AutoMate BPA Server 10 : 10.5.0

Aug 2016

In This Update


API BPA Server now exposes a standards-based, fully documented RESTful API for object manipulation and execution with over 190 calls available.
Enhanced Reporting BPA Server has an enhanced logging system, providing event-based reporting of object execution. Included is the much anticipated storage of step-level information about task execution.


20865 ON TASK ERROR: On task error will execute when the main task has a "stop task" action
20809 START SUBTASK: Sub Task Execution - task stops and reports success
20803 BPAS_EXEC: BPAS_EXEC.exe constantly uses 25% of the CPU due to the tables using the same ParentID and ResourceID
20781 BPAS_EXEC: shared arrays do not contain all of the elements from the initial task
20750 IMPORT: Imported tasks will open empty TB when edited
20693 TRIGGER (SCHEDULE): Last workday of month trigger exclusion does not work
20686 ACTIVE DIRECTORY (GET GROUP MEMBERS): AD users group members limitation
20633 WEB SMC: WebSMC installer not detecting IIS greater than 6 installed on Windows 10
20613 SMC (SORT): Folder Sorting Issue when connecting to different environments from the same SMC
20537 SMC (REPORTS); Conflicting time and date results from repository vs condition details
20485 AMTS (RESTORE): aml files with & symbol in file name not included in backup file
20451 SMC (TASK EXCLUSION): Task exclusions not functioning in BPA for specific task
20450 TEXT (FORMAT DATE/TIME): Unable to retrieve single digit hour
20390 SMC (REPORTS): Specific reports will show tasks in other folders
20353 TERMINAL (GET TEXT): Spaces and carriage return are removed when you call the variable that has the "Get Text" info.
20332 AUTOMATE (SHUTDOWN AUTOMATE): Option to "End all Running Tasks" stops the service from shutting down
20326 FUNCTIONS: Single quote erroring in string functions
20284 AMTA (LOGS): Crash when viewing Task Events
20265 TERMINAL (GET TERMINAL TEXT): range column/row text is adding carriage return to grabbed text
20264 TERMINAL (GET TERMINAL TEXT): range column/row text from v9 does not match v10
20260 TRIGGER (SCHEDULE): Specific Schedule trigger created an infinite loop which shut down triggering.
20214 IMPORT (COPY AND PASTE INTO TB): Unable to copy steps containing large amount of hyphens
20194 AMTB: "Error opening task...: Invalid task file format (missing closing /AMFILESYSTEM element)" error message when opening a v10.2 task in v10.4
20192 TEXT (GET TEXT): Unable to get only last character of text
20191 EXCEL (SET CELL): Writing date/time to Excel changes format
20149 IMPORT: Importing task from AM 10 back in to AM 10 imports with missing steps.
20131 INTERACTIVITY (PRESS): Press action will fail if Type is unchecked.
20118 VARIABLE (CREATE): Editing a created variable will enable the option "disguise value"
20081 IF (FOLDER EXISTS): If folder exists path requires a ï¼¼ at the end of its path in order to work properly
20030 TEXT (FORMAT DATE/TIME): copy and paste a 'Format Date/Time' step, the new step will have MM (months) where the mm (minutes) should be.
19988 COMPRESSION (DECOMPRESS): decompress activity results differ from previous releases when decompressing a .zip file containing a corrupt .jpg
19979 ACTIONS (ONTASKFAILURE): Critical error if a step is in subtask
19977 AMTB (ADD COMMENT): Copying and Pasting comment that starts with a "<" does not allow you to open the step
19917 TRIGGER (EVENT LOG) Event Log trigger without a description filter triggers on everything
19884 HELP FILE (FTP ADVANCED): File exist missing from the help file
19883 ARRAY (SET): You are able to close the action with blank rows which result in an error
19875 BPAS_EXEC: Workflow branch will not continue and is waiting for first sub-workflow to complete
19799 VARIABLE (SET VARIABLE): Task interpreter will crash if variable is set to expression ending with minus sign
19785 EXCEL (SET CELL): Values with decimals are not writing to Excel correctly
19783 IF (DOES NOT CONTAIN): Result of IF is incorrect compared to v9
19782 ODS (GET CELLS): Error: 'Column "" already exists'. when calling blank cells
19781 SMC (USERS): SMC license limit reached error when attempting to login outside of admin user
19771 AMTA (EMAIL): Unable to clear email settings
19693 SMC (SHARED VARIABLES): Workflow with shared variable and task variable of same name, does not run through WFD/SMC
19466 CONDITION (SCHEDULE): When Interval is set to "custom" and the condition has triggered at least once, any edits to the trigger's schedule stops all future events from running
19452 TASK (START SUBTASK): Access Violation when running 3 or more nested subtasks
19424 BPAS_MAN: error messages when samples imported after upgrade
19317 RUNTIME "CUSTOMER TEST" (INSTALL "IPV6"): Unable to connect to runtime with IPv6 setup.
19316 SMC "CUSTOMER TEST" (AGENT DEPLOY "IPV6"): Unable to deploy Agent through SMC or .exe on (IPV6 setup)"
19288 AMTB: error message "error opening task "c:ï¼¼....": wrong version" when opening a .aml file from v8 and v9
19183 SHARED VARIABLES: Shared Variable are erased within subworkflow
19151 TRIGGER (SCHEDULE): Modified date changes every time a workflow kicks off
18985 VARIABLE "CREATE"(CONVERSION): Disguised value can be import without a value which causes a crash
18965 SHARED VARIABLES: copied shared variable with quoted substring in description truncates description on paste
18963 LOGON OPTIONS: Logon properties set to Dont Run are treated as 'Success' in logs
18937 AMTA (IMPORT): Missing closing /AMFILESYSTEM element
18930 WFD: wfd does not open in remote offices connecting to the main office server (multiple error messages)
18905 AMTA (IMPORT): Wrong version error during import
18901 SMC (ON WORKFLOW ERROR PROPERTY): On workflow error indicates "workflow will be disabled" even with the option not set to
18888 EMAIL (GET MESSAGES): Port reverts back to its default value after adjusting it
18870 HELP FILE (JSON): JSON documentation is in our help file
18831 POWERSHELL: Powershell Action errors when Powershell 5.0 & AM/BPA v10+ are present
18821 FILE SYSTEM (CSV TO DATASET): ANSI encoding is unreadable
18803 BPAS_EXEC: execution events are not being written to the execution events table when upgrading from v10.4.0.35
18769 BPAS_EXEC: execution events are not being written to the execution events table when upgrading from previous version of v10
18767 FUNCTION (ONTASKFAILURE): OnTaskFailure runs even though the task does not fail.
18638 DATASET: Dataset returns <no data> if displayed while Debug execution is occurring
17594 AMTA (CALENDAR): Calendar does not populate with upcoming scheduled tasks
16681 EXCHANGE: dataset.body does not populate for some emails
16494 FTP (SYNCHRONIZE FOLDERS): SFTP UTC conversion of timezones only occurring on the FTP server but not on the local machine
16489 FTP (DOWNLOAD): Overwrite Error message lacks detail compared to v7
16486 HTTP (GET): "HTTP failed (Error : Connection lost (error code is 100353))" error message using an https url
16438 RUN: run action is about 15x slower in v10 amtb than in v9 amtb when using "wait until application is ready for input" option

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