AutoMate 6 :

Oct 2008

This release enhanced stability for Windows Server 2008 and addresses several known issues in the previous release.

In This Update


Task Builder
  - right- and left-arrow keys now work in Available Actions


Format Date/Time Action
  - adding Format Date Time action would intermittently cause an AV after clicking OK in the Task Builder

Choice Action
  - window size of GUI was not wide enough, causing the Cancel button to be cut off in Windows Vista

Label Action
  - disabled Label steps were still treated as enabled at runtime

Find Text Action
  - Case sensitive option was not saved, and would always revert to unset

Replace Text Action
  - when the text to find is """ (3 double quotes), re-opening the action changes it to " (1 double quote)

Send Keystrokes Action
  - keystrokes would change & to & if "Encrypt Keystrokes" option was used

Common Dialog Action
Choice Action
Message Box Action
  - would hang in a task that was run from an task (AML) file within Explorer (by right-clicking the task and choosing "Run")
  - The "Bring message to front of all other windows" checkbox would not always correctly influence the window state

SQL Query Action
  - fields of type BigInt would return an incorrect value

Task Administrator
  - Trim Event Log option would not properly retain the duration scalar (e.g. days would always revert back to months)
  - EAccessViolation would occur when clicking on Constants Tab in System > Options (Windows Server 2008 only)
  - re-importing tasks with triggers causes duplicate TriggerID values, resulting in incorrectly trigger behavior of affected tasks
  - theme under Vista is was not correct
  - clicking on Log Button caused 100% CPU (Windows Server 2008)
  - Clicking on View > Columns would result in EAccessViolation error message (Windows Server 2008)
  - "Run Alone" option would changed to "Limit Number of Simultaneous Tasks" after clicking OK on the task's Properties page
  - creating a new task, then immediately modifying it's properties before first adding task steps, would cause "Task File associated with this task cannot be found" error next time the Task Builder was invoked
  - corrected several typos in sample tasks
  - attempting to add a new Schedule Watcher trigger would cause an Access Violation after clicking OK (Windows Server 2008)
  - attempting to add a new Window Watcher trigger would cause an Access Violation after clicking OK (Windows Server 2008)
  - attempting to access the Exclude tab of a Schedule watcher trigger on 64 bit Vista would  cause an Access Violation

Event Monitor
  - green AutoMate tray icon incorrectly turns blue if the "Running Tasks Window" is opened and closed


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