How To AutoMate Email and SMS Notification

Applies To: AutoMate 6, AutoMate BPA Server 7, AutoMate 5, AutoMate 7, AutoMate 8, AutoMate BPA Server 8, AutoMate 9, AutoMate BPA Server 9

Video Summary

The Email Action is one of the most popular actions used. Watch this short video on how to generate and process (read) an email.


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Comments (9)

  1. 1/19/14 by Tonij Trisno
    How to configure the default mail server setting?
  2. 1/22/14 by Leonard Amabile
    @Tonij Trisno - From AM9 Task Administrator, go to Options > Default Properties > Email. From BPA9 SMC, go to Options > Default Properties > SMTP. You can enter the SMTP server information at these 2 locations for the Send Email action to reference when sending email.
  3. 6/21/14 by Anonymous
    How do you send a different message if the parent task has failed?
  4. 4/22/15 by Anonymous
    There is an On Error Property that can be assigned to all task. From the AutoMate Task Administrator, right click on the parent task --> go to the task properties --> Select "On Error" and Enter the To and From Email Addresses. An email will be sent out if the task fails as long as the default mail server settings are configured with your email server information.
  5. 8/7/15 by Stuart Nelson
    Stupid question but can't find an answer anywhere: I am using Server version (BPA9). I want to call one Task in a Workflow multiple times from another Task. On the PC version, the "Start Task" action allows you to do this. It has the option "Start A Managed Task" and you can select from drop down. However on the Server version this option is missing. The option "Task File To Start" is present only, but not the one I need. Am I missing something really obvious (I am relatively new to AutoMate)???
  6. 8/10/15 by Valentineo McGowan
    Hello Stuart, From within Workflow Designer, navigate to the Repository pane in the bottom left hand corner of the window. Select the Tasks folder and find the desired task you will like to add to the open workflow in question. You may add the same task numerous times if you so choose.
  7. 3/17/16 by Anonymous
    You hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a a form, I found a blank fillable form here
  8. 9/8/16 by Anonymous
    I'm looking to send an email through gmail. How do I set up the Server drop downs to do this? Also, do I click on System, Host, Session
  9. 9/8/16 by Ricardo Castaneda
    Hello, The link below will provide an example on how it should be setup.
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