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Jun 2015

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TEXT (FORMAT DATE/TIME) This activity has been updated to reflect .NET formatting. Tasks updated from v9, v8, v7, and v6 will automatically convert to the new format. However, tasks updated from v10.0, v10.1, and v10.2 will NOT convert automatically and may cause unexpected results. Editing of the step is required to update the activity. This can be done in two ways: 1) Edit the step and update the strings to reflect the new format or, 2) Copy and paste the already existing step. The pasted step will automatically convert to the new format. Examples of the update includes:

nn (minutes) is now mm (minutes)
mm (month) is now MM (month)


6323 HELP FILE: “AMProcess Overview” topic page missing from AMProcess file tree
6322 TRIGGER (STARTUP): trigger does not trigger regardless of the 3 settings: task service, any user, specific user
6321 AMTA: Sorting issue when you change the view to Detail view and its Group 
6311 LICENSE: uninstall of and install of results in an unlicensed installation, perm license is not accepted
6301 AMTA (REMOTE ADMINISTRATION): remote administration is a premium only feature and should not be available in professional
6300 LOOP (LIST): does not recognize new line as the delimiter if new lines are only characterized with line feeds without carriage returns
6298 AMTA (DATABASE LOGGING): database logging is a premium only feature and should not be available in professional
6294 VARIABLE (CREATE): referencing a nonexistent variable along with any other characters in the initial value field generates wrong error message
6284 TRIGGER (SCHEDULE): Adding 2 exclusions will result in a "No launch date in the next 5 years"
6283 REGISTRY (READ VALUE): Value "*(default)*" does not exist in registry key
6280 AMENGINE: Wrong line number OUTPUT for a failed workflow
6279 FILE SYSTEM (WRITE TO FILE): .NET is placing a lock during a write to file which causes a "File System failed" error. 
6277 HELP FILE: key sequence for bpa amtb save and close is incorrect
6275 AMTA/SMC:  Minimizing window eliminates partial display of Current Key on License Page
6274 TRIGGER (SCHEDULE): custom holiday exclusions in the holiday.aho file are not respected
6269 ON ERROR (WRITE TO LOG): write to log on error option does not write to the system events log from amtb
6267 AMTB: breakpoint added to comment step is ignored
6266 BPAS_TS: execution events shows task failure when priorities were configured to be treated as successful
6261 AMTB: unable to enable group of selected steps if the first step in the selection is a comment
6259 SMC: changing the task agent email settings to use inherited values also changes the task agent default user to use inherited values
6258 AMTA: incorrect step number is displayed in task pane and task error pop-up for errors in a task with OnTaskFailure events
6257 AMTB: "DisplayAction List index out of bounds -1" error message when adding a an activity as the last step of a region
6256 TRIGGER (FILE SYSTEM "USERS OPTION"): Default user information is not uniform. 
6247 FTP (LOGON): FTP failed (Error : Secure connection was closed by the remote connection end.) 
6246 DATABASE (SQL QUERY): "ADODB.Parameters:Parameter object is improperly defined..." when colon is used in query statement
6243 AMEXECUTE: action= parameter does not function, "action specified is not valid..." error message 
6224 TEXT (HTML-DECODE): strings are not being decoded
6221 WAIT (FOR FILE): activity with file options configured will not recognize file as newer if overwritten
6220 EVENT MONITOR: running task window status does not adjust the status correctly to account for subtasks
6219 AGENT: on task error email notifications contain failed task .aml attachments
6217 WFD: workflow designer does not populate the repository pane when there is a large amount of repository objects
6207 AMTS: Sending an invalid password to AMTS results in a valid session token
6201 ODS: Column limit not respected for OpenOffice Spreadsheets
6200 TEXT (FORMAT DATE/TIME): "Parameter "SPECIFIEDDATETIME" is not in a valid format." error message when running v9 step in v10
6198 AMTB: task builder becomes unresponsive when copying/pasting 100+ steps 
6197 BPAS_EXEC: execution server does not attempt to reconnect to sql server upon initial service start
6193 VARIABLE ENGINE: When running subtask unsuccessfully, error stack displaying incorrect parent error in AMTA
6192 TASK EVENTS (ONSTEPERROR): on error retry attempts do not occur if OnStepError event contains steps
6190 FILE SYSTEM (CSV TO DATASET): activity only converts comma delimited files to datasets, does not work with any other delimiter
6188 TERMINAL (SEND TEXT): [TN] Sent text is not working for some keys
6187 TERMINAL (SEND TEXT): [TN] Send text is overwriting current edit field
6186 TERMINAL (CONTROL): [TN] Set cursor is not moving the cursor to correct row
6185 DIALOG (MESSAGE): error causes time out & on error continue to next step settings for activity causes all subsequent similar activities to not execute
6184 WAIT (FOR FILE): second wait for file within the same task does not wait (exist, does not exist)
6183 TEXT (FORMAT DATE/TIME): misspelling - "hour" is spelled as "nour" in visual view of step
6181 ODS (ENCRYPT): Task Builder not releasing the Excel resource upon failure to open encrypted spreadsheet
6180 FILE SYSTEM (GET FILE METADATA): entire list of dataset columns is not created under windows 8.1 and windows 2012 r2
6179 WFD: User unable to save the name for a new Process within the Workflow Window
6178 COMPRESSION (DECOMPRESS):  Compressed “GZIP” files not decompressing.
6177 CONSTANTS (SERVER): "Expression evaluation failed..." error message when referencing a constant that contains a hyphen
6176 ODS (REMOVE WORKSHEET): When a worksheet with a placement before the active worksheet is removed, the definition of the active worksheet is changed.
6175 ODS (ADD WORKSHEET): Incorrect grammar in error message when adding a worksheet that already exists.
6173 WFD (SHARED VARIABLE): end key on keyboard does not take you to the end of a long variable value if it extends beyond the view of the field
6172 EXCEL (SET CELL(S)): When List>Vertical selected in the dialog box, “Vertical” misspelled in “Visual” View
6171 ODS (SET CELL(S)): When List>Vertical selected in dioalog box, “Vertical” misspelled in “Visual” View
6170 CONSTANTS (SERVER): "Expression evaluation failed..." error message when evaluating server constants from AMTB beyond the first execution
6169 ODS ERROR CAUSES: Excel referenced in “Problem text” of 2 error causes within the Error Causes list.
6167 ODS ACTIVITY FILE BROWSE: when browsing for File Name, extension defaults to “Excel Files” rather than “OpenDocument Spreadsheet”.
6166 ODS ACTIVITIES IN VISUAL VIEW: Some ODS activities reference Excel in “Visual” view.
6165 ODS (GET SELECTED CELL(S)): when "use specific worksheet" radio button selected, worksheet not displayed in "Visual" view
6164 ODS (SELECT CELLS): when "use specific worksheet" radio button selected, worksheet not displayed in "Visual" view
6163 ODS Dialog Box: The last sentence at the top of the "OpenDocument Spreadsheet" dialog box makes reference to Excel.
6162 HELP: SKYBOT Run job suite help has typo.
6161 AMTB: Breakpoints are not respected when you reopen the Task in AMTB while Running.
6160 AMTB: In Expression Builder AMCurrentWorkflow Result and Path HelpIds are switched.
6159 VARIABLE ENGINE: On Error Dialog Error Stack has empty line when running a subtask.
6158 AMTA: Creating new managed task file does not allow file with quotes in name e.g. a"b
6157 SMC: column view dynamically changes when column order and column view is changed
6156 DATABASE MIGRATION UTILITY: Agent SQL Connections do not migrate from v7 to v9/v10
6149 TRIGGER (SCHEDULE): exclusion specific days of the week within a time range ignores the time range and excludes entire day
6147 ODS (AUTOFIT ROWS/COLUMNS): The 'End index' can be smaller than start index with no validation
6145 ODS (ADD HYPERLINK): Can only add hyperlink by reference 
6137 ODS (GET ACTIVE WORKSHEET): Allows for an empty activity to be saved
6136 AMTB (EXPRESSION BUILDER) - Map IDs needed to map new SharePoint AMTrigger/AMCondition datasets to Expression Builder.
6123 DATABASE MIGRATION UTILITY: Personal folders linked to users are not created for migration from older versions
6117 EMAIL (GET MESSAGES): filter from: field returns inconsistent results
6104 AMTB (INDENT): Adding an action on top of an indented step changes your task format
6102 LOOP (DATASET): ordering column does not populate with column names of selected dataset
6096 AMTB: snippets can have same name
6095 AMTB: snippets can exist with no name
6094 LICENSING: "Hardware ID Mismatch" error message when using a docking station that has its own NIC card
6067 EXCEL (OPEN/CREATE WORKBOOK): "automation object could not be created" error message if excel.exe process running when step executes
6062 AMTS: AMTA disconnects from task service when accessing the monthly calendar view after creating a task with a schedule trigger interval of 10 secs
6055 AMTB: sluggish performance (7 second delay) when trying to move a step in a specific task 
6031 TRIGGER (WINDOW): Some Window Condition Properties in the Workflow Designer revert to defaults if By Window Title is unchecked.
6028 SECURITY (GENERATE PASSWORD): length of generated password is inconsistent upon execution
6013 TRIGGER (WINDOW): Cursor should change when selecting a window to key off of.
6009 TRIGGER (PROCESS): 'Process must already be running' option fires even for processes that were not running
6004 TRIGGER (PROCESS): Task could not start because a valid interactive session could not be found
5746 SAMPLE TASK (AUTOMATE - RUN ANOTHER TASK): Fails with "Missing task name to start".
5058 HELP FILE: selected actions in amtb do not open to their respective help page when pressing F1
1811 HELP FILE: CUHUGE_ function link is misplaced in the Expression builder.

Comments (2)

  1. 7/16/15 by Sunil Kumar
    BPA Agent crashing on monitoring trigger for modified file in folder Faulting application name: BPA_TS.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x000007fe9991ceba Faulting process id: 0x1b0 Faulting application start time: 0x01d0bfda15bb9fc0 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\AutoMate BPA Server 10\BPA_TS.exe Faulting module path: unknown Report Id: 68615983-2bcd-11e5-8424-005056be7813 Application: BPA_TS.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.NullReferenceException Stack: at AutoMate.Triggers.Stock.Runtime.Instances.FileInstance.OnFileChanged(System.Object, System.IO.FileSystemEventArgs) at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.CompletionStatusChanged(UInt32, UInt32, System.Threading.NativeOverlapped*) at System.Threading._IOCompletionCallback.PerformIOCompletionCallback(UInt32, UInt32, System.Threading.NativeOverlapped*)
  2. 7/17/15 by Valentineo McGowan
    Hello Sunil, We will continue to work with you on Support Ticket #55a7cc77cc981 opened yesterday concerning this matter. Thank you.
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