AutoMate BPA Server 7 :

Sep 2008

This release offers further improved stability and performance, including quicker response times in the AutoMate Server Management Console, and optimized data access and faster execution when using a SQL database backend,.

In This Update


Server Management Console
  - details of what objects (tasks, workflows, etc.) were imported from a package is now displayed in the Output window
  - Output Window refresh speed has been improved when large amounts of data are present

BPA Server
  - optimized memory usage and data handling when using a SQL database backend

Choice Action
  - now supports building choices from an array or dataset in addition to a defined list



Label Action
  - disabled Label steps were still treated as enabled at runtime

Task Runtime
  - per step retry timeout was being ignored

BPA Server
  - corrected several memory and handle leaks that occurred under certain situations
  - when exporting a workflow that has the same task multiple times, the resulting ampkg file could not be imported.
  - constant and SQL Connection strings are now properly applied to Task Builder and running task instances

Server Management Console
  - could not change the name of a task if only the character case of the name was changed
  - changes to the stage of a task within the repository were not saved when using a SQL back end

Task Builder
  - No reset option for AMTB after customizing Available Actions view
  - attempting to execute an step with malformed AML would cause the Task Builder to go into an infinite loop on the offending step

Task Service
  - corrected several minor memory leaks when running a task
  - an exception fault occurred when a task is run as a specified or background user on Windows Server 2008
  - corrected handle leak that occurred when a task was run on a Vista or Server 2008 agent

Workflow Designer
  - copying and pasting an item quickly (within a second of each other) caused an exception in WFD
  - one could assign a folder as an agent to a task or a condition in the WFD data handling when using a SQL database backend



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