AutoMate BPA Server 7 :

Sep 2009

AutoMate BPA Server addresses any issues that were introduced in This is a recommended update for all AutoMate BPA Server users.

In This Update


Set Variable Action
 - major speed improvement with large variables


Task Execution

 - several AMTrigger variables were not being populated at task execution (e.g. AMTrigger.Filename would always be blank)
 - corrected problem with On Error Set Variable handling not working
Event Monitor
 - running tasks window was not displaying queued tasks
 - would not automatically re-start on a user session if a Service User was in use in System Options
FTP Logon Action
 - port would always revert to 22 on step edit if the server type was set to SFTP and the port was manually changed to 21
Task Service
 - setting "Limit simultaneous instances of this task" with "Interrupt all other running tasks" or "Interrupt all other running instances" would queue tasks instead of interrupting and running the next task
 - attempting to run a task on a terminal services server would sometimes fail with "interactive session could not be located" instead of using the task's "When logged off" option
FTP Download Action
 - files could not be downloaded to a UNC path
 - download would fail on some servers if the server root location was not /
 - using wildcards would strip the file extension upon downloading
FTP Advanced Action
 - FTP Long list was not creating a dataset in SFTP when there were no files on server
Start Task Action
 - would cause Task Builder to crash when attempting to start a password protected managed task with an incorrect password
 - could not remove the password from an existing step
Get E-mail Action
 - attachments were being corrupted when using Exchange
Task Builder
   - Crytopgraphy actions were not appearing unless AutoMate 7 was installed on the same machine
   - Expression Builder button on the On Error tab of several actions were not working
   - corrected typo in right-click menu of Available Actions
Ping Action
 - corrected small typo
Output XML Action
 - now decodes the XML Value
Send E-mail Action
 - added ability to edit attachments in-place
Server Management Console
 - entering edit mode in Constants and SQL Connection panel could be disabled after scrolling the control too much
 - Execution Status panel now lists 'Independently Running Item' at the top of the list
 - importing 20 or more AML files would cause a NullReferenceException
Schedule Trigger
 - if one or more tasks were set to trigger at the same secont but set to not Run When Late, one or more of those tasks may not run, even if Run When Late was not set on that task
SQL Stored Procedure
 - using SQL Stored Procedure to populate a variable that already exists caused the task to fail with "Variable to hold a parameter value cannot be created"

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