Event Monitor
  • selecting "End Task" in "Show running tasks" dialog was not removing the task from the list.

Task Builder
  • double-clicking an empty custom folder under Available Actions of the Task Builder generated an error.
  • AMTB generated an incorrect message in the Output when a task was run a second time. The Output message appeared as "Step x: Task Started" instead of "Step 0: Task Started"
  • AMTB hung after fixing a Runtime error and running the task again.
  • AMTB: Help -> Product Information page pointed to the wrong URL accordingly.
  • AMTB would crash when Select action was used.
  • removing all Breakpoints from the Breakpoints tab did not update the Task Builder's Steps pane.
  • the undo/redo function could generate an Access Violation.
  • undocking / re-docking or pinning / unpinning tabbed windows could generate an Access Violation.
  • canceling an edit to a comment caused the corresponding entry under the comments tab to become blank.
  • deleting multiple comments from the comments tab only deleted one comment.
  • editing Comment steps in AML view did not update the corresponding Comments tab entry.

Choice Action
  • an exception error occurred when the action populated a list derived from an existing AutoMate dataset that included non-delimiter comma (,) characters.

Concatenate Files Action
  • corrected inaccurate help documentation.

Create Active Directory Action
  • corrected typo and revised the Help for this action.

Decompress Action
  • output message was being reversed during execution.
For example:
(Step 1) Extracting file "C:\test3\leonard.txt" to "C:\test\leonard.zip"...
Should say:
(Step 1) Extracting file "C:\test3\leonard.txt" from "C:\test\leonard.zip"...

Execute Web Service Action
  • corrected inaccurate help documentation.

FTP Logon Action
  • a variable specified as a password in the FTP Logon action generated an exception error when the task was executed as a subtask, but the task succeeded when executed directly.

FTP Actions
  • now supports case sensitivity with the addition of new Match Case parameter.
  • FTP Remove Folder action did not throw an error when removing a folder that did not exist.
  • running FTP Steps could cause a memory leak.
  • SFTP Create folder action did not handle trailing "\" characters properly.
  • FTP Long List command did not presume ALL files when no parameters were specified.
  • FTP Download threw an improper error message when the target drive did not exist

HTTP Post /Put Action
HTTP Download Action

  • HTTP proxy did not work if default proxy was overridden at the HTTP Post / HTTP Download action properties level due to wrong password encryption key.
  • HTTP Post action would throw an incorrect error message.
  • generated an incorrect hostname length error message when invalid characters were contained in the hostname.

Find Text Action
Replace Text Action

  • the carat (^) character used as an anchor in Find Text or Replace Text was not anchoring to beginning of lines.

Get E-mail Action
  • now stores embedded attachments.
  • no longer fails if an e-mail has two or more EML attachments.
  • allows retrieval of e-mail with missing header data.

XML Node to Dataset action
  • did not create a proper dataset when there were carriage returns included in the data.

Validate XML File Action
  • corrected descriptive text.

Lock Workstation Action
  • would lock the workstation but step would still fail (Windows 2003 only).

Object to Dataset Action
  • typo fixed.

Ping Machine Action
  • typo - misspelling 'Populate variable with relay time (in milliseconds).'

Send IM Action
  • insert Expression/Variable button (%) was cut off in the action's properties.

Split Files Action
  • did not create the target folder automatically as other file system actions did.

Start Timer Action
Read Timer Action

  • corrected typos.

Twitter Action
  • now supports oAuth authentication (.Net 3.5 required)
  • added search activity

  • runtime installation was not setting Remote Administration or Password in the Registry and was not installing some necessary files.
  • authentication to Runtime license would fail.
  • .NET actions did not properly register on Runtime.
  • runtime upgrade serial keys installed the full product.

Variable Engine
  • environment variables were not being treated as AutoMate variables.

AMBPA32 UAC Prompt
  • execution of ambpa32.exe manually in Windows Vista resulted in a UAC prompt that referenced Automate 6.