AutoMate 6 :

Jun 2007

Contains several fixes to AutoMate 6.2 including issues discovered in Enterprise Edition and Agents. Also includes a new installation routine.

In This Update


Task Administrator

  • Added a menu in Help menu that links to the Readme file.
  • Dialogs don't say "on" whenever the dialog is displayed for the local machine.



  • On Windows Vista, constants were not accessible from the expression builder and could not be used at runtime due to UAC constraints.

Task Administrator

  • When connection to a remote machine fails, pressing Cancel on the dialog box that comes up didn't stop the attempt to connect immediately.
  • After an attempt to connect to a remote machine has failed, it was not possible to connect to the machine unless the machine was deleted in the folder tree.
  • On systems other than Windows Vista, switching language didn't work.
  • Deleting a non connected client didn't remove it from the folder tree.
  • Connecting after disconnecting a remote client was causing Task Administrator to hang.
  • Remote connect between 2 enterprise versions did not refresh task folder list, therefore preventing access to the folders.


  • Agent installation was skipping the Remote Administration Password section during installation.
  • Sometimes, the error "The Windows Installer service cannot update the system file C:\WINNT\systems32\psapi.dll because the file is protected by Windows" was occurring near the end of the installation. This file is no longer needed and has been removed.

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