AutoMate 6 :

May 2008

This release of AutoMate 6 includes enhancements to the Window and Interactivity actions to greatly improve their speed, especially when working with Internet Explorer windows. Stability enhancements have also been incorporated into all areas of the product, together with bug fixes to the Task Builder, several actions and the File Trigger.

In This Update


Window Watcher Trigger
Wait For Window
If Window Exists
  - greatly improved execution speed of steps that utilize Windows Dissection Technology, especially if looking or waiting for controls in IE

Interactivity Actions
  - now allows wildcard usage for pixel coordinates

Send E-Mail Action
  - Send E-Mail action now generates a valid Message-ID header value on outgoing messages

Event Log Watcher
  - added "EventComputer" property to the Event Log's Trigger properties


Task Builder
  - Auto Indentation and Tools | Apply Auto Indentation now handles disabled IF and Loop steps correctly
  - Display action no longer causes an access violation when loading a task (Vista specific)

Task Administrator
  - adding a new folder would not automatically put the folder into rename mode
  - removing more than one folder from the Task view would not correctly update the tree view

Connect Terminal Action
  - "Pure Virtual Function Called" error or EAccessViolation on steps that use a failed session created using Connect Terminal
  - TN5250 Terminal Emulation would cause an EAccessViolation

Check Action
  - now works on all versions of localized versions of Windows, not just English and French

Close Excel Workbook Action
  - Excel process now properly closes even if a Cells To Dataset Action is used prior to a Close Excel Workbook step

Disconnect Terminal Action
  - Session ID was always TermSess1 in Visual View

Task Service
  - On Vista, a task set to not run when workstation is locked would still run

Ping Action
  - on some machines the step would hang if an invalid hostname was used or the network was not available

Replace Text Action
  - no longer misses occurrences of subtext if the text to find is nearly identical to the text being searched

File Watcher
  - corrected issue that occurred with files created by Excel now always being seen, causing the trigger not to fire


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