AutoMate 6 :

Apr 2005

This important update fixes many critical issues and is recommended for all users of AutoMate 6. Stability has been substantially improved and speed has been dramatically increased in many areas of the product.

In This Update



  • tasks run up to 20% faster then AutoMate
  • tasks now run up to 80% faster than AutoMate 6.0.1

Task Builder

  • dramatically improved Task Builder startup speed

SQL Query Action

  • over four times faster than AutoMate 6.0.1
  • over 25% faster than AutoMate 5.5

FTP Login Action

  • now supports public key SFTP

Create Variable Action

  • warns if a variable name is a reserved keyword instead of failing with "Cannot create variable"

Replace Text Action

  • now supports replacement expressions
  • using regular expressions with blank/null strings now supported



  • fixed several textual references to "AutoMate 5"
  • the Running Task Indicator Windows were not stacking on top of each other when multiple tasks were running like AutoMate 5
  • fixed "x is an invalid floating point number" error that occurred on AutoMate startup on non-English and non-French versions of Windows
  • task execution would slow as the task event database grew with each task run
  • the & operator would fail in an embedded expression if there were no spaces between the operator and the operands

Task Service

  • if a step was set to continue on error, GetLastErrorCode would beinappropiately set to 0 before it could be assigned to a variable
  • "Run as background user" would result in an invalid logon error on Windows Server 2003
  • copy/paste a task would cause the triggers of the pasted task to be ignored

Task Builder

  • deleting a disabled step and undoing it via Ctrl+Z caused the step to reenable
  • the undo/redo buffer was not reset after starting a new task or loading an existing task into the same Task Builder session
  • the undo/redo buffer was populating with "added steps" as a result of opening a task, allowing Undo to remove steps after a task was opened
  • tasks opened through the Task Administrator were improperly overwriting the true "last opened task" when using the Task Builder in standalone mode
  • now starts correctly on Windows NT
  • Increase Indent and Decrease Indent operations can now be undone and redone
  • Debugging option "Inspect entire dataset" was not working
  • selecting the & symbol in the Expression Builder would insert && instead of &
  • the Watches, Variables, Breakpoint and Attachment windows could not be restored once they were closed
  • View | Window menu item was missing for the Labels window

Task Administrator

  • Schedule Trigger had options to use expressions to specify dates, even though this is not currently supported. The option was removed.
  • the log database was written to the system with Administrator only access, causing a "task database could not be opened" error if a user was not an administrator
  • deploying a task to a remote AutoMate would cause an Access Violation in AMTA.exe
  • dragging a task folder to another folder would cause an access violation

BASIC Script Action

  • Debug.Print command now clears the AutoMate Task Builder Output debug window
  • #USES statements now work correctly

Loop Action

  • Step property was being ignored if a task was set to loop a set number of times

Loop Dataset Action

  • if the loop contained a Start Another Task Action, the loop would iterate only once, regardless of the number of rows in the dataset

Enable/Disable Task Action

  • now works correctly on all platforms
  • works properly when workstation is logged off

Trigger Task Action

  • works proeprly when workstation is logged off

Print Action

  • works properly when a valid filename is provided

Uncompress Action

  • file include mask was being ignored

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