AutoMate 6 :

Sep 2005

This update adds support for customization of the Running Tasks Window hotkey, along with several bug fixes.

In This Update


Task Administrator

  • new System Option setting allows customization of the Running Task window hotkey (can now be changed from default of Ctrl+Alt+End)



  • corrected large fonts causing some windows to appear incorrectly

AutoMate BASIC Engine

  • Long variable types were improperly casted down to 16-bit integers when accessing arrays or datasets, thus causing indexes greater than 32,767 to cause unpredictable results

Break Action

  • works correctly with nested If statements

Task Administrator

  • System Options On Error options could not be turned off via remote administration
  • changing the text logging folder location now works corrects
  • duplicating a task did not reset the triggers for the duplicated task
  • duplicating a task in the root folder would not rename the new task correctly

Task Builder

  • popup menu works correctly when no steps are present
  • Play after Stepping would cause breakpoints to be ignored
  • events would not display correctly on Italian Windows

Task Service

  • Date/Time stamp in text log files would not appear on machines where the time seperator was not a colon

Logging Engine

  • events were not logging properly to Access database sources
  • "Log file path" location was ignored after being changed from default in the Task Administrator

HTTP Actions

  • proxy settings were not working correctly

Delete File Action

  • would not delete Read Only files, regardless of the step's parameters

SQL Query Action

  • step would occasionally hang while executing a query

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