AutoMate BPA Server 7 :

Feb 2008

This build greatly improves reliability and stability, including optimizations to data access and storage. Issues with datasets, AutoMate 6 task importation and migration issues from AutoMate 6 have also been addessed. Agent connection reliability and fail back is improved.

In This Update


 - added "Run only if completion state is greater" capability to workflows

Server Management Console
 - added ability to export grid reports
Task Administrator
 - added support for legacy Cut/Copy/Paste shortcuts
 - Agent Deploy wizard now correctly fails with a proper message when attempting to deploy to a machine that does not have the Win32_Product WMI Class installed
Task Builder
 - added support for legacy Cut/Copy/Paste shortcuts
 - optimized task load time considerably
Workflow Designer
 - items can now have links dragged from them individually instead of having to place them from the toolbox
 - added option to turn off arrow text
 - improved graphical consistency when zooming the workspace area
 - resizing of items keeps the graphic proportional
Schedule Trigger
 - added "time range" capability to Schedule Trigger as it was in AutoMate 6
Get AD Group Members
  - new action that returns all the group members in dataset.
Concatenate Files Action
 - added ability to concatenate several files using a wildcard into one file
 - added "Run" option to the AML file association


- all upgrade codes now work correctly in the License dialog

 - removing the BPA Server Data.xml and then restarting the BPA Server service would create a data file without an Administrator user
 - the server was ignoring the "Authenticate Against AD" option when validating an administrator password
 - various errors and exceptions when using a database backend have been corrected
 - version number for repository items are now correctly incremented when a modification is made
AutoMate BPA Agent
 - About Box was display the version number incorrectly
 - shutting down the Agent and re-starting it would lose the "Show running tasks" option from its right click menu regardless of the Agent's server settings
AutoMate Event Monitor
 - the task display of the "End Task" dialog was not updating when tasks were ended individually
 - corrected version information in the About Box
AutoMate Task Service
 - corrected issue that was causing a Vista.log file to be written to the root C:\ drive
 - unlocking of a workstation and logging on a workstation via Task properties now works correctly on Windows XP and Server 2003
 - minimum completion state was not being enforced when a task or workflow was run manually
 - repository items had a creation date that was newer than their modified date
 - tasks would start but immediately fail with an error in BPATask.exe if run on an agent with an expired evaluation
Task Builder
 - in some situations actions could be deleted from the Available Actions tree when they should not have been
 - corrected runtime syntax error that would occur with certain actions if they were indented
 - all action interfaces now appear in the middle of Task Builder on multiple monitor machines
 - using "Save Copy As" when editing a repository task caused undefined behavior in the Server Management Console when the Task Builder was closed
 - variables were not working properly within certain actions when used in a sub-task
Workflow Designer
 - text under evaluation object would disappear once you delete it.
 - corrected issue that would sometimes cause items to jump to strange locations or clump together after moving them
 - the current value of shared variables is now updated while a workflow is running
 - corrected various issues with undo/redo functionality
Server Management Console
 - BPA Agent deployment now works correctly on domain workstations that use folder redirection
 - "Show events generated by this application instance" is no longer cut off in Logging Options
 - Active Directory Authentication option was not retained
 - copy/paste operations now work correctly throughout the product
 - dragging a Condition object onto a Task folder in the Repository no longer generated an exception
 - date and time exceptions are now in the Schedule condition as they were in AutoMate 6
 - Execution Event Table report now works correctly with all regional settings
 - clicking Remote or Edit in the Connections panel when an item is no selected no longer causes an exception
 - exporting of tasks now works correctly throughout the product
 - removed "Remove Selected" and "Remove All" right click options from the Execution Status panel
 - Task Logon property no longer requires domain field when domain is part of username
 - corrected unhandled exception that sometimes occurred when stopping a workflow from the Execution Status Panel
 - clicking Remote/Edit without selection an connection from the Available Connections view would cause an unhandled exception
Task Importing
 - disguised variables (using a Create Variable step) were not converting correctly, causing imported tasks to “disappear” after being committed to the repository
Error Handling
 - expressions used on the On Error panel (e.g. Write To Log, Set Variable) were not resolved correctly
 - English used as default language on all operating systems until new languages for the product become available
 - variables that contained un-escaped HTML characters would cause plug-in actions to generate a syntax error
 - attempting to use the same dataset name more than once causes a "Variable already exists" error
Find Action
 - “first index” and “total found occurrences “ were not populating correctly if “starting index” was specified
XML Actions
Cryptography Actions
Environment Actions
Active Directory Actions
 - "Label" dropdown on "On Error" tab for all XML Actions, displays list of possible "On Error Event" actions instead of the user-defined label
 - On Error Goto Label dropdown was not populated with the list of available labels as other actions were
 - now correctly updates a task local variable when the action is used in a subtask
Message Box Action
 - countdown timer in Message Box action is not accurate
 - would fail with EAccessViolation when Start Task was used on button click but the task to start did not exist or was inaccessible
Cryptography Actions
 - cryptography actions contain several spelling mistakes in the Output Window of Task Builder
FTP Login Action
 - FTP Implicit and Explicit were causing syntax errors when certificates were not used.
 - "Overwrite existing log file" option was ignored (compatibility mode only)
HTTP Download Action
HTTP Upload Action
FTP Actions
 - would fail with syntax errors at runtime if they were indented in the Task Builder (e.g. when in a loop)
If Compare Files
 - corrected description on graphic interface to clarify the action's purpose
Active Directory Actions
 - dataset contents were not updated when using the same dataset name for Active Directory actions
Get AD Property Action
 - corrected issue that occasionally caused the step to fail with EAccessViolation
Lock Workstation Action
 - now works correctly in Windows Vista
Start XML Session Action
 - would cause a syntax error when using Text option if the text was a variable that contained un-escaped HTML/XML characters (e.g. <, >, etc.)
Registry Action
 - Registry Browser would always open in the upper-left of the screen
 - Registry Browser no longer locks up or freezes Task Builder on Windows Vista
 - Read registry now works correctly if the selected registry key only has read-access
 - Read registry now works correctly on Windows Vista with UAC enabled, even if the task or Task Builder is not elevated
Connect Terminal Action
 - when used with an invalid hostname or invalid IP, the action would complete successfully but subsequent terminal action steps using that session would fail with “Pure Virtual Function Called”
Disconnect Terminal Action
 - the description would report session name as “TermSess1” when a task was re-opened, even if the session was given another name
XML Actions
 - all XML actions now have correct icons
Start Task Action
 - the "Managed Task" option of the "Start Task" action has been removed for BPA Server
Help File
 - all AutoMate BASIC functions are now properly documented
 - renamed from AM7.chm to BPA.chm
 - all actions now link to the correct help topic

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