• tasks would report the wrong step number if aborted
  • running Task Indicator Window background would not appear correctly on system using Large Fonts
  • textual representations of the days of the week were off by a day on French Windows

IF Action

  • always returned true when using a null value in a comparison expression

Wait For File Action

  • setting the "Wait for file to not be in use" option would cause the step's timeout option to be ignored

Wait Terminal Action

  • fixed memory leak that occurred when using "Wait for terminal text" and regular expression options together

Move Mouse Action

  • would error if the mouse pointer was to be moved to a monitor other than the primary display monitor and the display mode was set to "dual"

FTP Actions

  • some actions would cause an Access Violation instead of erring properly when an invalid FTP session name was used

FTP Download

  • downloaded files would intermittently be truncated when using SFTP

FTP Disconnect Action

  • now sends the QUIT command to the server upon disconnect

File Actions

  • Open File dialog allows * to be used

Synchronize Folders Actions

  • "Exact Copy" option now properly respects the Exclude Files mask

Extended Functions

  • improved randomness of RndEx, RndInt and RndFloat
  • LastDateOfDayInMonth() and LastDayOfMonth() would return the incorrect value for February