FTP Advanced Action

  • Get Long Directory List would not return the contents of the current directory if an SFTP server was used in conjunction with the FTP Change Directory action

Format Date Time Action

  • corrected trailing space that would appear on formatted dates in regions where AM/PM is not used

Send E-mail Action

  • removed the invalid email address warning in the Task Builder if an expression is used in the From field of the email

Extended Functions

  • correctly updates on upgrade installations - corrected DateTime functions that misbehaved on English Windows when the regional settings were not English or French

Replace Text Action

  • corrected issue that allowed partial substring matches to interrupt full substring matches, resulting in unpredictable text replacements

Variable Engine

  • corrected problem that occurred when a variable is used to specify the index for direct access to a dataset row (eg. MyDataset(variable).field), the returnes data was always from the first row because the variable index was not considered a valid integer but instead a string

Compress Action

  • current directory was ignored when relative file paths were used when specifying files to be compressed, resulting in the Windows directory being unnecessarily searched

Uncompress Action

  • updated unacev2.dll to correct a possible security vulnerability

Task Service

  • corrected issue with task priorities that would occasionally causes queued tasks to hang
  • corrected task database concurrency issue that may have caused subtasks to fail if an AutoMate backup was taking place during an attempt to invoke a subtask
  • corrected "Cannot Get Process ID" error that may occur when multiple tasks launch at the same time


  • corrected issue that would cause triggers to stop working after an upgrade installation was performed until AutoMate was restarted