FTP Download by Date

Applies To: AutoMate 6, AutoMate 5

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Comments (7)

  1. 11/26/08 by Ashley Wise
    parts are missing
  2. 12/2/08 by Leonard Amabile
    Hi Ashley, What parts are missing from the tutorial? Leonard Amabile Network Automation, Inc.
  3. 7/2/09 by Jim Lei
    confuse. It is "download " from C drive to remote location? i think it should be "upload"
  4. 7/2/09 by Leonard Amabile
    Hi Jim, The field entries are reversed in the tutorial. This is a download action. When following the tutorial and creating a task, please reverse the information in the FTP Download action for it to function properly. Leonard
  5. 7/7/11 by Jason Beckett
    This is a rather base example. In the real world you want to be able to download by the file creation date or file modified date. Typically file names are named so quaintly with the date in them.
  6. 7/17/13 by Anonymous
    ver. autmate 8. window 7 pro. I'm new to automate and need some help. I was able to setup automate to download file by date only if the name of the file stay the same w/new date. Are there tutorials on how to setup a download by file date only or by modified date from a server?
  7. 7/17/13 by Leonard Amabile
    @Anonymous - We have a sample task that downloads the newest file on the FTP server based on file and date stamps. FTP - Download Newest File on FTP Server http://www.networkautomation.com/urc/blog/ftp-download-newest-file-on-ftp-server/5E894EA7-F85B-7BFC-8E64A96CD40BB8BD/
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