AutoMate 9 : 9.0.4

Mar 2013

AutoMate 9.0.4 includes various action enhancements and addresses issues that were introduced in previous versions. This is a recommended update for all AutoMate users.

In This Update


4177    AMLOGON: Windows 8 and Windows 2012 logon functionality needs to be added
4209    TWITTER: Update Twitter to support the v1.1 twitter API
4226    EXCHANGE / GET EMAIL / SEND EMAIL: Add Support for Impersonation
4227    EXCHANGE / SHAREPOINT / DYNAMICS CRM: Add 2013 Support


3613    BPAS_EXEC: bpas_exec spikes to 100% cpu usage if it cannot connect to sql server after 2 minutes of previously being connected
3844    ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE: variable scope option should be "process" not "_process"
3922    TWITTER (GET DIRECT MESSAGE): Get Received/Sent Messages doesn't work
4055    WFD: edit properties from repository properties selection requires 2 attempts to close the window after making changes
4101    CRYPTOGRAPHY (ENCRYPT): Encrypt "OpenPGP Public" is not working with AutoMate Variable provided in Recipients.
4108    IF: if action does not recognize an empty variable after its value has been set to a blank dataset field
4119    WFD: "execution server connection is broken. no items will run" error message when executing workflow in WFD
4123    SMC: Event Monitor User Context AMEMAutoStartMode is not setting on Remote AGENT when using the GUI interface
4125    FTP: Novell ftp server needs // to point to different ftp server. That only works if you send the CWD command directly.
4153    SQL QUERY: oracle queries with comments do not execute
4161    BREAK: Break Action within an IF Statement stored in a Loop Dataset loops indefinitely
4168    EXCEL (ACTIVATE WORKSHEET): does not provide an error message for nonexistent worksheets
4170    EVENT LOG TRIGGER: custom settings are reverted to default when entering trigger settings again
4171    AMTB (LOCALIZATION): 'MakeDataset - AutoMate 9' abstract error message when right clicking on a dataset in the variable pane
4172    AMTB (LOCALIZATION): 'TfrmAMTB7::DisplayAction' abstract error message when adding call function action
4173    FTP: "FTP failed (Error: Server certificate was rejected by the verifier because of an unknown certificate authority.)" error message
4174    ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE (GET): 'Variable scope "[localized user, process, machine]" is not valid' error message
4181    REPLACE TEXT: maximum replacements option is ignored in AM7, AM8, AM9 when regex is selected
4182    AMTA: Exception error on Holidays
4183    WFD: unable to see the bottom 4 selections in the agent dropdown selection (default, previous, triggered, variable) in windows 8 / windows 2012
4184    SET VARIABLE: “Disguise initial value” option is displayed as “ disgused value” on visual view.
4187    BPAS_EXEC: secondary server does not refresh schedule trigger updates from primary server in failover scenario
4188    AMTS: running 3 simultaneous connect terminal actions will cause the task service to no longer execute subsequent tasks, tasks in a hung state
4189    WFD: Arrow style: switching between “Elbow” and “Straight” arrow types generates an “Argument out of range exception”.
4190    WEB SMC: the time being displayed is UTC and not our local time, regardless of browser in Workflow/Repository
4206    CRYPTOGRAPHY (ENCRYPT, DECRYPT, SIGN): passphrase and public key encryption occurring with openpgp public key selection
4207    AMLOGON: Windows 7 Fails to logon due to "Enter" not being sent after password.
4213    GET EMAIL (GET SINGLE MESSAGE): creating a step using "message sequence number" reverts back to "message id" when the step is opened again
4214    AMTA: communication sent between amta and amts is sent as plain text
4216    TERMINAL (CONNECT TERMINAL): "Authentication failed.  Check username and password." error message when referencing a variable in the password field
4217    TERMINAL (CONNECT TERMINAL): "Authenication failed. Check username and password." should be "Authentication failed. Check username and password."
4218    FTP (DOWNLOAD): Not able to download a file with Ö character.
4220    HTTP: selecting the expression builder from the request headers/request cookies grid in the advanced section generates errors
4223    DATA STORE MIGRATION UTILITY: Passwords are encrypted differently so users cannot login
4228    AMTB: "list index out of bounds (-1)" error message when pasting an IF, END IF statement within an already existing IF, END IF statement
4230    VMWARE: error causes tab is missing errors that result in "an unexpected error has occurred" error message
4232    LICENSING: add license key display in the Help | About section
4235    TWITTER (UPDATE STATUS): “Twitter failed ( Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)”
4236    TWITTER (GET DIRECT MESSAGE): Sent & Received options generate an “Expression evaluation failed” error account has no direct messages.
4237    INSTALL (AM9): “Readme” page contains the title “Runtime Configurations – Configure the runtime for remote access”.
4245    BPAS_EXEC: mysql datastore on linux machines are case sensitive causing datastore access instability
4246    SEND EMAIL / GET EMAIL: Discover takes a long time to give server information.
4249    EXCHANGE (GET OBJECT): Email Webdav does not work with Public Folder Url
4253    DYNAMICS CRM: Error messages when username and password is wrong.
4257    SHAREPOINT (CREATE GROUP): 2013 "Create Group" activity fails with "Error: msoidcliL.dll" error.
4260    DYNAMICS CRM: 2013 Session based wont work if there is more then 1 session based step in a task.
4261    DYNAMICS CRM (ENABLE/DISABLE AUDIT): 2013 "Auditing for organization" enabled gives "CRM failed: Invalid request " error.


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