.
- User 'Administrator' could have been included in disable objects
- Dashboard view was not reverted correctly when cancel save was clicked
- Output Panel now allows for text wrapping in right-click context menu
- TreeView folder deletion was not working correctly

Schedule Event
- Fixed holiday exclusion

SNMP condition
- Corrected issue with Authentication User list only remembering one user

Workflow Designer (WFD)
- Fixed issue regarding Expression Builder help for WFD Evaluation Object throwing error when trying to access help for functions.
- Shared Variables from sub-workflows contain wrong values if the variables are not alphabetized
- Corrected issue with Window condition built in WFD not saving
- Non-functional test button in WFD expression builder

Task Builder (AMTB)
- "Run from Here", "Run Selected" options now work with regions
- Fixed problems that occurred when using the Attachments function to attach large files to a task
- Menu Toolbar locations are now set appropriately
- Fixed alphabetic sort of Action folders in Available Actions pane to be case insensitive
- Updated dataset field name to what it was in previous versions
- Fixed Task Builder start menu entry issues
- Ctrl + Left now resets the cursor to the beginning when editing steps
- Prevented flickering that would occur when Inserting multiple variables into the steps panel
- Bookmarks and Breakpoints are now properly saved in a separate xml file
- Activated the F2 Edit Button Mode when switching to the AML view in all cases
- Set the default location in which to save unbuilt tasks to a valid directory accessible by the currently logged on user
- Added new Default Task Location parameter in AMTB preferences to allow the user to select a location in which to save unmanaged tasks
- Forced AMTB to be in the foreground when using "Minimize on Run" option
- Removed the Red & Black Themes (which caused visual problems) from the list of Color Themes in AMTB Preferences
- Fixed issue with cursor behavior occurring after "Delete Step" operation was performed
- Displayed Splash screen with progress bar when launching AMTB from AMTA to address delay issues (temporary fix)
- Prevented last opened task to incorrectly write to the registry even if there were no changes made
- AMTB now saves all open tasks, not just the active one, which will enable users to reopen all tasks from previous session or reopen selected tasks
- Resolved issue in regards to "Select Step" option preventing the selection of steps
- Fixed problem with AMTB crashing when being directly opened from the Start Menu
- Fixed importing of AM5/6/7 tasks containing certain non-ASCII characters

- HTTP & AS2 actions no longer missing in AMTB Available Actions pane
HTTP, AS2 and SharePoint actions (General)
- Updated datagrid to open expression builder properly

FTP (General)
- Fixed IllegalParameter error by forcing TlsVersion

FTP Advanced activity
- Updated combo boxes and password boxes to match the function and appearance of textbox

FTP Upload activity
- Corrected problem concerning "Upload local file(s)" parameter opening folder browser instead of file browser

FTP - Synchronize activity
- Fixed "Permission Denied" error that would occur when "Exact Copy" parameter was selected
- Fixed Sync activity skipping files for servers that supports MLSD
- Corrected an AMTB runtime issue in regards to errors being generated upon the execution of the FTP Synchronize step

If Compare File(s) activity
- Fixed typo in description

SharePoint (General)
- Fixed typo in authentication error text

SharePoint - Get List Items activity
- Fixed issue with missing fields in created dataset

Exchange - Move Objects
- Fixed move objects activity failing under WEBDAV

Execute DLL action
- Fixed DLL Invocation issue

HTTP Post activity
- Auto Fill in HTTP Post is now working properly

Move Window action
- Resolved issue in regards to an error being thrown when attempting to move the window to coordinates that reside outside the primary monitor on a multi-monitor setup

Wait For Terminal Text action
- Improved algorithm used to identify text being waited on so as not to hit false positives if the text being waited for had previously been sent to the terminal

Wait for Process action
- Shrunk the ComboBox in the Wait for Process action to make room for EB Icon along the browser

Run action
- Performed bug fixes and improvements to the action's stability

Decrypt Action
- Fixed problem with incorrect error code being returned for Open PGP option

Vmware action
- Running action with custom server settings twice in debug mode is crashing AMTB

SNMP Walk action
- Not all OIDs were being translated to their string counterparts when accessing the Name property

Active Directory
- Corrected issue with Container picker not showing forests or sub domains.
Send Email action
- Added missing Expression button to the Attachments property

Dialog activities
- Updated combo boxes and password boxes to match the function and appearance of a textbox
- Fixed a control's loss of focus when clicking an empty area of the Action Editor window
- Fixed tooltip persistence over the Expression Builder dialog
- Fixed textbox's file browser crashing of AMTB on WinXP
- Fixed order of columns for Selection dialog grid
- Performed other minor tweaks to improve memory leakage in low isolation mode

SQL Query action
- Columns returned as large number formats, especially derived fields from mySQL, could not be accessed in the dataset results even though the column name was present and accessible

Web Browser action
- Closing a browser will now close the associated session
- Fixed infinite duplication of attributes resulting from activity switching
- Removed the 'non-empty string' requirement for SetValue (unchecking checkboxes will now work)

If action
- Fixed issue with action not retaining the use of complex expressions when Complex was explicitly selected in the UI

Connect To Terminal action
- UI would ignore if the regular expression option for the default prompt was turned off
- Default prompts were always treated as regular expressions
- Fixed issue with waiting for the default prompt not working properly in some situations


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