AutoMate 6 Intro (Outdated, See "Getting Started With AutoMate 8")

Applies To: AutoMate 6, AutoMate 5

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AutoMate 6 Intro (Outdated, See "Getting Started With AutoMate 8") 3/13/0661033 views

Comments (19)

  1. 9/18/06 by Asim Jalali
    This is great 10 minute quick start for Automate 6.
  2. 1/25/07 by Susan Gomez
    Very good to see how the gui is used in developing code.
  3. 1/30/07 by bbb ccc
    no way to skip ahead in the tutorial, or else the way to skip ahead is not evident
  4. 1/31/07 by Rolland Coburn
    At the bottom right side of the presentation, there is a "next" button, which will skip you ahead. You can also just use the slide bar to skip ahead.
  5. 7/30/07 by Tim Bowers
    looks great. afraid to ask what it costs.
  6. 8/17/07 by no dire nada
    Porqué Automate no está en español o en otros idiomas. Derrepente no saben utilizarlos los propios creadores. Gracias
  7. 9/6/07 by Tom Chien
    Great Intro! Would be nice to have the "Back" and "Next" options to be on all screens vs. just the ones without animation.
  8. 9/14/07 by Johnathan Powell
    very good turorial
  9. 11/10/07 by Domingues Douglas
    Instructions are simple and easy to understand.
  10. 8/7/08 by Tapuwa Maziti
    It's great I'm new still getting a kick start but the module offers relatively excelent help anyway.
  11. 8/29/08 by Erika Butler
    Tutorial appears to be easy to follow but we won't know until I actually try it.
  12. 10/15/08 by John Mellor
    i am pleased with what i have seen and will look further into this program as it seems to be what ive spent some time looking for
  13. 12/24/08 by Estelle Clark
    I am hopeful that this will help me create a Macro to be used in Word. At least, that is how I found this site. Google says it should help!
  14. 1/20/09 by Ivo Nkwenji
    Easy to understand tutorial. Gives you the fundamentals in 3 short steps.
  15. 2/12/09 by George Sebestyen
    Very easy to understand
  16. 9/1/09 by George Procinski
    Great introduction to Automate.
  17. 10/28/09 by Nafish Ansari
    good one keep developing more anh help this world to grow fast
  18. 5/18/10 by Kenny Beck
    Excellent tutorial. Very appreciative of the time taken and the implicit instructions, though for many advanced users I can understand their desire to want to move ahead quickly. I am not an advanced user so... Kenny Beck
  19. 6/11/10 by Ron Engel
    I tried to download the file by clicking on the button and got a http 403 error. If this file is not available for download the button should be removed.
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