Send E-mail On Error Functionality
- would not send the failure e-mail if an SMTP server that requires authentication was used and the required SMTP password was changed in AMTA

FTP Actions
- SFTP file transfers set to ASCII mode are transferring in Binary Mode

FTP Delete Action
- corrected false 'File not found' error message when deleting more than ten files in an SFTP session on GlobalSCAPE servers

FTP Download Action
- FTP Download now uses same wildcard algorithm as the File actions

SQL Query Action
- SQL queries on Oracle using both carriage returns and semi-colons would fail in some situations

HTTP Post Action
HTTP Download Action
- was using wrong default timeout

Send E-mail Action
- using a variable with a carriage return in it as the subject of a Send Email action would cause a runtime error
- the original attachment filename is now part of the email dataset

Get AD Object Property Action
- would return the string "System._ComObject" for the LastLogon property

Read From File Action
- Read from File action would replace some parameters with defaults on edit

Replace Action
- if "" was used as the replacement text, it would be converted to blank on edit

Get File Information Action
- corrected typo

Connect Terminal Action
- would hang when using 3270 or 5250 emulations

Task Service
- importing an AutoMate 6 Managed Task with a schedule trigger with exclusions was not correctly converting excluded times
- importing an AutoMate 6 Managed Task would incorrectly change the When workstation Locked option
- unlocking a locked workstation in Server 2003 now works correctly

Task Builder
- using File | Send To | Mail Recipient would sometimes cause an access violation

- VAPIHelper.dll was not being installed