AutoMate 6 :

Jan 2008

This maintenance build fixes a problem where a dataset could not be reused, which caused problems in certain situations such as looping a SQL Query. We have also continued to improve Vista compatibility with fixes to the Lock Workstation and Registry actions. The Task Administrator and Task Builder visual interfaces have also been corrected to properly use Windows Themes as it was previous revisions.

In This Update


Task Administrator
- added support for legacy Cut/Copy/Paste shortcuts (Ctrl+Ins, Shift+Ins, Shift+Del)

Task Builder
- added support for legacy Cut/Copy/Paste shortcuts (Ctrl+Ins, Shift+Ins, Shift+Del)

Find Action
Replace Action
- incorporates new .NET 2.0 compatible Regular Expression engine

AML Files
- added "Run" option to the AML File Association (available by right-click on an AML file)


Task Administator
- incorrect theme was used on Windows XP

Dataset Actions
- attempting to use the same dataset name more than once caused a "Variable already exists" error

Lock Workstation Action
- now works correctly on Windows Vista

Message Box Action
- caused Abnormal Program Termination or EAccessViolation when an invalid or non-existent task file is used on button click
- when using the “automatically close dialog box after x seconds”, the countdown time was not always accurate

Move Mouse Action
- now works correctly when "Relative To Screen" is used with negative coordinates on multi-monitor machines

Registry Action
- read registry was failing when run under as an unelevated user on Windows Vista, even if the key had full read access
- Registry Browser locked up Task Builder on Windows Vista
- Registry Browser always opened in the upper-left of the screen

Task Administrator
- after created a task using the New option of the right-click menu, the managed task was not selected
- was not checking if it's restored window position was still valid on startup

Task Builder
- after running a task, the last selected step was not the same as the ones that appear as selected
- auto-indenting is now working correctly
- indentation was lost when copying/pasting or moving steps when Suggest Indent was off
- not all action GUIs were appearing in the middle of Task Builder when used on multiple monitor machines
- pressing F1 in an action was hiding the foreground action window until the help window was closed


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