AutoMate BPA Server 10 : 10.1.0

Feb 2015

In This Update


Action Skybot (AM & BPA)
SMC Session Security (BPA)
Reports Audit (BPA)


6027 AMEM: The total number of tasks in the progress bar is actually the percentage completed.
6023 CONSTANTS (AGENT): modifying an existing agent constant causes the constant to "disappear" once you click on the ok button
6022 CONSTANTS (AGENT): constants are "disappearing" when adding multiple agent constants
6015 AMTA: Hover text on long triggers does not wrap
6001 BPA: Workflows not released from queue when Load Management concurrent Workflows is increased
6000 DATABASE (OPEN SQL CONNECTION): importing into step shows garbled text for connection string
5998 AMTA (LICENSE): White space is not trimmed from licenses when applied; Error message is unclear
5997 AGENT DEPLOY: host registry entry should be ip address instead of machine name for greater compatibility
5995 AMTA: despite a task being successful, an error still shows from the previous failed execution of the task when in tile view
5989 SMC (LICENSE): White space is not trimmed from licenses when applied; Error message is unclear
5987 SMC: "login to localhost failed" error message after installing v10.1 using an existing v10 database
5986 SMC: The Add Workflow wizard doesn't suggest a unique name
5985 SMC: A new task created via the Add Workflow Wizard is named "New Workflow" instead of "New Task"
5984 BPA_TS: Triggers/conditions created outside a workflow do not work until the WFD is opened and saved
5981 AMEM: task priority set to "run alone" does not give accurate count of tasks running and tasks queued
5980 AMTS: task priority set to "run alone" does not run all queued tasks once the first task completes
5977 AGENT DEPLOY: "...MSI error has been detected...(code: 1603)" when deploying to 2003R2 x64
5976 BPA_TS: Don't run option for Logon results in Tasks stuck in Running Status
5975 BPA INSTALL: BPA installs on windows xp x64 even though windows xp is no longer supported
5974 AM INSTALL: AM installs on windows xp x64 even though windows xp is no longer supported
5973 AMENGINE: "Evaluation failed: "Expecting ')'" error message when using a partially evaluated string in the call function action
5971 BPA: queued workflow starts running when it should remain on the queue
5970 SKYBOT (HELP): Clone job suite - clone action does not create new Member Jobs with the new Job Suite
5969 SKYBOT (RUN JOB, etc): field tabbing order is different in Host connection for actions than it is in Skybot Session setup
5968 SKYBOT (HELP): Skybot requires that Allow Web Service Requests be turned on in order to work with AutoMate actions
5967 IF (FOLDER EXISTS):  "Folder "...." does not exist" error message when path contains a trailing back slash
5966 SKYBOT (HELP): Skybot is missing from the table of Actions & Activities Overview
5965 SMC: UI crashes clicking on icon in table header of Execution Status pane
5964 SKYBOT (HELP): Clone/Delete/Update actions require User to be a member of the 'Administrator' role in Skybot
5962 SMC: credentials are stored in plain text in the SMC Preferences.xml file
5961 SKYBOT (CLONE JOB): error when non-Latin letters included in new object Name
5960 SKYBOT (RUN JOB): when Skybot Job specfies an All Agents type Agent Group only 1 history ID is tracked
5959 SKYBOT (RUN JOB SUITE): action ends in error if Wait is not checked
5958 AMTB (REPLACE): replace functionality does not save changes to task after re-opening
5957 SKYBOT (RUN JOB, RUN JOB SUITE): error at run time if a variable name is not provided and the Wait check box is on
5955 HELP FILE: Help topics in AutoMate/BPA sometimes refer to "Skybot Scheduler" as "Skybot Enterprise"
5954 SKYBOT (RUN JOB): session appears twice in Session drop down
5952 AMEM : Update Copyright year to 2015 for About box
5950 HELP FILE (LICENSE): BPA section needs to be updated to reflect new licensing model
5949 SKYBOT (CREATE SESSION): https support needs to be added
5948 BPAS_EXEC: If the workflow limit has been reached, running a task manually causes the meta workflow to be queued
5947 SMC: Pasting a copied Process into the Workflow folder works
5945 DATASTORE MIGRATION UTILITY: Swedish characters are corrupted when using the migration utility.
5942 TEXT (CONVERT CASE): Attempting to change "E" to lower case results in "0" to be populated into the variable.
5941 TYPE (IMPORT): Does not save password on any "Authentication type" causing tasks to fail.
5937 README: Update Copyright year to 2015
5936 AMTB: Update Copyright year to 2015 for About box
5935 AMTA: Update Copyright year to 2015 for About box
5934 SMC: If Default Connection is removed from SMC Preferences file, it will not allow for typing in ConnectTo field
5933 TASK VARIABLES (DATASET): "Dataset" type task variables cannot be created. Generates access violation.
5930 WFD: access to processes in the repository should be limited to only enterprise
5927 AMTA: "An internal error occurred in "CCPC MoveFoldersSameService"....." error message when moving a folder into another folder
5926 VARIABLE (CREATE): creating a variable with a value of E123 will result in a 0 value when variable type is set to AUTO
5925 EXCEL (GET CELL): import step from v9 to v10 does not retain cell by position values
5924 EXCEL (ACTIVATE CELL): import step from v9 to v10 does not change the default session name from ExcelSess1 to ExcelSession1
5923 EXCEL (DATASET TO CELLS): Column names from SQL with spaces aren't exportable to excel. 
5922 INSTALLER (README): Release date (December, 2014) needs to be updated on both; AM10 & BPA10 installers.
5921 AMTB: Find usage causes the Task Step panel to show steps in two columns
5919 AMTS (PRIORITIES): on error notifications and AMTA automate task execution error prompts occur for "don't run" task priorities when triggered
5918 AMTB: Access Violation error "itmPasteMenuClick" when leaving TB open 
5916 ACTIVE DIRECTORY (MODIFY GROUP): group ldap path field is empty after selecting a group
5915 AMENGINE: "An unknown error has occurred at task startup.  The task may or may not have run." error message when executing a task in low isolation
5914 IF (ALL ACTIVITIES): "Error causes" tab displays information for "If pixel exists".
5912 AMTS: Task added at boundary of queue is reporting incorrectly
5910 SMC (USERS): "Add a User - Username" text box is not aligned with the password fields.
5909 AMTB: Licensing assembly could not be initialized (HR=0x80131500) Error when opening up TB
5908 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: select container button is non-responsive when machine is not attached to a domain
5907 POWERSHELL (RUN SCRIPT): edit script button is non-responsive when Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is not installed
5906 WFD: misspelling on mouse over save image button "currect" instead of "current"
5905 BASIC SCRIPT (EXECUTE): Task containing a "sub main" fail with Script error: "ActiveX Automation: server cannot create object." at script line 2).
5900 VARIABLE ENGINE: restrict the ability to create reserved dataset column names
5899 AMTS: No records are returned if there are numerous entries for a short timespan.
5898 IF / END IF: nested IF statement's END IF is closing the parent IF statement when the nested IF statement is not evaluated
5897 SMC (IMPORT): “Problem Importing Package: There was an error during import.” when importing the attached AM7 .aml files one by one
5896 AMTA (LOG MANAGEMENT): When specified log trim size is reached, abnormal behavior occurs.
5894 TRIGGER (DATABASE): error "database failed: invalid column name 'Date', invalid column name 'Time'" with a column name with spaces "Date & Time"
5893 WAIT (FOR FILE): need a space after the period in AMTB visual view when a dataset is present
5892 WAIT (FOR FILE): file exists with "wait until file is in use" does not wait for the file on a network location if a dataset is not set in the action
5891 VMWARE HOST (CONNECT): "Failed to resolve host" when attempting to use VMware VI Server (vCenter) connection.
5889 IMAGE (CAPTURE SCREEN): capture is misspelled in the visual view of the step for specified region in AMTB
5888 DIALOG (INPUT): ok button is no longer the default selection, default is text field that accepts enter keystrokes and adds a new line instead
5886 SMC (SESSION TIMEOUT - ADD WORKFLOW WIZARD): Application hang/crash if wizard is opened when session timeout occurs.
5885 SMC SESSIONS (SESSION TIMEOUT): After being logged out, mouse pointer turns into a "loading/working" animation until "log On" is clicked.
5884 AMTB: step numbers in output pane are incorrect for on error actions that are not valid
5882 PROCESS: process objects do not execute variable references
5881 AMTASK (run subtask): TaskID remains in AML
5880 AMTB (COPY & PASTE): Copying steps between tasks inside TB disables some steps.
5879 CLIPBOARD (SET): "Step is missing required parameter "VALUE"." error message when setting the clipboard to an empty variable
5877 COPY FILE (ONLY IF NEWER): Copy files takes place even if files aren't newer than the originals
5876 SMC: SMC leaves .sv files in the temp folder after closing Task Builder
5875 AMTB: copying over steps from one TB to another, copy over incorrectly
5873 AMTB: warning window is emtpy when random text is typed in AMTB AML view editor
5872 AMTB (UNDO): Access violation occurs when attempting to use the "undo" option.
5871 TASK (CALL FUNCTION): expression builder should not be accessible from the "function name to call" field
5870 TERMINAL (Send Text): Help file needs special keys list
5869 SEND EMAIL (DEFAULT SERVER SETTINGS): Emails can be sent within task but cannot be sent using default server setting using exchange 2013
5868 COMPRESSION (COMPRESS/DECOMPRESS): imported tasks are adding an extension to the destination and/or source path 
5867 COMPRESSION (COMPRESS/DECOMPRESS): extension is being added to the destination path for compress and source path for decompress
5866 AGENT GROUP DISTRIBUTION: "run on each agent in order until a successful result" returns a successful result even if all agents are disconnected
5865 SESSION (HIBERNATE): "Wake up - After this delay" does not automatically wake up system.
5864 LICENSE: help > about shows expired on some installations where a valid license key has been applied
5863 POWERSHELL (RUN SCRIPT): Second PowerShell step in a task hangs.
5862 WAIT FOR WINDOW: Not able to wait for child window to gain focus.
5861 WAIT FOR WINDOW: Not able to focus the Child Window
5860 TASK (CALL FUNCTION): using call function with enclosing % causes undefined behavior
5859 DATABASE (OPEN SQL CONNECTION): connection string is encrypted and invalid from v7 import
5858 AMTB: Region Drag-n-Drop undo throws an exception (Access Violation)
5857 AMTB: Region drag-n-drop deletes the content steps
5856 AMTB (STEPS PANEL): Panel can be closed with the small close panel button "X".
5854 SMC (ADD WORKFLOW WIZARD): After logging off or SMC session timeout, the wizard can still be opened via "Insert". Causes SMC to hang.
5851 LOGON / UNLOCK: unlock fails with domain logon credentials
5850 LICENSE: When permanent key is applied field Expires is empty on License Panel
5849 SNMP Get,Walk does not work for second attempt and onward 
5848 AMTB (EXPRESSION BUILDER): Objects do not open respective help page (F1).
5847 BPAS_MAN: [Oracle] Audit events are not being logged when an Oracle backend is used.
5846 BPAS_EXEC: Once the service is turned off, the process stays for ~30s
5845 SMC: [SMC Session] Toggling the timeout checkbox does not apply to currently running sessions
5844 EMAIL (SEND MESSAGE): 'Connection timeout' error message when sending email using SMTP mail settings used in SMC.
5843 TEXT (FORMAT DATE/TIME): "Advance - Use specified date time" Does not calculate the value of a variable.
5840 EXCEL (CREATE): intermittent error message  "Unknown step command AMEXCEL" when running "Create new workbook" step for the first time
5838 SCHEDULE (TRIGGER): Daylights savings time change causes scheduled tasks to move back one hour on calendar..
5837 SMC: The information panel is not respecting it's visibility setting
5836 TERMINAL (SEND TEXT): Send text is not able to send any Function Keys
5835 ADD MANAGED TASK WIZARD: Does not save steps created in TB during wizard setup.
5833 AMTA (DETAILS VIEW): Incorrect "Next launch" time is displayed in "Details" view.
5832 SMC (LICENSE): license pane text updates/changes to reference
5831 AMTA (LICENSE): license pane text updates/changes to reference
5830 AMTA (LICENSE): Dialog needed that reports what is collected when requesting a trial key
5829 SMC (LICENSE): Dialog needed that reports what is collected when requesting a trial key
5828 SKYBOT: Map IDs needed for each activity to link to appropriate help topic.
5827 SMC (UPDATE AVAILABLE): There is a new version available. You currently have Would you like to get the new version..."
5826 AMTB: Inpecting structure does not allow array property inspection
5825 HELP FILE: command line operation references parenthesis instead of quotes
5824 AMTS (LATIN AMERICAN KEYBOARDS): Disables accented letters when AutoMate 10 service is running.
5822 SMC (CONSTANTS): Some or all disappear from view after selecting the "Back" button when using a SQL Server backend.
5821 POWERSHELL: System Plugin Runtime is not getting loaded properly
5819 AMTA (DEPLOY TO MACHINES DIALOG) Help icon needs to be added to this dialog and linked to the help topic.
5818 AMTB: nested if steps not indenting properly, even after clicking on format steps
5817 LICENSE: "System.ArgumentException: An entry with the same key already exists..." error message
5816 ACTIONS (ON ERROR): Does not send email when step fails.
5815 SCHEDULE TRIGGERS: Exclusions are not working.
5814 HELP FILE - EXTENDED FUNCTION (GET TASK NAME): Returns only file name but not file path.
5812 ADD MANAGED TASK WIZARD (START TASK BUILDER): Pressing button prevents the TB from opening with error "System.IO.DirectoryNotFound Exception".
5811 SMC: "license limit reached" error message should be more descriptive when SMC concurrency limit has been reached
5810 AMTB - Empty Region
5809 ACTION BROWSER: Plain text AML stored into registry needs to be encrypted.
5808 SCHEDULE TRIGGER (EXCLUSIONS): Triggers with exclusions do not show up in the Calendar
5807 AMENGINE: Structure arrays are being created with an extra row/element
5806 AMTB: Structure inspector is not working correctly
5805 AMTS: Load management settings are ignored when multiple tasks start at the same time
5804 FILE SYSTEM (COPY - FILE, MOVE): Activity ignores already existing files.
5803 DECOMPRESS: Archive folder path changes which will result in "Archive does not exist" error
5802 IMPORT: Importing an AutoMate 7 tasks that starts with a comment disabled subsequent steps
5801 AMTB (TASK FUNCTION): unable to rename an argument within a task
5800 EXCEL (SET CELLS): Selecting "On completion - Save as" option saves to both; original file, and new "save as" file. 
5799 FTP (UPLOAD): Could not Determine Current Location after import form v9
5798 AMTA: ctrl+insert and insert create multiple tasks and folders instead of one
5797 EXCEL (CREATE WORKBOOK): Does not respect "If workbook already exists" when using variable in "File name" path.
5796 AMTB: Undo/Redo - Each Task and Function does not keep track of it's own stack
5793 DIALOG (CUSTOM): Specifying to create and populate an already existing variable generates an "Unhandled exception".
5792 SMC/AMTA: Version check not working correctly
5790 HELP FILE (LICENSE): AM section needs to be updated to reflect new licensing model
5788 AMTB (TASK VARIABLES): Removing a Task Variable, Array or Dataset set to "Private" causes the Task Builder to stop responding.
5786 RESTORE: Prompt to Convert to New Format when restoring from a previous version.
5785 EXCEL (CREATE): "Excel automation object could not be created." error message when "create from template" option is selected
5782 TIMER (STOP): When specifying to update a non-existing variable, wrong error text is returned.
5781 SMC (IMPORT): Importing the attached BPA10 Logon unlock workflows generates a "NullReferenceException".
5777 SMC: When changing the data store settings to Oracle database, the previously saved constants will not migrate over
5776 DATA MIGRATION UTILITY: When changing the data store settings to Oracle database, the previously saved constants will not migrate over
5775 WFD (OBJECTS): All object names are in bright red text.
5772 AMTA (SECURITY): Providing wrong password when renaming a password protected task generates a "System.NullReferenceException".
5770 HELP FILE: what's new section needs updating in both am10 and bpa10
5767 AMTA - F1 on trigger icons does not open 'Triggers' topic. Also clicking help icon or F1 in trigger properties does not open related help topic.
5765 DATABASE MIGRATION UTILITY: "...process was terminated due to an unhandled exception..." error message when the source database is missing tables
5762 FTP (REMOVE FOLDER): activity should be renamed to FTP Remove folder(s) due to its ability to remove multiple folders.
5760 FTP (SYNCHRONIZE FOLDER): activity should be renamed to FTP Synchronize folder(s) since it supports bi-directional synchronization.
5759 SMC (AGENT DEPLOY): Does not uninstall BPA Server from remote machine.
5757 DYNAMICS CRM: timeout AML code misspelling
5755 AMAZON RDS: AML code misspellings
5754 HELP (BPA) : Server Management Console > Options > Default Properties is selected
5752 AMTA: Export issue with Editing encrypted task.
5751 AMTA - From the Options view, highlighting an option from the side panel and pressing F1 does not open the associated help topic
5750 AMTA - Highlighting any icon under Options -> System Settings and pressing F1 does not open the System Settings Overview help topic. 
5749 AMTA - Options -> System Settings -> SNMP missing a help icon in its properties.
5748 AMTA: Encrypted task are not getting deployed properly when there is conflict.
5747 AMTA - Managed Task Properties - Clicking the help icon inside the Priority and Execution History properties doesn't open associated help topics.
5745 AMTA - Managed Task Properties -> Notes missing help icon
5740 BPA_TS: error message repeated words in event log
5739 INSTALLER: URL is not shown properly
5736 AMTA (DETAILS VIEW): 32-bit AM installed on Server 2003 R2 x64 - Selected folders/Tasks have white text color for their name.
5735 AMTA (DETAILS VIEW): Column sort order is not preserved when reopenning AMTA
5729 HELP FILE: AMCurrentTask, AMCurrentWorkflow, AMProcess are not documented.
5728 AMTB: Expression Builder is missing certain objects
5726 AMTS: When both text and database logging on only database logs are updated.
5725 SMC (UPGRADE AGENT): agent upgrades should only be available when there are version differences with the first 3 digits
5724 SMC (UPGRADE AGENT): agent upgrade process should warn that all BPA components will be removed from destination 
5722 TYPE: Custom define type does not show values in inspection window
5721 AMTA: test use Info Icon
5715 BPA (IMPORT): importing an AM6 .ama will result in "There was an error during the import" message
5712 AMTA: Delete task dialog GUI Issue , when deleting protected task.
5711 AMTS: Audit report not working properly when Database loggin is on
5708 KEYBOARD TRIGGER: rename autokeys to text
5707 AMTB: task function issue when there is an error
5706 AMTS: Load Management property is not working as expected.
5696 AMTB (TASK VARIABLES): task variables box extends past the task variables pane
5694 BPA (IMPORT): Importing a .ama file from AM9 will result in a "There was an error during the import"
5690 FILE TRIGGERS (SIDE BY SIDE): File Triggers Stop kicking off after uninstalling BPA
5688 BPAEM (Side by Side): Access Violation Error when installing AM with running BPA WF
5675 Running Tasks Indicator/Dialog invoked by BPA displaying AutoMate "A" icon.
5664 WFD: After creating workflow, delete default item and click between two label. It will throw error.
5658 AMTB: Premium action in Pro should use their name instead of aml tag to outline error.
5649 AMTA: Connection password screen is Grey
5618 HTTP (GET - URL): Get URL action does not bring back result as defined. Works fine outside of AutoMate.
5613 REGIONS (CREATE & MOVE STEP DOWN): "List index out of bounds" and corrupt steps are generated when region is moved up or down.
5608 HELP FILE (HOME>INSTALLATION>SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS): add x86 product install only for windows 2003 and windows 2003 r2 in supported operating systems
5607 HELP FILE (HOME>INSTALLATION>SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS): remove windows xp sp3 from supported operating systems
5606 DIALOG (MESSAGE): "Action Editor encountered an unhandled exception in plugin "ActionEditor"..." intermittent error message when creating the step
5593 XML (TRANSFORM): Token Text Error will be generated when trying to convert an XML file using an XSLT file. 
5581 SHARED VARIABLES: copying and pasting a variable from task builder to the shared variables pane in WFD, the variable will have a description of AME=
5570 SHARED VARIABLES: When Copying shared variables over from one workflow to another the Advance settings does not stick to the variable.
5526 WEB BROWSER: click activity is inconsistent with different versions of internet explorer
5471 AMEM: CPU and memory spikes when a task starts
5467 BPAEM: program icon is wrong
5466 BPA_TS: program icon is wrong
5283 Some exes are not signed for 64 Bit 
5144 Send Instant Message through Google Talk doesn't work
5031 Suggestion : AMTA: Options > Default properties > Email: Should mimic same UI as Email Activity.
5000 HELP FILE: Need to update Excel, Database, PDF, Array action
4977 Acceleration key change for selection activity in Dialog.
4913 WMI Trigger query builder browser help content not shown
4770 BPA Help File  >  Installation  >  Command-Line Installation

Comments (5)

  1. 5/7/15 by Sunil Kumar
    Many basic issues encounter during migrating workflows from v9 to this version (v10.1.0.12). Few of them that consumed lot of time are: * unrecognised statement error while moving statement that set value of a variable. * Server constant values not reflected during task executing manually through task builder. * Unable to save modification in task despite clicking on save and close button on task builder. * Many time SMC shows error message, access violations. * during import of workflow SMC get hang. No option other than killing and restarting it again. * download files via SFTP fails some times (making it unreliable).
  2. 5/7/15 by Leonard Amabile
    @Sunil Kumar - Version is no longer available for download or installation. Please install v10.2.0.6 and then open a support ticket with any outstanding issues that may be present.
  3. 5/7/15 by Sunil Kumar
    Could you please confirm SFTP download issue has been fixed? I already have open ticket - FTP Failed (Failed to write file attributes (error code is 104450)). I could not find anything related in change log of v 10.2.0. I am afraid that if we update to this version, we need to perform full testing again as it has been released just couple of week back and could have many potential regression issue. So we can only plan to migrate after some time when we can schedule full round of testing.
  4. 5/7/15 by Valentineo McGowan
    Hello Sunil, -Did you receive a Bug# for your issue? If so, what is that number? If it was found, fixed, tested and compiled into the v10.2.0.6 build it would be in the above list. -I can check our bug database one you provide me with the appropriate bug# for your issue. -Also please feel free to open a new Support Ticket OR email for your inquiry regarding the 'SFTP download issue'.
  5. 5/7/15 by Sunil Kumar
    please check ticket id:552d308291416 - it is still open.
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