AutoMate 6 :

Jun 2007

Adds full support for Windows Vista, streamlined New Task Wizard, High DPI Aware (font scaling), new installer, various enhancements and bug fixes.

In This Update


Windows Vista

  • Adds full support for Windows Vista including aesthetic improvements such as font changes, theme support and use of new common dialog boxes and controls throughout the application.
  • AutoMate is now "High DPI aware" and will scale properly on Windows Vista systems where Large Fonts are used
  • New installer supporting manifests for Windows Vista
  • Passes all tests for Windows Vista certification
  • Various enhancements and bug-fixes, see below: "Changes in AutoMate 6.2" for details

Task Administrator

  • Reselecting a disconnected runtime now causes it to reconnect
  • Connect dialog now says "Remember connection" instead of "Remember connection and reconnect"
  • When deploying tasks to multiple machines, a "Yes To All" and "No To All" option is now available when attempting to deploy the task to machines where the task is already present.

Task Builder

  • Added Ctrl+O shortcut to the Open menu option
  • Added Ctrl+N shortcut to the New menu option


  • General
  • "Send Email On Task Error" option now works correctly when using SSL SMTP
  • Fixed a handle leak that could occur in certain situations and could eventually cause the service to crash (Access Violation).
  • Service was crashing on Windows Server 2003 when a task was set to run in the background, this has been corrected.
  • AMTB and AMTA cause "The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory." after the Microsoft Security Update KB925902

Loop Action

  • A nested set to iterate 0 times would cause the outer loop to break after the first loop

Excel Actions

  • Now support Office 2007 file extensions

Get Terminal Action

  • Retrieving a range of text when connected to a TN3270 terminal would be off by one character unless the text was on the first terminal line

POP3 Email Action

  • Every second message would be retrieved from the POP3 server when attempting to retrieve all POP3 messages in a loop based on the message number
  • Using the Delete key while editing an attachment deleted the entire attachment entry (instead of one character).

End Process Action

  • Now supports wildcards. The action used to fail with the error "Process cannot be found".

Synchronize Folders Action

  • When "uni-directional" and "exact copy" were set, files already present in destination folder but not in source folder were not deleted as they should have been.

Event Log Viewer

  • Corrected "index out of bounds" error when opening the Event Log Viewer to view a text based log file

Excel Cells To Dataset Action

  • AutoMate would create a field named A[ instead of BA when populating a dataset that went beyond AZ.

If File Exists Action

  • If File Is Accessible now works correctly with wildcards. It used to always return false.
  • Corrected issue that was causing the action to not work with folder roots and network shares.

SQL Select Action

  • Corrected issue that was causing the step to hang when run more than one time when using the SQL Native Client driver.

Wait For File Action

  • Step would wait forever if a "?" wildcard but no "*" were specified in the file name.

Backup Action

  • Fixed Backup action which could fail when run as background user and the backup is intended to a location the user doesn't have access to.

Extended Functions

  • RndInt would not include the highest value when the floor value was zero.

Task Administrator

  • Task Administrator would sometimes lock up when selecting or right-clicking an agent in the task folder when multiple agents are connected
  • Only the first task would run when deploying one or more tasks to more than one agent and the Run Immediately option was selected
  • Task Administrator would sometimes lock up when switching quickly between connected clients
  • "Confirm on managed task delete" option was ignored
  • "Confirm on managed task delete" would not appear when deleting a task
  • Encrypting a task located on a AutoMate Runtime now works correctly
  • The "Attach task file" in Options | Task Errors was ignored when modifying properties of a runtime
  • Remotely updating an encrypted task now works properly
  • Sorting on date in the Event Log is now more accurate, this is accomplished internally by storing and sorting on milliseconds in addition to the date and time.
  • Sorting on step number column in the Event Log is no longer allowed due to the fact that this is an alpha-numeric field and cannot be modified to be a pure numeric.
  • Improved speed and reliability when switching folders quickly in the Task Administrator.
  • Improved synchronization between treeview and listview in the Task Administrator.
  • Arrow keys can now be used to navigate and expand/collapse folders in the Task Administrator.
  • Export/import now works when connected to a remote AutoMate installation.
  • Many fixes to Backup/Restore to allow it to work properly on with remote machines and with Windows Vista.
  • Set minimum splitter positions for Folder and Messages window so that they cannot be set to 0 and become "lost".
  • Splitter positions are now remembered for Folder and Messages window across sessions.
  • Reorganized menus and dialogs to properly work with the currently selected machine. Windows that appear as a result now reflect "on machinename" to show what settings are being manipulated.
  • Fixed Messages Window to allow it to be re-docked after undocking.

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