AutoMate BPA Server 7 :

Aug 2009

This release of AutoMate BPA Server adds a new Java-based "process" agent for cross-platform process execution, task priority feature for controlling simultaneous task execution, a new Twitter and Send IM Action and hundreds of fixes. This is a recommended upgrade for all users.

In This Update


Process Agent

 - JAVA client that allows execution of processes within a workflow
 - execute workflows from a command-line
Twitter Action
 - post updates and more to a Twitter account
Send IM Action
 - send an IM using ICQ, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk
 - added AMTask, AMProcess and AMWorkflow objects containing information about the previously executed task, process or workflow object
Event Monitor and Remote Desktops
 - Event Monitor startup and recovery now fully compatible with remote desktop
Twitter Action
 - added many new features for interacting with Twitter
Performance Trigger
 - now supports fully all performance metrics on the target system
Get E-mail Action
 - added DateReceived field to the returned dataset
 - expressions are allowed in the If Newer Than and If Older Than options
 - can now filter based on read/unread status
 - added option to retrieve HTML mail as raw markup
Send E-mail Action
 - Customizable X-Mailer
HTTP Download Action
 - customization User Agent
Get Process Information Action
 - added ability to retrieve process list from a remote computer
FTP Actions
 - now optionally returns a dataset of all processed files
FTP Logon Action
 - added ability to use both public key & password for SFTP authentication
FTP Upload Action
FTP Download Action
 - improved speed
AD Get Property Action
 - now supports retrieval ObjectSid
Create XML Node Action
 - added option to specify the location of the node to be inserted
Edit XML Node Action
 - can now edit all nodes as opposed to just the first node
Define Type Action
Create Object Action
Execute Web Service Action
 - now supports Web Security.
Cryptography Actions
 - added support for legacy IDEA keys when using OpenPGP
Exchange Action
 - allows moving objects between folders
 - added support for web-based authentication through WebDav
Task Builder
 - added filtration capabilities to the Action Palette dialog
 - update folder browse buttons to use Vista style folder image
 - update Expression Builder button image to a percentage sign icon
 - task errors can now be traced down thru multiple levels of subtasks
Server Management Console
 - added ability to customize default stage of objects
 - Item filtering
 - Constants Panel now supports sorting and scrolling
 - added submenu to Output Window to add Copy, Select All, and Save As functionality
 - added compact toolbar mode
 - added right click submenu to all objects
 - added ability to change the view style of constants
 - added auto-hide for Output/Execution panel
 - added descriptive tooltip for items in Tile/Icon/List views
 - new error Icon for Workflow/Task/Process if Last Run result was not successful
 - new item creation on TreeView right-click menu
 - "Agent Selection" page for running Tasks/Processes now allows for filtering by name
 - easier access to item through keyboard for ListView – If you start typing a name, it will focus on that object
 - constants and SQL Connections panels overhauled – Easier item creation and editing. Instantaneous commit
 - the title bar shows '(Administrator)' when run as administrator
 - added 'New' entry to right-click menu of TreeViews for each panel when appropriate
 - export and Import Dialog on restricted permissions lists all items not allowed in a scrollable ListView
 - modify Agent Group panel shows different icon for Process and Task agent with their corresponding connection status
 - About box shows what server license is active
 - detail panel shows Unique ID for item
 - items can now be grouped based on ‘Staging’ status.
 - several enhancement to Output through right-click context menu (copy/save/clear)
 - execution Panel auto refresh can be switched off through right-click context menu
 - Output/Execution Panel can be undocked and status is saved
 - Output/Execution Panel can set to auto-hide
 - Agent's Detail panel now includes a list of Agent Groups that the agent belongs to
 - Output Panel window can now be closed
 - main Navigation Bar now remembers customizations between sessions
BPA Server
 - added laststarteddatetime, lastendeddate result and statusoutput fields to database.
 - added ability to defer running workflows for a configurable period of time after the server starts
 - added ability to start workflows from a command prompt
 - added AMProcess, AMTask and AMWorkflow variable objects
Event Monitor
 - added version and build number information to the About dialog
Text Actions
 - over 80% speed improvement when using variables that contain a large amount of data
Encryption Plugin:
 - Verify action now adds the filename to the dataset populated so verification is easier when verifying multiple files


Exchange Action

 - type filter property now properly allows AutoMate expressions
 - PropertyName and PropertyValue fields now support AutoMate expressions
AutoMate Script Action
 - highlighting a command in the BASIC IDE and pressing F1 would not redirect to the correct help file topic
 - process descriptions for some of the AutoMate executables were not correct in Windows Task Manager
 - several actions generated incorrect AML when using If Older Than or If Newer Than options
 - Browse button would not work when the associated text field contained a drive and path with no trailing slash
 - WindowClass element was missing from trigger object
 - On Error Continue option was ignored in subtasks
Task Builder
 - version and build information was missing from the About dialog
 - serial number was not displaying on the About dialog
 - using the Evaluation dialog to extend trials was not working
 - Expression Builder button was not always visible on the edge of the On Error page
 - CTRL+A does did not select all in multiline text edit controls
 - pasting multiple AM6 steps when one or more of those steps did not contain a \> would cause steps from that point to not be pasted
 - using the Expression Builder on combo box fields would improperly overwrite the previous contents
 - no longer allows blank action names when renaming a custom action
 - no longer allowing the same action to be added more than once to a category
 - renaming an action using the same name will suggest a different action name
 - Reset Interface now sets the Available Actions to its default state
 - added an AutoMate 7 theme to the Editor Options \Colors.
 - corrected Add Attachment dialog's icon
 - corrected Access Violation that would occur if an AML steps was being edited and AMTB was closed
 - changed the popup menu option from ‘Alphabetical’ to ‘Sort’
 - added more options to the Available Actions popup menu
Task Administrator
 - version and build information was missing from the About dialog
 - using the Evaluation dialog to extend trials was not working
 - serial number was not displaying on the About dialog
File Trigger
 - fixed issue that would could occur if more than 20 file triggers attached to the same file on 64-bit machines
XML Node To Dataset Action
 - referred to Xpath location as 'Xpath Xpath location' in visual mode
Create Variable Action
 - was not correctly barring Dim and Name as variable names
SNMP Trap Trigger
 - renamed from SNMP Trap Watcher trigger
Print Action
 - filenames with brackets in the name prevented the file from printing
SQL Query Action
 - SQL queries against Excel caused the worksheet to be locked until the task that executed the query ended
Terminal Actions 
 - Timeout and Error Causes values were not populating correctly when editing an existing terminal step
Wait For File Action
 - now works correctly with multiple files and file masks
Send E-mail Action
 - corrected invalid text error on certain files when used as mail body
 - would not correctly error if an invalid expression was found in the body parameter
Exchange Action
 - was incorrectly flagging email deleted when retrieving all messages using Get Messages option.
 - selecting an existing PropertyName would resets the associated PropertyValue
 - "(Please Enter Text)" text would be stored in the step's AML if the OK button was pressed but the values were not changed
Create Variable Action
 - editing an existing Create Variable step in AML view did not always make the variable available in Task Builder dropdowns
 - output message had the Type and Object strings reversed
If Text Contains Action
 - improved reliability especially when using AutoMate variables
Send E-mail Action
 - the To: field is now automatically selected when the step is displayed
 - would not send extended ASCII characters when body is from a file
 - variables in Send Email Action email body were not evaluating on subtasks
 - corrected issue with server timeouts when certain anti-virus software is installed on the user system
 - now correctly handles sending authenticated email without specifying credentials on domains where the user is already authenticated
FTP Logon Action
 - in non-compatibility mode, user can now specify a password when using SFTP and a Public key file
Terminal Actions
 - were not retaining parameters when an existing step was opened for editing
SQL Query Action
 - querying an Office 2003 MSAccess or Office 2003 Excel file could cause the step to hang
 - UPDATE and INSERT queries would not change execute correctly when the datasource was an Excel spreadsheet file
 - using predefined connection string would not work in subtasks
Set Date and Time Action
 - the server field's Expression Builder button was being covered by Port field
Create Object Action
 - would not allow a Property Value to contain an AutoMate expression
FTP Advanced Action
 - using Get Short List was returning extraneous data with short file list
 - using Get Long List did not work with wildcards on SSH connections
FTP Actions
 - corrected "500 Invalid command" errors that occurred with some FTP servers
Synchronize Folders Action
 - invalid folders were not properly treated as errors
Replace Text Action
 - using the Regular Expression option with certain invalid expression would cause the step to hang
Create XML Node Action
 - now allows creating a node with an empty namespace
Cryptography Actions
 - now properly supports multiple input files
 - now properly supports AutoMate variables as parameter values
Delete File Action
 - would not correctly delete files when an exclude mask was specified
FTP Change Folder Action
 - would throw an unhandled error when specified folder had no leading slash
Message Box Action
 - would not auto-press on intervals lower than 500 milliseconds
 - expressions resulting in a floating point value would not display leading zeros correctly
Calculate File Checksum Action
 - generated MD5 checksums were sometimes incorrect
Decrypt Action
 - OpenPGP passphrases were not working
Loop Files Action
  - the include filter would be lost when importing or pasting a Loop Files step from AutoMate 6
FTP Rename Action
 - would incorrectly strip subfolder information from the file, essentially moving files to the root folder upon rename
Wait For Window Action
 - timeout options were missing from the Advanced tab
If Action
 - "complex" option was reset to "simple" when editing an IF step regardless of whether or not "complex" was originally selected
Ping Action
 - no longer requires elevation to work correctly on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
Interactivity Actions
 - Window selector was allowing controls in the tray to be selected
 - editing a control from the Contents page would sometimes edit the wrong value
File System Trigger
 - renamed from File Watcher trigger
Key Trigger
 - when using AutoKeys with "Erase text after triggering" enabled, the text would be deleted even if the associated task was disabled
Schedule Trigger
 - custom schedule would only triggers the first time
 - exclusion on a specific time range was being ignored
 - weekly and monthly exclusions in schedule trigger could cause corruption of ATL file and caused CPU spike
Task Service
 - task execution speed value was being ignored
 - when a task is set to use a specified user and that specified user has different privileges than the currently logged on user, tasks would stop executing after 32 instances
 - the error message when default logon user is not specified has been changed
 - corrected issue that cause AM7Task.exe to not be able to located some task files
Task Builder
 - custom folders under Available Actions were not being retained
 - auto-format of steps was not occurring properly in all cases
 - AMTB Attachments menu state was not reflecting correctly based on the selected attachment
 - saving from the menu in Task Builder with multiple tabs open would sometimes saves changes to the wrong task
 - Insert Comment dialog was not using Segoe 9 point font under Vista
 - Tools | Editor Options dialog was not using Segoe 9 point under Vista
 - pressing the Save and Close button while a task is running would cause AMTB to crash
 - pasting script examples with comments from the help file now works correctly
 - modifying an Error Action on the On Error Tab would not always show the correct text
 - sorting steps and then selecting Undo would cause the step to be deleted
 - Task Builder no longer allows files to be dragged onto it while in Managed mode
 - subtask step numbers are now correct when reported in the Output window
 - windows that are unpinned were not saved and would be pinned next time Task Builder opened
 - creating a task with the Recorder would create an invalid task file that could not be opened for editing after save
 - attempting to close task properties window while Task Builder is open would display a misleading dialog box
 - Find (CTRL-F) on a multiple line comment corrupted the display of carriage-returns
 - default location of the Task Builder causes the window to display as split across dual monitors
 - Expression Builder was not using Segoe 9pt font on Vista
 - Expression Builder was not using the correct icons
 - no longer leaves temporary files in the user's Temp directory
 - attempting to run an encrypted managed task could causes a crash
 - windows that are deselected from viewing were not saved and would display next time Task Builder opened
 - extra white space on the bottom of the Task Builder has been removed
 - right-clicking a function within the Expression Builder now properly displays the correct help file topic
 - wrapped text in comments and tasks was obscured if the scroll bars width was set larger than the system default
 - with all document tabs closed, pressing CTRL-V would cause an access violation.
 - Expression Builder button was barely visible on edge of Error Action form
 - corrected misleading error message regarding XP SP2
 - IsNull() was not properly identifying null value against MDB field
 - Random would always generate the same value
Event Monitor
 - Running Task Window sometimes showed percentages greater than 100% if a subtask had more steps than the parent task
 - corrected issue that made it unable to change task interruption hotkey
Workflow Designer
 - a restricted user was able to copy-paste workflows
 - an exception sometimes occurred on exit
 - pasting copied items is faster
 - added support for High DPI to all dialogs
Server Management Console
 - corrected NullReference Exception errors when dragging AML files into repository
 - column resizing was becoming disabled in certain cases
 - corrected exception when pushing the Build button on SQL Connections when an invalid connect string is in the Value field
 - Clear Execution Event button in Server Options was also clearing the audit event log
 - the cursor no longer hangs in the wait state after being notified that the user cannot perform an action
 - replaced the word "event" with "condition" on the Schedule interface
 - renaming Agent or User Groups would not allow changing only case
 - Agent Selection List scrolling would close the application unexpectedly
 - newly created Agent Groups were not appearing in Select Agent list when run from repository
 - Agent/Agent Group help links were pointing to the wrong topic
 - corrected crashes that could occur when using Back button to navigate from newly created folders
 - auto-refreshing the interface would stop unexpectedly in certain situations
 - corrected exception that would occur when using backspace upon startup
 - Agent List dialog used to select which agent a task should run on in the repository is now sorted
 - fixed keyboard navigation with arrows
 - Cut/Copy clipboard is cleared when new user logs in
 - on Cut/copy the selected items retain their selection status
 - some Dialog windows were missing title
 - Performance trigger editing was throwing an error when Thread and Job Object Details option were selected
 - when editing an exclusion of type "on specific time range", the To: time reverted to the default value
 - user with rights was not able to use the right-click 'Import' on both TreeView and ListView
 - Logon panel Run with highest privileges description text no longer goes grey when the panel is disabled
 - in Window Condition a Window title/class could not be typed in
 - in Service Condition a service name could not be inserted by typing the value in
 - in Process Condition a process could not be inserted through OpenFile Dialog or typed in
 - agent icon hover text was missing server name when disconnected
 - task priority was not working on parallel task execution
BPA Server
 - adjusting Task Priority properties could cause database warnings regarding primary keys to be written to the Windows Event Log
 - staging settings would not affect triggering conditions
 - corrected System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException
 - failure of one branch of a multi-path workflow would sometimes crash the server
 - could not stop task or workflow if agent running the task is disconnected or unresponsive

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