AutoMate 6 :

Dec 2005

This update enhances AutoMate's Secure FTP functionality and adds serial port capabilities to AutoMate's Terminal actions.

In This Update


FTP Log On

  • added ability to specify a connection timeout to customize how long AutoMate will wait before aborting a connection attempt
  • added option to ignore invalid certificates when connecting to an FTP server using SSL
  • added option to encrypted data channel on FTP connections using SSL

Connect Terminal

  • added support for serial ports

AutoMate Backup Action

  • added option to overwrite the destination file if it already exists


Task Service

  • on Retry step, when the step is retried and succeeds, a task failure is incorrectly logged
  • running a task as a Background (or Specified) User caused a thread leak each time the task was run
  • tasks run through the Task Administrator or through a trigger would not run on 64-bit Windows

Task Builder

  • using Ctrl-Insert would copy strange characters to the clipboard instead of the proper step text
  • modifying the description of a variable by double-clicking on it's entry in the Variables tab of the Debug Window does not always modify the correct variable
  • trying to cut, copy or paste while the cursor/carat is in the Watches debug window drop down would cause a step copy, cut or paste instead of performing the
  • correct operation on the drop-down text
  • the Evaluate button of the Watches tab would cause a messagebox with a single percentage sign to be displayed if it was clicked when the Watches dropdown contained no text
  • Loop Dataset steps would be ignored when running in the Task Builder if an invalid expression was present in Watches tab
  • when viewing the Help | About box and clicking the More Info link, the AMEngine.dll is not included in the list of files
  • when two tasks are set to run alone with Kill Running Tasks option set after 1 minute of waiting, one task is properly killed but then triggering of new tasks stops until the Task Service is restarted

Task Administrator

  • using Remote Administration to update or change the "Send Email On Error" of the Managed Task Properties would be ignored

Connect Terminal

  • when connecting to a terminal using VT terminal emulation, the terminal window does not correctly resize itself based on server commands
  • when using TCP/IP, would work only once in the Task Builder; each subsequent run would cause the terminal to remain blank until Task Builder was restarted

Control Terminal

  • Set Cursor Position did not set the cursor to the correct position

Wait For Terminal Text Action
- caused a memory leak when using regular expressions

Send Terminal Text

  • {TAB} sequence in was not interpreted properly on TN terminals
  • when using TN emulation, only the last character of a string was sent to the terminal

AutoMate Backup Action

  • was creating an .ama file which had no file association

Cells To Dataset Action

  • datasets created by a Cells To Dataset step would become inaccessible in steps after a Close Workbook was encountered

POP3 E-Mail Action

  • Get Single Message would not return the proper message
  • Delete All Messages would not remove messages from the POP3 server

Extended Functions

  • Taskid() doesn't returns the ID of the task but returns zero instead

Send Email Action

  • if the TO email address in the Send Email action has an underscore in the domain name portion of the email address (e.g., the task would hang instead of throwing a proper error indicating that the underscore is an invalid character

AutoMate BASIC Script Action

  • certain AutoMate BASIC Script steps (especially those containing external automation references) may cause a task to crash or stop responding when the task ends

Event Viewer

  • the sort arrow of a sorted column would disappear if the column was resized
  • when using text logging, the Event column in Audit View was always blank

Set Text Action

  • the action did not work reliably if the Focus Window option was selected

Replace Text Action

  • the action had trouble in situations where the text to find has several characters that sometimes match areas of the text to search, but not entirely

Decompress Files Action

  • would not error if the zip file cannot be found or does not exist

FTP Log On

  • proxy settings were not saved correctly, causing proxy settings to be ignored on task run
  • certain SFTP or SSL FTP servers cause compatibility problems with AutoMate; connections to these servers are automatically retried with a fallback mechanism before the step gives up and fails

FTP Advanced Action

  • FTP Advanced did not error if the session was disconnected

FTP Download Action

  • caused an access violation if used without a corresponding FTP Log On step
  • if steps are present in the Task Builder and all steps are deleted from it, then clicking the Close X button would be ignored and the Task Builder would not close

Send Keystrokes Action

  • when sending CTRL keystroke to certain websites opened in Internet Explorer, AutoMate would improperly send an extra CTRL keystroke

Loop List Action

  • Loop List would stop working if the carriage returns of the string were reversed using StrReverse()

Wait For File Action

  • would error if the specified filename contained an opening bracket

Rename File Action

  • attempting to rename files with a single character extension using wildcards would cause the extension to be lost after the rename (for example, renaming a.c to *.* would cause the .c extension to be lost)

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