AutoMate BPA Server 7 :

Oct 2008

This maintenance release introduces greatly improved server speed and performance, as well as addresses several stability and usability issues identified in previous release of BPA Server.

In This Update


BPA Server
   - improved server response time on task completion

AD Create User Action
  - added option to set arbitrary property values



Format Date Time Action
  - adding Format Date Time step intermittently crashes after clicking OK
  - would improperly calculate AM/PM when using a specified date format and the supplied date did not already specify AM or PM

Create Variable Action
  - using the "encrypt variable contents" option would convert & to & at runtime

Task Engine
  - when using Send E-mail On Error option, the From e-mail address is ignored and the To address is used instead

Send Keystrokes Action
  - using the "encrypt keystrokes" option would convert & to & at runtime

BPA Server
  - key constraint violations would appear in the Windows Event Log if using a database backend and that database was locked while a workflow or task was executing
  - Result link set to ´default´ was being followed when it shouldn´t be
  - an unhandled workflow evaluation would leads to a workflow failure instead of a quiet stop
  - when an Evaluation Object returned false, an error message was appearing in the output window
  - corrected sporadic XML write errors in the Windows Event Log when using an XML backend
  - setting an agent's default user to one without administrator rights would sometimes cause task execution events to be ignored
  - condition behavior “Ignore pre-existing condition” was being ignored


Event Monitor
  - corrected Access Violation that occurred when selecting "Show Running Tasks" option

Server Management Console
  - "File not found" exception thrown when clicking "Update and Close" from the Task Builder
  - enabling task interruption hotkey when overriding "Indicators" agent properties was not being retained
  - if a task name had forbidden filename chars (\ / : * ? < > | ") an exception was thrown when trying to edit that task
  - unique Constant and SQL Connection names are now enforced
  - various output messages have been clarified
  - corrected typographical error in File Watcher interface
  - corrected icon displayed for Idle Watcher

Task Builder
  - applying actions to custom toolbars were not being retained
  - enabling "Save Task on Run" option in Task Builder would overwrite one file to another if multiple tasks were open
  - "Update and Close" option in Task Builder could overwrite other open task documents



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