AutoMate 6 :

Sep 2007

This maintenance release addresses many issues and is a recommended update for all AutoMate 6 users.

In This Update


Task Administrator
- Options menu now says "Options on remote machine" whenever the current machine selected is not the local machine.
- Event viewer now remembers the last position, size and selected tab.
- Added option to "Run as current user" when the workstation is locked.
- The service user doesn't need to be set when importing a managed task from a remote folder.
- A dialog is now properly displayed when an error occurs while importing a task.

Http Download action
- Cookies are no longer stored in the Program Files directory but in the user's proper Application Data folder structure.

File trigger
- The polling interval used when watching a remote folder is now customizable.



- When the "Log To Database" option is enabled, the end of task event was not written when the error text contained a single quote
- corrected issue that caused error "Cannot create file AM6TasEvents.txt" when extensive writing to the log file occurred.
- In the Log On tab properties of a managed task, when the task was set to run as background user when the workstation is locked, it was actually running accordingly to the settings specified in "When workstation is logged on" after the workstation was unlocked.
- When creating a new task without using the wizard, the default value for "when workstation is locked" is "Do not run" instead of "Run as background user".
- TN terminal emulation now works correctly
- When a task is set up to not run when the workstation is locked or logged off, the last Run time indicated the time it would have run if the workstation was logged in, even though it didn't run.

Task Administrator
- user credentials to be used when setting a task to run in the background when the workstation is locked were not retained.
- after a failed attempt to connect to a remote machine, the Suppress menu option was permanently disabled in the context menu.
- options on a remote machine that was not connected was causing an AV. This menu is now only enabled for connected machines.
- disconnecting an agent on XP would sometimes cause the Task Administrator to hang.
- Fixed bug: In Task Administrator in Details view, only the first sentence (up to the first period encountered) of the Details property was displayed. Now, the displayed Details are truncated with an ellipses if the Details are too long to view.
- Event Log viewer repositions correctly if the screen resolution is changed
- Double-clicking a folder in the right pane and then re-selecting a previously selected folder in the folder tree view did not update the list of tasks.


Task Builder
- Using a wrong parameter in some functions (DaysInYear and DaysInMonth for instance) caused AMTB to hang when task was run in Task Builder.

Excel Set Cell action
- the action didn't work with an empty string in the New Value field. The step failed with the error "Syntax error in tag NEWVALUE".

Set variable action
- When the value contains " and "disguise value" is checked off, then the variable contains " instead of ".

Replace text action
- Replace text with one or several spaces now works correctly without using \s.

Send Keystrokes action
- sending keystrokes to IE7 after the Alt key was pressed would toggle the menu bar.

Connect Terminal action
- some visual controls were cut off when using a COM1 connection.

DaysInYear extended function
- DaysInYear now returns the correct value.

File trigger
- When watching the maximum number of files in a folder on a network, after the threshold was met, the trigger didn't fire until the number of files became greater than it was the last time it triggered. Consequently, removing and re-adding files didn't cause the trigger to fire.

Window trigger
- Window trigger now correctly works with IE7 in Protected mode (Vista specific)



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