AutoMate BPA Server 7 :

May 2008

This release further enhances product stability and reliability with several fixes related to database consistency. Numerous other fixes and enhancements to the AutoMate Management Console and major stability improvements to the Task Builder and BPA Server service are also included

In This Update


BPA Server
  - now logs triggering conditions to execution log
  - XML data files generated and maintained by BPA Server now include a namespace parameter

Server Management Console
  - updated icons for Users based on their user role
  - added role grouping support in the User panel
  - can now import AMA (AutoMate 6 Backup) files
  - Licensing panel now includes separate lines for server and Developer Tool registration states
  - added new Task property to set tasks to run in user-level mode on Vista agents with UAC enabled
  - changed “Production State” to “Stage” throughout the product

File Condition
  - polling time is now customizable (applies only to File Conditions watching for a file in a network folder)

Delete XML Node Action
  - added ability to remove a node attribute instead of the entire node

Loop List Action
  - improved speed by up to 75%

 XML Actions
  - added support for namespaces

Window Actions
  - now allows wildcard usage for pixel coordinates

Send E-Mail Action
  - now generates a valid Message-ID header value


BPA Server
  - switched from XML to database backend immediately after install would delete the administrator user
  - invalid writes to the XML backend are handled more gracefully (this should prevent the .NET Runtime exception some users were experiencing)
  - corrected consistency issues between Failure and Result Fail links between evaluation, condition and task objects

Server Management Console
  - Importing .atl file now keeps the folder structure for workflows/triggers
  - Importing .aml or .atl with a file trigger now works properly
  - In the output window, the entire contents of the message column could not be seen if the messages was wider than the column
  - Folders can now be exported the same way repository items are
  - corrected System.NullReferenceException after entering license code and immediately right clicking on an existing workflow
  - corrected System.NullReferenceException that would appear for no apparent reason after running BPA Server for several days
  - added property panel for server-wide and agent-specific SQL Connection strings

Task Builder
  - Attempting to stop a running task in the Task Builder would sometimes cause the task to hang until it was forcibly stopped
  - Forcibly stopping a task in the Task Builder would sometimes cause an Access Violation
  - Using Select All on large tasks (1000+ steps) performs much faster
  - debugging large tasks with many Create Variable steps would cause general stability issues on some machines
  - using Tools | Apply Auto Indentation would incorrectly handle disabled If and Loop steps
  - auto-indentation has been improved

Workflow Designer
  - property panels for objects would not correctly display inheritable properties the first time they were displayed

Task Service
  - was writing a Vista.log debug file onto the root drive

Logon Condition
  - renamed from Startup Condition
  - triggers or evaluates if a user logs onto a workstation

Stored Procedure Action
  - floating-point values returned by a stored procedure were improperly changed to integers

Connect Terminal Action
  - setting emulation type to TN5250 or TN3270 would cause an EAccessViolation

Check Action
  - now works correctly regardless of the native language of the operating system (before, the action would only work on English and French Windows)
Ping Action
  - would hang when pinging an invalid hostname on some machines

FTP Upload Action
FTP Download Action
  - Preserve Folder option is now properly respected
  - would not respect a previous FTP Change Directory step

Wait For Window Action
  - Wait for Window action now fails properly after waiting for specified amount of certain time

File Condition
  - was not working properly when set to use a default user
  - when watching for a specific file created by Excel, the condition would not fire reliably

Schedule Event
  - now correctly handles Daylight Savings Time changes regardless of server locale


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