AutoMate 6 :

Sep 2005

This update adds support for TN3270 and TN3570 terminal emulations in AutoMate Enterprise and secure FTP file transfers using SSL certificates. AutoMate 6.0.4 also introduces a dramatically improved logging engine and a redesigned FTP browser.

In This Update


Logging Engine

  • improved logging performance
  • optionally log AutoMate events to an external database
  • customizable logging events
  • per-task text logging of selected events
  • system level text logging using comma-delimited files

Terminal Actions

  • now supports TN3270 and TN3570 terminal emulation types

FTP Actions

  • support for SSL certificates
  • redesigned FTP browser

FTP Advanced action

  • Added the ability to retrieve a long directory listing into a dataset

Dataset To Cells Action

  • supports output of dataset column names as first row of cells

Read File Action

  • "max number of bytes to read" is now an optional parameter


Task Service

  • corrected file security issue with the event log file that prevented background tasks from operating or logging correctly
  • background tasks would not run if the AutoMate event database could not be accessed because of file access restrictions
  • encrypted tasks would not run
  • corrected problems with column or dataset names that had spaces or hyphens (such invalid characters are now removed)
  • GetParentTaskName() would always return blank
  • corrected memory problem with Extended Functions that caused an access violation when a function was used multiple times in the same script
  • the variable engine would not prevent improper accessing of an array without an index
  • shutting down the Task Service through the Services control panel would cause the AutoMate 5 Hook Window to close instead of the AutoMate 6 Event Monitor

Task Builder

  • corrected kernel32.dll error that occurred on some Windows Server 2003 machines
  • corrected Access Violation that would occur if an existing step was dragging onto itself
  • delete key was ignored when the cursor was in any of the Debug windows
  • dataset members with a space and/or surrounded by square brackets now work correctly in the debug window
  • expanded a folder in the Available Actions tree control will scroll the control to reveal it's elements, if necessary
  • breakpoints can no longer be set on comments
  • large icons did not display correctly
  • corrected minor memory leak that occured with each step executed
  • Dataset fields containing "/" were not correctly surrounded with square brackets in the Variables window and their values were not displayed.

Task Administrator

  • user properties were not being retained if a task was set to run as a background user when logged on, and a specified user was used
  • a task's enabled state could be toggled using the popup menu regardless of the password protection options of the task
  • the steps of a task could be modified if a task's properties were password protected from modification but not from viewing
  • column header sorting indicator would not appear on startup until the column was clicked
  • column header sorting indicator would vanish when the column was resized
  • Service User password was not being retained
  • Default User settings could not be erased from a remote administration connection
  • Service User settings would not be properly retained if set from a remote administration connection
  • the caption and title text of the task replace confirmation dialog box were reversed
  • corrected several spelling and grammatical errors that appeared in dialog boxes
  • By clicking the "Location" button on a tasks properties, and pressing Cancel and then Ok, would result in a red x over the task icon.

Event Monitor

  • corrected problem that caused tray icon to disappear after sixty or more task runs

Variable Engine

  • datasets could not contain a value greater than 2,048 characters

Create Variable Action

  • the "Read Only" option had no effect
  • creating a variable called "Action" would cause an Access Violation once the variable engine was invoked

Get Selected List Item Action

  • would sometimes fail with "Unhandled exception"

Wait For Terminal Text

  • regular expressions now work correctly

Loop List Action

  • the percentage character was doubled when used as a literal character in a string

AutoMate Script Action

  • help file was not accessible via F1 key within the IDE

Run Action

  • the default path was not working in all cases when using a relative path as the application name

Schedule Watcher Trigger

  • the %AMTrigger.Trigger% variable would always resolve to "AMKEYTRIGGER" instead of "AMSCHEDULETRIGGER"

Internet Actions

  • proxy capabilities were not functioning correctly

FTP Login

  • if two FTP sessions were established, and the first used SFTP, the second would fail because it too would attempt to connect via SFTP, regardless of user settings
  • On Error Start Another Task option was not working
  • if no FTP log file was entered and the "Overwrite existing log" was unchecked, the step would improperly fail

FTP Actions

  • would intermittently cause EAccessViolation errors when a task ended if any FTP actions were used in the task
  • corrected disconnection that occured when logging into WRQ Reflection Server (also known as F-Secure) or VShell SFTP Servers

Excel Actions

  • would intermittently cause EAccessViolation errors when a task ended if any Excel actions were used in the task

File Actions

  • Newer/Older masking options did not work for directories, only files

Send E-mail Action

  • HTML attachments would not appear as proper HTML documents

AutoMate BASIC Script Action

  • editing an existing script action using the right-click popup menu in the Task Builder would ruin a script's formatting if any changes were made

Write Text To File Action

  • would cause intermittent EAccessViolation errors when very large (over 16K bytes) variables were used

If Actions

  • would sometimes fail with "Missing associated IF step" when embedding different If actions

If Text Contains Action

  • would cause intermittent EAccessViolation errors when very large (over 16K bytes) variables were used

Decompress Action

  • "Restore folder structure" option was not working

Send Terminal Text Action

  • strings were being sent to the terminal one character at a time separated by a carriage return when SSH was used

Loop Action

  • loop would bail out if StartingIndex = EndingIndex
  • stepping the loop backwards would not properly update loop index
  • Break step inside Loop and followed by commented out If block was causing an infinite loop

Loop Dataset Action

  • would loop once even if the starting index was greater than the number of rows in the dataset

Connect Terminal Action

  • the port number in the GUI would always revert to 22 or 23 when editing a step

POP3 Email Action

  • using "Get single message" would sometimes fail with error "Not an object reference"
  • sending messages as HTML with attachments would lose HTML formating

Dialog Action

  • text on a non-modal, button-less dialog would be cut in half on Windows XP

Get Selected List Item Action

  • when using a list view in Details mode, column names were incorrect and dataset was not populated correctly

SQL Query Action

  • fixed memory leak that occurred on queries that did not return a dataset, such as an INSERT or UPDATE query
  • executes much faster within a loop than in previous versions

Stored Procedure Action

  • would create an invalid dataset, which caused attempted access to the dataset in subsequent steps to fail

Format Date Time Action

  • Formating a pre-defined date with a 12 hour format did not respect PM

If Pixel Exists Action

  • Now included in Autoindenting
  • Using variables would result in a parameter being written as 0


  • Agents were not allowed to run Terminal actions

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