19789 SMC (AGENT GROUP DISTRIBUTION): Round Robin functionality not present when Oracle is backend DB
19802 SMC (AGENT GROUP DISTRIBUTION):If you set the Agent Group Distribution on a workflow to 'Run on agents that meet the performance metrics,' only the very first task inside the workflow will run.
20866 VARIABLES: Variable's current value is not retained if another functions runs like "OnTaskFailure".
20940 SMC (PASSWORD): SMC Password is visible through Windows Task Manager under the command line column for WFD
20965 WFD (DELETE OBJECTS): Cannot delete all objects when an evaluation or wait object is in the workflow
20967 SMC (SHARED VARIABLES): Workflow will hang if a shared variable is referencing a constant
20977 HTTP (GET): SSL version TLS1,TLS11,TLS12 should be TLS1,TLS1.1,TLS1.2
20993 SMC (USERS): Unable to modify administrator user with standard license
21002 SMC (USERS): SMC license limit reached error if a user attempts to login as any other than administrator
21203 BPA_EXEC (ORACLE): Unable to connect to Oracle 11g backend
21232 EMAIL (SEND MESSAGE): Error when using email received from get messages dataset to send messages
21234 BPAS_EXEC (UPGRADE, ORACLE BACKEND): Unable to upgrade from 10.4 to 10.5 with an Oracle backend
21288 TASK (ENABLE/DISABLE): When running a "disable task" action after a "enable task" action, the tasks will not disable.
21290 TRIGGERS (WINDOW): Window trigger does not save contents (BPA ONLY)
21315 WFD (USERS): Usernames containing a space will give errors
21326 EXPRESSION (CUSTOM): Custom expression fails in v10 not v9
21358 API (CREATE): API CREATE - missing parameters causes tables to erase all data
21394 TASK FUNCTION: Unable to pass null or empty string value using a function
21410 Agent crashes due to error in event log
21414 Agent has numerous event log entries about "Value cannot be null"
21415 Agent has numerous event log entries about "The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime."
21416 Numerous BPAS_EXEC event log entries about "Problem with a custom query" relating only to the Instances table.
21435 SMC: 'Create' permission missing from the Task Agents and Process Agents folders
21517 SMC: Coping workflows or creating a subfolder will kick you back to the root folder
21518 SMC (ENABLE/DISABLE): non-admin users are not able to enable/disable workflows


20836 XML (READ NODE): Read node XML action fails if xml namespace is undefined in xml.
21359 API (REST): Compound filter set does not respect secondary filter