AutoMate BPA Server 7 :

May 2008

This release introduces mySQL support for the BPA Server backend, and a new SNMP Get Bulk action. The release also includes several stability enhancements and better support for Development Tools on remote machines.

In This Update


BPA Server
  - added support for mySQL
  - added native support for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

SNMP Get Bulk Action
  - added action to support SMP RFC 1187 "Get Bulk Request" standard


 BPA Server
  - corrected memory leak when using XML backend
  - handles connections by older and unsupported agents to a newer server more gracefully
  - corrected conflicts between folder and user names

Task Builder
  - default mail server now works correctly when Development Tools are on a machine different then the Agent
  - using an array in a Watch expression without specifying element values could cause tasks to behave erratically when using embedded expressions

Server Management Console
  - Agent view no longer repeatedly updates when older and unsupported agents attempt to connect to the server
  - corrected various "entry not in list' error pop-ups that could when navigating workflows or users
  - corrected error that could occur when logging off a user that is validated against Active Directory


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  1. 3/19/11 by Sakthi Kumar
    nice software
    nice software
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