1357 - AMTB: “Check” action is not working
1725 - AutoMate8TaskFile.atl overwritten with null entries
2056 - If Window Exists would return "true" even if the object didn't actually exist in the window
2267 - AMTA IMPORT: Tasks with non-ASCII quotations imported into AMTA results in no steps or weird characters
2303 - AMEMAUTOSTARTMODE: Specifying a user and changing the value to 2 prevents unlock/logon of workstation
2319 - AMTASK: amtask.exe and bpatask.exe crash at the end of any task completion with pgp desktop installed
2328 - Unlock Workstation does not work in Windows XP
2338 - AMTA: 'problem reading folder/task data:'
2468 - (GS28902) On Error Set Variable handles embedded semi-colons incorrectly
2469 - (GS28973) Stop Task and Terminal Actions do not retain On Error handling parameters
2479 - Send Email On Error when configured on an SSL port results in task never completing
2484 - SharePoint 2007 fails to get ListItems when basic authentication is used
2504 - SMC: crash when opening the calendar with a lot of schedule triggers
2505 - Datastore Migration Utility enhancement: Provide options to select which tables to migrate
2506 - Datastore Migration Utility: v7 data with high ASCII fails to migrate
2507 - IMPORT: System.InvalidOperationException: There is an error in XML document (2, 2) when importing bpa7 ampkg files into bpa8
2509 - Terminal action generates a .Net Runtime 4.0 error during “Disconnect terminal” step.
2512 - Using a SQL Select statement on a SQL Server database that returned a column type of numeric would result in "Out of Memory" errors when the dataset was accessed
2525 - Tasks are not completing and causing subsequent tasks to queue indefinitely
2527 - (GS29331) Intermittent crash with a multi-level subtask scheme
2528 - Variable names were being rejected if they used ANSI characters
2800 - AMTS: priorities settings in system>options are not being adhered
2822 - BPA 8 ( and AutoMate 8 ( are not able to recognize text from the “Wait for terminal” action.
3243 - Service appears to be unresponsive or 'disconnected' after an intermittent timeframe
3253 - (GS31667) Regular expression appears to only apply to every other character rather than every character