AutoMate BPA Server 10 : 10.0.0

Sep 2014


In This Update


- Server Management Console (SMC) Modernize
- SMC Charts
- Agent Deployment Wizard Modernize
- Global Proxy (HTTP)
- Global Email (Exchange & SSL)
- Workflow Designer (WFD) Modernize
- Task Builder (AMTB) Modernize
- Action & Activity Library
- Action Editor Modernize
- Expression Builder Modernize
- Windows Logon (Vista and Higher)
- Array Support (Web Service, DLL, Type)
- Sessions
- Java Accessibility
- Task Events
- X64 Support
- Snippets
- Global Triggering
- Agent Updates
- Workflow Wizard
- User Folders
- Object Locking
- SMC Global Search
- Resume from Failure (Manual & Automatic)
- Disable after Failure
- WFD Run From Here
- Expressions & Constants in Triggers
- Administrator User Group
- Action – Amazon DynamoDB
- Action – Amazon SES
- Action – Facebook
- Action – Image
- Action – PDF
- Action – PowerShell
- Action – WMI
- Activity – Amazon S3 (Put object)
- Activity – Array (Set)
- Activity – Dialog (Custom dialog)
- Activity – Email (Archive messages)
- Activity – Excel (Run macro)
- Activity – File System (CSV to dataset)
- Activity – Loop (Loop registry values)
- Activity – Registry (Get registry values)
- Activity – Text (Reverse, Format path, Base64 encode/decode, Convert case, Contain text)
- Condition – Database
- Condition – File System


497 AM7: Pad Text Action Blank Leading Characters Nonfunctional When Proceeded By A Number
768 Event Log Trigger has abbreviated types in the list
848 AM7 ( BPA TB: “Help” button does not work on “Find” window.
892 AM7 & BPA7 Side by Side Window Triggering Disabled in AM7
902 BPA Key Condition does not properly capture some keys with French keyboard layout
975 BPA7 SMC: “Reports”, selecting the “Contour” graph causes a .Net unhandled Exception.
1158 Web SMC: The “Help” file has references to AutoMate 7 in title bar “AM7 Help” is displayed.
1410 SMC: Should tell in which function this error has occured
1448 Connect Terminal action, poor error message on non numeric port specification
1451 SMC:DashBoards , Canvas is aligned to the bottom
1506 WEB SMC: WEB Client Difficulties 
1523 AMTB: Mouse movement
1536 Trigger Task : Password error should state "wrong password"
1570 AMTB: Map Drive: Error shows empty line in output pane
1574 Show running task Window: For queue task : Force task right click menu option always shows disable.
1625 Message box window : without button
1667 Return action: does not show the variables in combo box.
1710 AMTB : Output pane : shows error in black font after undock the pane.
1712 ReDim Array : Does not give error when you specify negative value.
1825 Help File : Options tag's all markup should be shown in help file
1828 HELP: Notes, corrections
1842 BPA: Flash tutorial we are shipping with product is of BPA 7
1950 Uninstalling on newer OSes leaves behind a notification list entry
1961 One bad error one critical error while using the Compress Files action.
1995 BPA 8 TB: “On The Web” web link URL’s need to be re-directed to the correct BPA 8 pages.
2017 AMTB: Basic Script -- > about  flash page missing version number.
2112 BPA: Workflow Designer: Evaluation object: open Expression builder: clicking F1 of any variable gives unhandled error.
2113 AMTB: loop Array : Ordering : Vertical looping work as horizontal looping
2114 Second extension code does not extend AM8 demo
2167 If Window Exists action behaves slightly different in v8 versus v7
2180 Backing up/Restoring from AM8 8.0.0 to 8.1 does not populate tasks or samples on Windows Server 2003.
2182 FTP: FTP Download Error Messages are Only Occurring for One Failed File and Not All of Them
2342 AMTB: “Loop files” exclude mask option does not work.
2347 BREAK: Using the Break action on an inner nested Loop File Contents fails to properly return to the outer loop 
2392 Case action not allowing the user to enter expressions
2396 GLOBALSCAPE: Determine possibility of OEM Customization to determine the string written to the Windows Event Log (CR28353)
2417 WEB BROWSER: “Error Causes” time out and fail does not error out when set to 1 second.
2421 Find Text Action and Casing
2483 GLOBALSCAPE: Log Event indicates the logging application is AutoMate
2493 AMTB 8: Help page errors
2511 BPAS_EXEC: Load management is not working or displaying properly.
2602 AMTS: Startup Trigger description is returned incorrectly when 'any user' is selected
2603 AMTS: Performance Trigger description is returned as empty string
2617 TB: Modified actions do not properly update icons
2619 AM: Schedule Event Trigger is not showing Hours/Minutes/Seconds on the description.
2701 Compression: GZip, TAR+GZip do not create target folder when target folder does not exist.  
2713 Unable to decompress ACE file
2735 BPA: SMC:Throws a "System exception error" when closing the SMC and cannot find the BPA server folder anywhere on the VM.
2746 BPA-WFD: File condition Trigger is not working on network location.
2749 BPA:Window condition trigger is not triggering a task when selecting an object.
2752 BPA: Logon Condition:Throws"CSE.exe application error" while running logon condition task.
2767 Shared Variable expression result is surrounded in quotes
2768 BPAS_EXEC: when setting the user passwords within the database and outside of the smc, the passwords are not encrypted
2814 amtb: on error tab for actions should either support mulitple lines or reduce the size of the variable value field
2864 AMTB: Contents F1 is not showing the "Welcome to Automate page"
2875 VCL actions which use List Views for multiple parameters will corrupt multiple expression entries when edited
2877 BPA File System Condition does not always work
2907 Set Variable action: Variable name is not in double quotes.
2928 AM8 Online help is missing SharePoint documentation.
2988 Increment does not like array variables 
3000 AM8: Issue with sending email using constants.
3028 SCHEDULE TRIGGER: exclusions are removed from the trigger when the trigger is renamed
3139 EXPRESSION BUILDER: shows default constant name even though its name has been changed .
3146 HELP FILE: DIR function help is inaccurate
3150 AM8: Standard User/"Run with Highest Privileges" unchecked are causing tasks to que AND Agent icon green.
3151 AM9: Task(s) should fail with UAC enabled and "Run with Highest Privileges" unchecked but report as running successfully.
3162 SIDE BY SIDE: uninstalling am9 on a system where am8 is also installed, leaves remnant files behind
3167 AM7/8: SQL Query step not capturing Bulk Insert error
3190 AMTB: File System: Synchronize folder: bidirectional: All Advance expander check box goes disable. GUI issue.
3194 EXCEL: open workbook action needs to account for password protected spreadsheets
3221 WINDOW: add get window information action to populate a dataset with all open windows
3236 AMEMAUTOSTARTMODE:  task running in separate session from amem.exe session
3246 INSTALLER: if user does not select reboot after xp hotfix installation then there are no further prompts, install does not continue until reboot
3274 Installer: BPA9 Agent MSI is missing the AutoMate BPA Server Installshield Wizard and the KB943232 hotfix on Windows XP x64.
3284 AMTB: Dynamics CRM: CRM Browser:  does not set with predefine values 
3301 AMTB: Help file: No help files on my actions categories( Favorites, recent, popular).
3316 BPA: BPA gives timeout exception error and then it stopped working.
3356 SMC & WFD: Conditions “Icon” help links open help file to "This program cannot display the webpage" pages.
3381 VARIABLE ENGINE: When a shared variable is specified as Numeric, with a value of 0, it is still created as a string.
3396 Stored Procedure: Paramete value shows "" on description
3417 REGISTRY: registry action does not error when trying to write to invalid key but stops as if it did error
3430 No info for the thrid check box (from the left) in the Action Properties at the bottom of each action.  
3464 (GS32338) "Loop through file" function does not return the final character of the final line in a file.
3472 LOOP FILES: date filter expressions are not kept correcting in the gui
3475 Remote Agent does not connect when server machine is rebooted. 
3495 AM: Rename a task to same name 
3496 AWE throwing errors when unzipping password protected files successfully (CR32324)
3510 AWE: UnGzipping in AWE gives inaccurate last modified file date (GS32328)
3512 WEB BROWSER add 'wait for web page to finish loading' back into action
3536 “Excel”, “Create Workbook”: Adding the” %Date()%” basic function  to the name of the output file generates error with spelling errors.
3550 AMTA: groups settings in amta getting lost
3552 “Help” File, “System requirements”: Supporting operating systems make reference to “Microsoft Windows Server 2008 3”.
3567 INPUT (SEND KEYSTROKES): cursor is missing from the keystrokes field when inserting a special keystroke 
3572 AMTB: misspelling of occurrences in the CTRL F find window when the results have completed
3587 IF Folder exists action is not honoring the "IF folder older than"
3594 DATASET TO CELLS: 'could not access the excel files. make sure the range is valid' error when using a dataset with one column
3614 HELP FILE: FTP LOG ON port typo in help file says 210 when it should say 21
3619 Actions: Dataset to Cells / Column Names with Column Names checked problem
3622 DECOMPRESS: 2gb file does not decompress from .tar file
3623 HELP FILE: extraneous </AMIF> in select/case example code
3646 INSTALL:  v9.0.0.25 upgrade to Application crash and AV occur during setup if “Ignore” is clicked on 2nd “Files in use” prompt.
3658 SEND KEYSTROKES: unicode characters are not being sent through action
3671 AMTB: Access violation when "Remove from Favorites" is clicked
3684 AS2 Calendar crashes UI through stack overflow
3689 WFD: Flow Control arrow objects fall apart while moving them around in the white canvas
3692 Web SMC: Few bugs.
3693 SMC: Options: Default Properties: Condition Exclusion is missing.
3696 AMTS : Turning off "Enable Text Logging" , still writes data into AuditLog.txt file
3699 StartMenu entries are created for AutoMate Runtime Installation
3702 SMC: Repository: Processes: Title for Agents/Agent group is wrong.
3707 BPAS_EXEC: Workflow Time out: Not able to stop task after workflow time out.
3711 WFD: help file missing for the File Condition object
3713 Http: Add Normal Http Proxy
3715 AMTA: On Error Property
3719 Copy/Paste error from one Workflow to the other
3731 WFD: renaming sub workflow cause null reference
3732 DEPLOY: 'Access denied, most likely because the username and/or password is incorrect.' deploying from 2003R2 x86 to 7 x64 professional
3736 BPAS_EXEC: Workflow Item time out: not working properly for Agent group.
3744 BPA 9 Installation: Selecting only “Agent” also creates a TB start menu shortcut. “HRCHEK” and “User-defined breakpoint” errors are displayed.
3745 AMTA Crash9.0.1.11: on all the OS AMTA crashes when we resume the Vm.
3747 BPAS_MAN: - DataManager issue
3751 BPAS_EXEC: Workflow Time out: Report: Execution Events: Result Column is not showing Success or Failure
3753 AMTA: Exception error while creating a task when service stops.
3772 UNINSTALL/INSTALL: side by side install/uninstall of same major version products results in the other product's service being shutdown
3774 WINDOW TRIGGER: window triggering is nonexistent for a vb msgbox
3776 French OS: AMTB.exe process continues to run after TB has been closed. This prevents the “AMTA” from closing.
3781 French OS: AMTA “Add Task Wizard” Unable to open TB when “Create steps” button is pressed.
3782 HELP FILE: no help file association for all conditions listed in wfd
3785 CONNECT TERMINAL: not allowing variables as passwords
3789 LOOP FILE CONTENTS: Unix style new line delimiter (e.g. \n or 0x0A) is not respected in the Loop File Contents action
3793 WEB BROWSER: 'an unexpected error has occurred' error message when opening ftp site in IE 
3794 AGENT DEPLOY: the agent deployment process needs to take into account the default agent port specified in the smc
3795 WEB BROWSER: Web Browser action will not open ftp:// URL
3801 INSTALL: Native French OS:  AM9 and BPA9 Install: XP Hot fix KB943232-v2 generates a setup error.
3808 Compress:Too long error message when the file is not found
3809 Compression:Error message while compress GZip, Tar+GZip
3812 Action: Sync folder creates dir with extension of Include mask
3819 Action: SNMP errors in TA/TB when you input an invalid IP address
3820 HTTP post is missing the logger field
3825 Wait:Wait for process- "find by name" field missing folder link to select process name.
3831 AMTS: AMTA Task Properties the option "Increment Filename" is automatically checked when creating a log file "On Task Error" even when unselected 
3832 SEND KEYSTROKES: special keys such as parentheses within a variable are not being sent
3833 AMTS: On Error Send Email not displaying French characters properly
3834 BPA8 SMC - If User does not have permission SMC crashes rather then displays error message
3835 RUN: "The system cannot find file specified." when trying to open URL or .lnk files  
3837 WEB BROWSER: 'browser window not found' error message when using a wildcard in the window title field
3842 AMTA: performance trigger always reverts to milliseconds when opening the trigger again
3843 FILE SYSTEM COPY: dataset.message and dataset.result are not populating correctly when action fails
3853 SMC: asmc.exe process description in task manager shows 'automate bpa 8 server management console'
3855 WFD: Schedule Trigger: Adding and exlusion for last day of the month results in a crash
3857 Manifesting is not correct or missing on AMTA and possibly SMC (theme is not Aero)
3858 If there is no network access the update check fails with a popup on startup
3863 AMTB: While opening the TB it is showing error message" Start up -Design time initialization" error message on output pane
3864 AMTB: Action list shows duplicate actions.
3865 TB: Click on Categories empties the list on available actions pane 
3868 SMC: “Previous versions” feature does not work.
3870 AMTA connection: Exception error when cut/copy and paste when service stops.
3878 Actions: Compression action's ZIP creates corrupted archives when files to be zipped exceeds a certain size
3881 Triggers: File trigger, "File Count" does not fire the trigger when trigger on startup is true.
3901 Dialog action AM 8 , AM Save file and browse for folder window hidden when it runs in sequence.
3907 UNINSTALL: "Support Info", "Repair" option results in "Fatal error during installation" when accessed from add/remove window.
3909 Excel: and Not converting file name extension to.xlsx if its 8 task.
3913 Web SMC: Exclusions are showing twice on our local SMC when we update it from Web SMC
3914 Web SMC: Holidays-Cannot add a holiday.
3926 Action: Browse for Folder Dialog hangs indefinitely
3933 AMTB Function: Function parameters deletes when we custom and add a new one.
3934 Start Task action: On Encrypted subtask if we dont give password on start task action it gives error while running.
3948 WFD:  Tasks agents window freeze when trying to select an agent on imported task.
3949 BPA_TS: "A problem occurred while initializing the AutoMate 9 Task Interpreter" error message
3950 AMTA: Deploying an encrypted task not showing password window it directly shows empty/no steps on TB.
3951 Action Wait for process: Step description is cut off in Visual view.
3952 Wait for process: by process id gives error " Step is missing required parameter"
3963 WEB SERVICE: Web Service call fails when connecting to Web Service using mexHTTPsbinding but works fine when service uses mexHTTPbinding (GS33595)
3968 Import help file: No link to help file on import.
3970 AMTB: Breakpoints are ignored in a subtask (managed)
3972 AMTS: Password protect requires the sub-options to be unchecked as well as the global password protect option
3975 FILE SYSTEM - CONCATENATE: File System failed (Error : Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.) 
3977 AMTA: Holidays:Exception error when trying to add holiday when Categories list not updates.
3979 AMTB: AMTB crashes when stopping an unresponsive task that has a common dialog window opened/active and running the task a second time.
3980 AMTA: On Task Error: extra space and underscore on error message.
3991   Event monitor could not be connected error message while running a task from AMTA.
3993 Action: On Error Sequence gets incorrect SetCurrentLineNumber() value
3997 GET SELECTED LIST ITEM: AM is unable to retrieve the first selected item
3998 SELECT LIST ITEM: activity does not select the item from the list
3999 AMTA: suggestion:Repetitive text on Edit Triggers window.
4001 BPA:WFD:Exception error when trying to rename task, events, conditions when another user logged in. 
4002 Multimedia: “Play audio”, “Play” button functionality issue.
4006 Web Encodings: "Per-activity" help icon (Question mark) is missing from activities.
4016 BPA TB: Pressing "F1" or selecting "Contents F1" from the help menu does not open the help file.
4017 Actions: AD Get Group Members action fails when the Group contains users that belong to another domain
4019 EXCHANGE/GET EMAIL/SEND EMAIL: impersonations are not allowed 
4020 “Compress” action:  Selecting more than 2 files will cause a pipe symbol to be added between file names. This will cause step to fail.
4021 Actions: File System copy action copies files even if they already exist in the destination
4022 BPA9 Installation "Agent" only: "Error 2753 The File asmc.exe is not marked for installation" error occurs if "Launch AutoMate BPA Server" box is chec
4023 BPA:SMC: On "Connect To" drop down it shows several "localhost" options when only development tools installed.
4029 ON ERROR: retry step count reflects changes in AML view but not in the action directly when specified as a variable
4037 Splash screen for BASIC Script IDE shows Automate instead of GlobalSCAPE (GS26503)
4038 Branding:Running AWE from the command line results in 'Automate' splash screen (GS21138)
4039 Action properties on "More info" on AWE tasks have inconsistent behavior. (GS26501)
4041 Task Builder, File > Recent documents opens to the wrong folder (GS26442)
4050 AWE: Task builder actions menu does not match actions list. (GS28208)
4053 Branding: Events logged as Automate 8 (GS28353)
4054 AMTS: With text logging disabled, the Audit text log is still written to
4066 BPA 9: Problem with automation of Firefox - opening tabs with "About:blank", won't close windows when running as background user. 
4067 FileSystem Trigger does not work with Samba Network Location
4068 ACTIONS: "Start Task" won't open a password protected .aml file with the provided password
4070 SEND KEYSTROKES: ALT key does not populate keystroke field when 'transpose special keystrokes' is selected
4074 HTTP Timeout in the "Advanced" drop down reverts back to default 100 seconds
4076 ACTIONS: Print action does not support wildcards in 9 as it did in 7
4077 VARIABLE ENGINE: action does not break out of a nested loop correctly when the goto label references a label in the parent loop
4079 ACTIONS: Wait for Window action in 9 does not see objects as it did in 7
4081 Task running stored procedure is not passing values with '%' correctly. (GS33933)
4090 WebService : Should handle system.byte array
4091 WFD: SystemArguement.OutofRange Exception when viewing permissions via repository properties in WFD
4093 BACKUP AUTOMATE: backup fails on all drives except the c: drive
4094 AMTA: Check for update does not respect the system proxy settings
4095 SQL QUERY: 'prompt user for a name and password' does not function
4096 AMTS: amta sql connections are being stored in the registry unencrypted
4098 VMWare : Guest & Host Action Create Session activity missing Session property.
4099 AMTA: Proxy setting property does not support Http & Default IE Proxy
4100 Audit Events:Data not showing when we select task name from the drop down.
4104 FTP:Previous connection values populates on New connection fields.
4105 SharePoint : Checkin should also work with existing file in Library.
4107 Basic Script function (ExifUserComment) that is not returning a value properly
4109 AMTB: "TfrmAMTB7::DisplayAction Abstract Error" error message when trying to add Call Function action (localization)
4110 AMTA: manually deleting just the filename from the .atl file will result in an endless loop of error messages generated in event viewer
4111 AMTB: rename region in aml view does not function
4114 LOGON CONDITION: WFs do not kick off after a reboot 
4115 “Regions”: Regions headers do not change according to Enabled/Disabled status. “Enable” double-click issue.
4116 Alt Release Key does not release key. Both "Alt" & "Alt Gr" must be checked to release "Alt".
4117 Regions: “Clear all Regions” option clears steps pane but not the “Regions” pane.
4118 Task Builder: “Reset Interface” option does not return windows to the initial configuration of tiling.
4120 WebService : Action should be able to Ignore the Dynamic Proxy warning 
4121 HTTP Get: Unable to use NTLM Authentication
4122 Help Menu: About displays a blank screen instead of the version number.
4151 CONNECT TERMINAL: tn error message "configuraton" misspelling when passhio.key is missing or expired
4175 Calender:Calender shows blank on first time on 2 AMTA connections.
4176 ACTIVE DIRECTORY (CREATE USER): full name is in the incorrect order for japanese localization
4178 COMPRESSION: "if older than" option does not filter based on chosen expression
4179 Help File: The word Start is being referenced for the start button in the Run action.  
4180 BPAS_MAN: "System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException (0x80040E37): Invalid object name 'BPA.dbo.workflowconstructs'." with OleDB connection to SQL Server 2012
4185 RUN: start menu selection references shortcut file (.lnk) instead of the application name and extension on Japanese localization install
4186 LOOP FILE CONTENTS: cannot identify each record in text files generated by Shift-JIS character (japanese localization)
4191  AMTB: title bar text changes white when maximized in windows 8 / windows 2012
4192 COMPRESSION: When compressing a file each time the step is ran, the zip file gets bigger and bigger even when the overwrite flag is on.
4194 UNDO IN AMTB: If you copy/paste steps, then click the Undo icon, steps in the task are deleted
4204 AMTB: Inspect Variable Window does not display all columns
4205 COMMENTS: In Task Builder, when comments containing greater than symbols (>) are copied, the actions following it get "commented" out upon reopening
4208 Schedule Trigger: When changing the day of "specific days of the month" get an error "You must specify at least one month"
4212 ON ERROR ACTIONS: Write to Automate Log Doesn't Log Anything
4215 WEB BROWSER: FireFox Extension Download button doesn't work
4219 Backup and Restore: Causes broken link on all Sample tasks.
4221 BPAS_MAN: Recent Workflow/Task Status are not reporting with second instance of SMC
4222 INPUT (MOVE MOUSE): Editing the "Input" action several times causes an Access Violation error
4224 AM Service: AutoMate service stops when we install BPA on previously installed AM machine.
4225 BPA AGENT: Installing AutoMate 9 on a system with BPA 9 installed causes the "BPA Server 9 Agent" service to stop.
4229 AMTB: auto indent occurs when "suggest indent" is unselected in preferences
4231 File system: "Include subfolders" on Copy files causes the step failed.
4234 AMTB: replace all functionality does not replace in some instances and instead deletes entire string from the position of the search term
4242 FORMAT DATE TIME: 15 minute adjustment is only adjusting time by 14:59
4243 INTERACTIVITY (Get Selected List Item): Puts all the list items into the variable
4244 AMTB: Print Not Word Wrapping Properly Within Margins and Are Then Cut Off
4247 CRM: Text in Organization name field fades when use scroll bar.
4250 File System: Concatenate File(s) does not support | in FileA and FileB textbox
4256 Recorder:Recorder bugs
4258 CRM:Blank required variable field still completes the step.
4263 AMTB:Undo-Redo causes "List Index out of bounds".
4264 CELLS TO DATASET: fail with "Could not get text contained in Excel cells" whenever any cell contains formula or reference errors.( example: #REF! )
4268 FTP (DOWNLOAD): "Only if Newer" Problem text is missing in the Error Causes tab of the FTP Download action
4282 FTP: Error Causes text for option "Only If newer" is incorrect (Error Code 27120)
4299 VARIABLE ENGINE: variable addition expressions from dataset values are concatenating instead of adding the values
4303 SQL QUERY ACTION: SQL INSERT, insert two lines statement will FAIL with foreign install 
4305 SHARED VARIABLE: "workflow failed because: (10062) overflow" error when evaluating a shared variable set above "32767"
4322 Get Email/Exchange - Timeout misspelled in AML 
4328 FTP (LOGON): sftp logon does not support public key with 2056 bit length.
4329 AMTA: Trigger Behavior : trigger after the condition has been met attributes does not store in correct format.
4330 AGENT INSTALL: Installing an agent via deploy or the agent.msi will add a check for "Allow service to interact with desktop"
4331 BREAK: After the first BREAK is evaluated in a task, the following "Loop Expression" does not get evaluated.
4332 ACTION (Send/Get Terminal Text): Due to a buffer limitation text sent to a terminal window cannot be read/obtained properly if exceeds buffer
4333 EXTENDED FUNCTION: GetWindowCaption() extended function is not providing the window caption
4334 LOGS (Database Logging): subtasks are not being logged to the external database
4335 AMTB: unable to drag a new action from the available actions pane to the bottom of a region
4346 RUN: "The system cannot find file specified." error message when running a file with an extension associated in windows
4355 AMTA (OPTIONS): header description should reference "AutoMate Task Service" instead of "server"
4356 AMTA (CONSTANTS): options>system settings>constants description is missing the word "use"
4357 AMTA (SNMP): options>system settings>snmp description references "condition" instead of "trigger"
4358 AMTA (EVENT MONITOR USER): options>system settings>event monitor user description has an extra space after "context"
4359 AMTA (TASK ISOLATION): options>default properties>task isolation description, text corrections, discrepancies and alignment
4364 INPUT(SEND KEYSTROKES): Sending keystroke that contains a variable that is empty results in "Step is missing required parameter "KEYSTROKES""
4369 INSTALLATION(BPA): When installing to a foreign SQL Instance, no tables are created.
4370 AMTB(FIND): On foreign OS, 'Find' window is corrupt, with overlapping fields/does not find the target but something after it
4371 AMTA/SMC (SQL CONNECTION): passwords are saved in plain text
4372 AMTA (DEFAULT USER): options>default properties> default user description correction and alignment issue
4384 AMTA (TASK DETAILS): details description should have task of task administrator capitalized
4385 AMTA (TASK LOGGING): description reference to "system options" should be "system settings"
4389 GET EMAIL: (POP3) Protocol should NOT have the Filter "Has been Read"
4406 BPA: Condition: Behavior: Evaluate condition immediately is not working.
4407 ACTION (Write To Log): If steps execute within the same second, they are not sorted correctly in the System Event Logs 
4414 AMTS (LOG MANAGEMENT): restarting the task service enables previously disabled log management options 
4415 AMTA: SPLASH SCREEN: Splash screen does not appear in icon view or detail view when you have 9 or more tasks
4429 CRYPTOGRAPHY (ENCRYPT): Cryptography Action won’t compress files when Encrypting 
4432 AMTB: Force closing an unresponsive task generates an AV and abnormal shutdown crash when task is executed a 2nd time.
4445 AMTB (TASK VARIABLE): creating an array as a task variable reverts to a variable when editing the same array
4446 ACTION(On Error 'Retry The Step/Pause'): Expression Builder Values are Overwritten in 'Retry the Step/Pause' Fields
4447 SMC: Importing tasks from AM6 will add __ to the task name
4454 BPAS_MAN/SMC: BPA Server DB orphan(?) constructs
4458 AMTB: When Pasting Steps Into Task Builder The Cursor Get Positioned Incorrectly
4459 INTERACTIVITY: MOVE MOUSE to OBJECT: Move mouse to object doesn't automatically scroll down a web page to select an object
4464 ACTION (Trigger Task): Trigger Task Action Should Error if "Managed Task To Trigger" Doesn't Exist
4465 AMTB (TASK VARIABLE): selecting array as the variable type does not expand the interface for dimension selection on localized machines
4470 No status indication when loading data for Workflow Trigger report
4472 System.TimeoutException
4473 WFD(After Import of Workflow): After Importing a Workflow and Selecting "Create as new and Rename" Upon opening imported in WFD the Original ID Shows
4477 KEY EVENT: Hotkey combinations CTRL+NUM 1 or CTRL+DELETE do not trigger
4480 TASK SECURITY(Password Prompt): Prompted to Enter Password for More Tasks Than Actually Selected
4482 UNINSTALL: Web Browser Action Removed in v9 after Uninstalling v10
4516 SEND KEYSTROKES (Break Key): Break Key Is Not Sent
4517 AMTA/SMC: "Please close all instances of Task Builder opened before trying to close Task Administrator." message with no amtb process
4544 NETWORK (WEB BROWSER): Cannot Use Variables in "Locate By Attribute" Option Within the Locate HTML Elements
4547 AMTS: importing an unmanaged task into amta will enable 'run with highest privileges' be default regardless of the default preference setting in amta
4551 IMPORT: importing an am4 task into am8 or higher after using the am4 to am6 migration utility may result in some steps displaying as n/a
4585 WFD: save button at the top of the wfd is always active
4591 AMTA: SECURITY: Adding a password does not allow you to rename a duplicated task. 
4593 WAIT FOR WINDOW: Second wait for window action is ignored when there are multiple wait for window actions
4636 FTP (Advanced): when MLSD fails should it use LIST by default
4637 Cryptography: Actions are limited to encryption/decryption of files, not variables or variable values.
4664 RUN: "AMTB.exe - System Error. The program can't start because TabBtn.dll is missing..."
4686 AMTS / BPA_TS: creating SoftwareSASGeneration=0 in the registry if registry key is not already present and affecting other applications
4687 AMTS / BPA_TS: creating SoftwareSASGeneration=0 in the registry for windows xp and windows 2003 is unnecessary
4721 SMC: SECURITY: Scrolling UP in the Security window after denying the Change Security option will change all options to DENY
4735 AMTA: a gap is created when you have lots of info in the NOTES column in Detail view. 
4745 GET EMAIL (EWS): "GET MESSAGE" Expected result for %dataset.BodyHtml% does not populate
4746 GET EMAIL (IMAP): "GET MESSAGE" Expected result for %dataset.Body% and %dataset.BodyHtml% does not populate
4752 INPUT: SEND KEYSTROKES: ":" (colon), is switching to ";" (semicolon) when sending keystrokes to an RDP window
4796 AMTB: error message "You cannot insert a TdxCustomDockControl into TdxDockPanel (TdxDockPanel is being inserted)."
4901 SharePoint (Add list item) : Not able to add a list item to sub folder created in List
4907 DIALOG (SELECTION): keyboard shortcuts listed options no longer functional
4909 WFD: Disabling and Enabling Multiple Tasks in the WFD at the same time
4910 WFD (PROCESS OBJECT): process object with data, returns as unbuilt in wfd
4911 Cryptography (Decrypt) : Cryptography failed (Error : Unexpected end of data)
4922 XML (VALIDATE): "An unexpected error has occurred." when validating an invalid file
4925 AMTB (BREAKPOINTS): breakpoint functionality inconsistent before and after saving task
4953 BPAS_EXEC / BPAS_MAN: error message misspelling in event log
4955 BPAS_MAN / BPAS_EXEC: "AutoMate BPA Server 9 failed to start because of an unknown error while starting the main processing thread."
4957 BPAS_EXEC / BPAS_MAN: "Failed to stop service. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
4959 SMC: workflow description should say "...throughout AutoMate BPA Server." instead of "...throughout AutoMate."
4960 INPUT (MOVE MOUSE): amtb "System.NullReferenceException" when opening and closing step multiple times
4961 TYPE (IMPORT) / TYPE (DERIVED): action causes amtb to crash when using an invalid URI
4976 WINDOW (MOVE): multi monitor behavior differs from v8, v8 stayed within the primary monitor whereas v9 and v10 do not
4987 MSMQ: HELP FILE: Wait for Message missing documentation
5009 AMENGINE: referencing task functions within a task results in amengine.dll error messages
5010 FILE SYSTEM (JOIN FILE): activity only supports joining files with .0, .1, .2, etc. extensions, needs to support .01, .001, etc. extensions as well
5017 AMTB: amattachments should not allow blank spaces in the name field
5037 SCHEDULE TRIGGER: holiday interval does not provide next launch date/time to configure the time portion of the scheduled trigger
5081 Email(get messages) : Not storing outlook item attachment to file.
5091 AMTS: amts crash when exporting or deleting tasks from amta on windows 8.1
5100 CONSTANTS: You are NOT able to add more than 247 characters in the value
5140 SNMP: octet string values are not displaying properly in the dataset
5141 SYNCHRONIZE FOLDER (Unidirectional "Exact Copy"): Files that do not have an extension do not get copied over
5219 XML (TRANSFORM): Japanese characters are converted to question marks "???".
5224 Xml(Validate): Schema Validation not throwing error properly.
5233 DATABASE LOGGING: extended step information is not being logged into the database
5234 AMTA (LOG MANAGEMENT): trim log option has a maximum setting of 10000kb, it should not have a maximum threshold
5267 FTP (FTP LOGON): "Decryption error - decrypted text contains an invalid expression. " error message when % symbol is used in the password field
5268 FTP (FTP LOGON): "An unexpected error has occurred." error message if log file location is invalid
5272 DATABASE LOGGING: AutoMate fails to properly connect to and provide logging for Oracle databases
5313 KEY EVENT TRIGGER (HOTKEY): Hotkeys do not trigger after opening and closing the AutoMate "Running Tasks" window.
5314 HELP FILE: Documentation on Variable Agents is missing
5322 HELP FILE: GET EMAIL: Documentation on the option "IMPERSONATE" is missing
5327 ON ERROR TASK PROPERTIES: The value of 'Attach task file' is always true
5362 PROCESS AGENT: " cannot access >: No such file or directory" error message when running an output command to a .txt file on linux machines
5364 HTTP "GET": "Error: Input string was not in a correct format"
5372 AMAZON (ATTACH VOLUME): Visual view step description says "Attch amazon EBS volume" instead of "Attach amazon..."
5380 HTTP GET: HTTP Failed (Error: Connection lost (error code is 100354))
5392 FILE SYSTEM (SYNC): Folder sync with multiple inclusion masks error.
5393 SMC: WORKFLOW EXCLUSIONS: Highlighting and Removing two exclusions causes a System.NullReferenceException
5457 SEND IM (GOOGLE TALK): Authenticaton (X GOOGLE TOKEN) fail
5470 COMPRESS FILES: "only if older than" option is not being respected when configured
5637 IMPORT (TASK PROPERTIES): Importing an AutoMate into v10 does not carry over task properties settings.

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