AutoMate BPA Server 7 :

Apr 2009

The release brings BPA Server to parity with AutoMate 7 in terms of actions. It adds many new important features and makes major improvements to system stability throughout.

In This Update


Define and Create Types Actions

Agent Grouping
User and Folder Rights Management
Wait Object
Encrypted Constants
Multi-workflow editing
Dataset and Array accessibility in subtasks
Better encryption of sensitive data
Highly optimized data access and better server throughput
OpenPGP support in Cryptography actions
Agent deployment across domains
Get File Information Action
Touch File Action
Microsoft Exchange Action
Execute Web Service Action
Sign Action
Verify Action
Define Type Action
Create Object Action
MSMQ Action
Get E-mail Action
 - now supports IMAP and Microsoft Exchange protocols
 - now supports SSL
Send E-mail Action
 - now supports IMAP and Microsoft Exchange protocols
 - now support SSL




BPA Server
 - Fatal Execution Engine Error corrected
 - failure of one branch of a multi-path workflow would sometimes cause BPA Server to fail
 - task level task failure e-mails were not being sent
Task Builder
 - AutoMate action group was missing from Task Builder
 - Current Value in Variables tab wasn't showing the current value of the variable
 - pressing the delete key in the search box wouldn't work
 - attempting to Save Copy as twice in a row from Task Builder would cause exception errors
 - Expression Builder button changed to percentage sign icon
 - Expression Builder now using the new icons
 - Expression Builder now using Segoe 9pt font on Vista
 - Folder browse buttons changed to Vista style folder
 - Tools|Editor Options dialog is now uses Segoe 9 point under Vista
 - Insert Comment dialog now using Segoe 9 point font under Vista
 - removed extra white space on the bottom of the Task Builder
 - using Save option when more than one task was open could cause the wrong task to be saved
BPA Agent
 - a task running as a specified user with different rights than the logged on user would stop running after thirty times
 - verified and corrected any malformed or misaligned user interfaces
 - some DateTime controls were not saving a custom DateTime expression correctly
List Services Action
 - corrected GUI anomalies
FTP Advanced Action
 - option "long list" dataset fields FTPFileSize and FTPFileDate had incorrect values when using SFTP
 - option "retrieve current folder" did not return the correct values when using SFTP
Active Directory Action
 - Get Property action did not return lastLogon or lastLogoff value properly
Set Variable Action
 - using Set Variable to assign a value to a variable as if it were an array would not cause an error
Execution Engine
 - datasets and arrays were not being passed to subtasks
SNMP Get Bulk Request Action
 - displayed "Finished Send SNMP Walk Request." into the output window when the action completed
Loop List Action
 - was skipped if proceeded by a Create Array action that was also used in the Watches
BASIC Script Action
 - 'Line Input" now works correctly
 - no longer incorrectly prompts for an upgrade code
If Text Contains Action
 - would perform slowly when using a variable that contained a large amount of data
Server Management Console
 - notification is now provided when using XML backend and the Execution Events table becomes too large
 - members of the User group could change the Administrator user in BPA to use Active Directory
Wait For Window Action
 - when importing from AutOMate 6 the timeout value would incorrectly switch to milliseconds instead of seconds
Schedule Trigger
 - exclusion on a specific time range was being ignored
 - weekly and monthly exclusions were causing corruption of atl file and CPU spike in Task Service
 - edit buttons were one pixel too far to the right on the Holidays tab of Options
Loop Files Action
 - importing from AM6 would not correctly convert filters to the new AML
 - importing an AutoMate 6 task with disabled steps would create blank comments after the disabled steps
IF Action
 - "complex" expression option not preserved
HTTP Actions   
 - changed User-Agent string in Internet requests to "AutoMate HTTP actions"
 - IsNull() now works properly for null value against MDB field
Synchronize Folder Action
 - invalid folders now generate task errors correctly
Send E-Mail Action
Get E-Mail Action
 - customizable X-Mailer (email)
Server Management Console
 - can now refresh the execution output window
 - can now defer running workflows for a configurable period of time after the server starts
 - can now set a maximum on the number of workflows the server will run at once
Workflow Designer
 - improved performance when pasting numerous items at once
Send E-mail Action
 - corrected timeouts that occurred with some anti-virus configurations


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