- Performing floating point arithmetic in international locales that use a character other than a period as a decimal separator was causing incorrect behavior when using number variables.

Task Administrator
- Importing a managed task that doesn't have any trigger attached now works correctly.
- Moving a task into a newly renamed folder without refreshing Task Administrator was moving the task into a folder with the previous name.
- Old tasks containing extra "\" in their path can now be open by pressing the Location button in Task Properties.

Replace text action
- attempting to replace text with a space would instead use \s.

Compress action
- The action now properly works for Cab compression.

Ping action
- The step now properly displays an error when the variable specified doesn't exist.

Wait For Window action
- The step now properly times out when a timeout is set.

Send E-Mail action
- The action now works properly when the 70th character of the email is a period.

FTP browser
- Deleting a FTP site now works properly.

Send Terminal Text action
- Function keys now work properly with TN5250 emulation.

Volume action
- Now works on Windows Vista.

Connect Terminal action
- Added support for variables in the password field for SSH connections.

- When a task is run with AMTaskCm.exe, GetTaskName now returns the task filename.
- Added option to run a managed task and to use customized logging.

Event Log
- Using Classic Windows theme was causing the event log window to hang on some systems.

Find Text and Replace Text actions
- Using the Find Action or Replace action to find or replace a regular expression that was syntactically valid but returned a blank string (for example, searching for g* on a string such as "Fax") would cause the task to hang.