Changes since Preview Release 3:

  - accented characters were not being saved to the server correctly, resultinin their changing to a ? on edit or execution
  - arithemetic operations would perform inconsistently when using number type variables and the decimal character was not a comma
  - updated help file, including working links on all new actions

BPA Server
  - creating a workflow with an empty Window Condition as a triggering condition would cause the workflow to run repeatedly
  - "Show Tray Icon Menu" option is now operational (this is OFF by default)
  - changed default "Show Running Tasks" hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+PgUp to avoid conflicting with AutoMate 6

Server Management Console
  - added new automatic "Check for updates" (can also be executed manually through the help icon)
  - importing a task that contains a form-feed character would cause an unhandled exception or an application hang
  - closing the application before it was finished loading would cause an unhandled exception
  - entering a @ in a Windows username edit box will grey the Domain field
  - agent could be deployed even if the administrator password was incorrect
  - can now click anywhere in a row to select that row in the Constants page
  - Deploy Wizard would always show "Removing existing AutoMate installation...", even if there was no existing AutoMate installation to remove
Workflow Designer
  - Expression Builder objects now correctly match those available in the Task Builder
  - running a workflow with a Shared Variable would cause an unhandled exception
  - could not close the application if connection to the server was lost while the application was open

Task Builder
  - Result field was missing from the Expression Builder's Condition folder
  - adding a Select action would add Case, End Case and End Select statements in the wrong order

Window Watcher Condition
  - would not work if window contents were specified
Event Monitor / Tray Icon
  - Running Tasks Window now displays correctly on Vista (if the "Allow tasks to be interrupted" option is set for that Agent in SMC option)
Set Volume Action
  - is now working correctly in Vista

Loop Files Action
  - reverted interface to match Loop Files in AutoMate 6
  - can now select a folder using the browse button on the General tab
  - now provides an Include filter

Maximize Window Action
  - no options were available on the General tab

AutoMate BASIC Action
  - More Info and F1 help were not working

Encrypt Action
Decrypt Action
  - corrected misleading file options on the Options tab

HTTP Post Action
HTTP Download Action
  - now supports SOCKS over HTTPS

HTTP Post Action
  - can now specify a content-type

Set Date And Time Action
  - corrected issue that caused the date to be set back by two days
  - now uses SNTP v4 protocol on port 123 (instead of the older Time Protocol)
List Service Action
  - had an incorrect description in the header (was dispaying the description for Get Service State)
  - the number for Network Automation Technical Support was incorrect in Add/Remove Programs
  - would prompt for server information, even if only the Agent was being installed
  - added option to customize administrator password during the insallation
  - the Event Monitor icon is now properly removed during uninstall and upgrade
  - Event Monitor now properly starts on the active user desktop after a successful deploy