3370    AMTB: When pressing Ctrl+F in TB the cursor does not default to the find field each time it opened
3403    AMTB: Variable: "Initial Value" and "Description" field values disappear after running a task.
3447    AMTB: "ctrl+up arrow" is not working correctly
3448    BPA_TS: 'show running tasks' from the agent disables triggering if left open when logging off the workstation
3469    Task with three nested Select Cases fails on third case due to variable losing assignment (GS31813)
3470    Task that calls another task is not returning expected values for predefined variables, worked in 6.2. (GS31720)
3478    AWE errors when trying to use SSL certs for authentication. (GS30915)
3482    AMTB: after executing a task using 'run selected', only variables used during the selected process can be selected in expression builder or menus
3499    SMC: Calendar: Screen freezes after clicking on Calendar.
3503    AMTA: database logging does not seem to save or create tables in the database
3547    SHARED DATASETS: WF failed because: "Not an object reference (Step 1)" with Shared Datasets
3566    WFD: 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' when trying to add a user to task security options in WFD
3581    AMTB: creating variable with the initial value of 0, prevents the variable from listing in expression builder and variable pane
3616    SMC/AMTA: reports lose vertical scroll bar if columns expand beyond application window size
3624    BASIC SCRIPT: basic script should error out but runs "successfully"
3625    SMC/AMTA: reports results cannot be navigated using the arrow keys like in bpa8
3633    IMPORT: Updated Imported steps via tb causes step 1 to changes it to updated step.
3652    FILE SYSTEM: FILE SYNCHRONIZATION: amtb copy/paste from does not populate properly in
3682    AMTB: Unable to return a dataset from a function
3686    SHARED VARIABLES: shared variables not setting properly within a workflow
3706    Suggestion: SMC: GUI Issue: (Window Server 2008 R2)
3710    XML: failed (Error : XSLT compile error.)    (transforming XML to HTML)
3714    XML Transform: Error : XSLT compile error
3717    Providing the wrong Specified User and running the task breaks the AMTA's connection with AMTS.
3720    AMTB: When variable is Private debug variables panel does not show it while debugging.
3739    XML: EVALUATE XPATH EXPRESSION: "learn more about xpath" URL missing
3754    IMPORT: specific logon settings are not imported from bpa8 into bpa9
3758    EXCHANGE: “Error Causes” tab, “Problem text”: “Unauthorized access…” error text contains “domainname” instead of “domain name”.
3760    XML: custom XML sessions change to default on import from 801 to 901
3761    AZURE: Creating a container which has custom account information  gives " Resource "" already exists" error message
3763    AMTA: Exclude Holiday in the Schedule Trigger is blank
3765    AZURE: UI bugs
3766    SYNCHRONIZE FOLDER: unidirectional setting is functioning as bidirectional
3767    WRITE TO FILE: append is adding a blank line before the contents
3770    WINDOW TRIGGER: window handle setting is not saving when exiting out of trigger properties
3771    AZURE: "Resource "" already exists"  error on deleting blob after selecting "None" from Delete snapshot option if snapshot exists.
3773    Spanish/French OS: Adding/editing triggers causes a “System Service Model Fault Exception” error.
3779    Running a simple task with the move files action that fails results in '[Main](Step 1) Subtask failed at step 2 with error The step was okay
3784    Multiple triggers do not work on one Managed Task
3790    AMTA: adding a time range exclusion to a schedule trigger results in an error message referencing holidays
3791    HRCHECK error at subtask completion
3796    AMTA: "System settings", "Log Management" properties window has the wrong icon.
3797    TERMINAL: action does not wait for default prompt
3798    BASICScript function in parent task not available to child task
3799    Cryptography-Verify is not creating destination file
3802    BPA_TS/AMTS: running a workflow in the background causes the agent service to crash if the credentials are incorrect.
3803    Cryptography-Encrypt and Sign giving error but creating destination file.
3804    AMTS/BPA_TS: invalid SoftwareSASGeneration registry key causes numerous service issues
3805    AMTB: invalid SoftwareSASGeneration registry key causes AMTB to hang at the splash screen initializing
3806    SMC Event Monitor User Context: AMEMAutoStartMode is not setting when using the GUI interface
3811    BPAS_EXEC / BPAS_MAN: components will not connect to each other if the first NIC in the binding order is disconnected or unplugged
3813    WFD: WF created with a Shared Array never completes
3815    WFD BREAKPOINT: pressing F9 to set a breakpoint with no object/item selected generates an error
3818    SUGGESTION: Option to increase timeout to a RunTime
3821    Cryptography:Encrypt and Sign gives error "Cannot access a closed file"
3824    EXCLUSIONS: schedule condition exclusions are not working
3826    AMTA Task Details: When clicking on the Folder to browse - "You are trying to modify a value that is on a remote machine."
3827    GET EMAIL: EWS filter does not function for to: and cc: fields
3830    Global "On Task Error" (Run task on Error) does not save if the task selected is in a folder
3841    SMC: Clicking on “Calendar” causes the SMC to stop responding and display several “System Null Reference Exceptions” errors.
3847    AMTB: 'list index out of bounds (3)' error message when adding a loop to a task that already contains a loop without an end loop
3848    CLIPBOARD: 'an unexpected error has occurred' error message when running through RealVNC
3849    SMC: change security permission is not saving for agent security settings
3850    FILE SYSTEM: read from file action is unable to read a log file that is in use
3851    AMTA: Misspelling 'probem' in Automate Task Execution Error Window
3852    AMTA: errors (see attachments and description)
3856    File System: Read File is not able to read file with Null (0x00) character
3869    LOOP: loop action is not functional, it only passes through loop one time
3872    Action Framework: UpdateVariable should handle arrays and dataset
3877    DebugView shows Key and Window trigger properties
3879    AMTA: stopped working error message.
3882    READ FROM FILE: action ignores last character if it's a letter
3884    AMTB: opens behind AMTA once the evaluation dialog has been dismissed
3885    AMTB: Double-clicking a variable in the Debug Variables pane doesn't do anything
3886    AMTB: Variable description in debug variables window disappears once a task is executed
3887    AMTB: Copy/pasting a Create Variable step corrupts the Debug Variables window
3890    AMTB:, steps and variables pane variables sequence should match.
3892    AMTB: Access violation while stopping a task.
3894    AMTA: 'remote machine value modification warning' error message when trying to edit in 5 separate panels
3896    AWS: Imported aws tasks from v8 to v9 are not working when Default Session is used
3899    FTP Synchronize Folder: FTP folder sync in AWE deletes local folder when set to "make exact copy" (GS32932)
3902    AMTB: Running a task with a dataset the creates only one column multiple times can cause crash
3903    AMTB: Subtask variable values are not updated in the Debug Variables Window
3904    AMTB: Re-used datasets in a subtask do not appear in the Debug Variables window
3910    Sftp: Expose an ability to force AuthenticationType
3911    AMTA: 'Disable Windows Foreground Timeout' does not disable windows foreground timeout
3912    FTP: Append File option depends on Size command when it should not...
3915    FILE SYSTEM: File System Volume results in error
3917    OCR:Link to download GPL GhostScript library is not working.
3927    Sftp: Rename is not working with Overwrite If Exist is checked
3928    AMTB: “TfrmAMTB7::FormShow-Cannot focus a disabled or visible window” error when opening a TB containing undocked actions panes (My & Available).
3929    AMTB: “TfrmAMTB7::FormShow-Cannot focus a disabled or visible window” error when adding “Actions” panes to bottom “Output” area.
3930    AMTB: , Drag and Drop My Actions /Available Actions pane to default steps pane causes Access Violation
3931    AMTB: “Save Current Sheet: Cannot focus a disabled or visible window” error occurs when selecting “Save Untitled” from “My Actions” menu when at “Task
3932    AMTB: AMTB gives multiple error when moving output pane to actions pane and then actions to steps pane.
3935    AMTB: Copy/Cut/Paste slow in large tasks
3936    AMTB: Double-clicking region indicator always edits the currently selected step
3937    AMTB: Breakpoints are ignored in a subtask (unmanaged)
3938    AMTB: Inserting a step causing the steps pane to snap to the selected step
3939    AMTB: Using "Add Variable" from the Debug Variables window causes the current selection to go to the first step
3940    AMTB: Running a large task (>300 steps) with a lot of variables or comments (>30) runs slowly in debugger
3941    AMTB: Indenting not retained when saving a task
3942    AMTASKCM: Running a task with any plug-in actions fails
3943    AMTB: When a breakpoint and bookmark are on the same line, only the breakpoint is visible
3944    AMTB: Inspecting a variable seems to strip carraige returns
3945    AMTB: Inspector window initially appears in a seemingly random location
3946    AMTB: Expression Builder's Add Variable and Add Array don't add, they insert
3947    AMTB: Regions are expanded against the user's will when a task is run
3953    AMTA: “Welcome – Register online” slide in message, text does not auto resize on 1024 x 768 resolution.
3954    Action: Dataset: Running step twice which has dataset blanks out the variable debug pane.
3955    AMTB: Break Action not working correctly
3956    AMTB: Rearrange TB closes the window which is in place of Steps pane window.
3957    EXCHANGE: Portuguese translations need updating
3958    SMC: If "Task Cache File Path" is left blank in Default Prop -> Miscellaneous, BPA returns the error "An Agent port must be specified."
3959    BREAK LOOP: Portuguese translations need updating
3960    AMTB: Copying and pasting multiple steps inserts them into the wrong position
3962    AMTB: Print Preview: Access Violation when attempting to load a file which is manually rename to .rps.
3964    Task created from a restored backup exports with blank steps
3965    Copying and pasting a task that was created through a restored backup keeps the task files linked
3966    AMTA: No visual notification in Output window when a task has started
3967    AMTA: Pressing Ctrl+C to copy one task causes the list view to lose focus
3969    AMTA: Exception error while adding trigger on Add Task Wizard if service stops.
3971    Region: List index-CollapseRegion error at the end of the task which has region at the end.
3976    Localized versions of AM9 & BPA9: TB fails to open with error “dxLayoutDockSite3 n’pas ‘ete’ recense comme class COM”.
3978    AMTB: Stopping an unresponsive task containing any common dialog activity will results in an “TfrmAMTB7::HandleOnTaskEnd-Invalid pointer operation”, o
3981    AMTA: Disconnection of service on xp 64 86, Win 7 64  and exception error.
3982    SMC/AMTA REPORT: the bar at the top that has the "Print/Export" and "Columns" buttons should be stationary
3984    SMC/AMTA REPORT: After setting a column filter, clicking either of the two Refresh buttons cancels the column filter.
3986    SMC/AMTA REPORT: edit and delete filter buttons are obscured when the report grid is wider than the panel
3988    SMC/AMTA REPORT: columns are truncated in printable versions
3989    SMC/AMTA REPORT: print preview window becomes hidden when another application is focused
3990    Action: Backup Automate Action will fail if attempting to backup to network share
3995    AMTA: Misspelling 'currect' in Automate Task Execution Error Window
3996    Stress test on Hyper-V XPx86: task stops and gives error message "out of memory" after 2 days.
4000    AMTB: “Variables” output pane, space is needed between variable description sentences.
4003    BPA_EXEC: evaluation object causes workflow to fail when handling a "false" evaluation
4004    FILE SYSTEM: Write to File is not able to write file with Null (0x00) character
4005    SMC: Reports: .NET exception error while restoring default on reports.
4007    File system: “Rename” activity does not overwrite to same file name when using all caps.
4008    All mentions of "Serial Code" need to be replaced with "License Key" in installers
4009    Font used in installers for EULA and ReadMe needs to be standardized
4010    AMTA: An exception error occurs on double clicking on "Close" option on welcome screen .
4011    AMTS: Memory leak in AMTS when AMTA is open and tasks are running
4012    AMTA: Output messages stop appearing after 1000 messages
4013    AMTA/SMC: .NET 4.5 causes an error message when opening the logs or reports
4051    AWE: Context sensitive help not working on initial use. (GS27433)
4052    AWE: Help file will not open if a comment line is selected when help icon is clicked. (GS27434)
4056    AWE: "Overwrite existing log file" checkbox misspelled. (GS26566)
4057    AWE: Typo in AWE Task Builder UI for Execute Web Service. (GS27457)
4060    Not able to unzip multiple files concurrently using AWE. (GS28574)
4063    MSMQ: remote queue operations do not auto-populate queue name dropdown. (GS28710)