Join Two Text Files

added on October 2, 2006 by Marjo Martinez
Applies To: AutoMate 6, AutoMate 5

This task will join two text files using two variables, one for each text file, two Read from file actions and a Write to file action.

First the variables are created named myvar and myvar2. When each Read from file action is defined, one of the variable names is used in the 'Populate variable with read data' field. A Write to file action is used to join the two variables containing file data creating one file.

Note: In order for the task to work properly, please create a folder named Temp in your C:\ drive and create files named test1.txt and test2.txt (with some data) in your temp folder or modify both Read From File actions to point to a valid text file which includes data.

Download This Task (0.8kb) Join_text_files.aml
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Comments (4)

  1. 5/3/07 by Amy Mash
    Thanks to this example I no longer have to manually combine 2 text files that are created on a daily basis in to 1 file. And with the help in Module 3-creating a variable with a date format, I was able to allow for the current date to be read from the 2 files and include it in the new file.
    &lt;AMVARIABLE NAME=&quot;yyyymmdd&quot;&gt;&lt;/AMVARIABLE&gt;<br /> &lt;AMTEXTFORMATDATETIME DATETIMEFORMAT=&quot;yyyymmdd&quot; 12HOURFORMAT=&quot;NO&quot; RESULTVARIABLE=&quot;yyyymmdd&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;!--- variable myvar1 to hold textfile1%yyyymmdd%.txt file ---&gt;<br /> &lt;AMVARIABLE NAME=&quot;myvar1&quot; DESCRIPTION=&quot;myvariable1textfile1&quot;&gt;&lt;/AMVARIABLE&gt;<br /> &lt;!--- variable myvar2 to hold textfile2%yyyymmdd%.txt file<br /> ---&gt;<br /> &lt;AMVARIABLE NAME=&quot;myvar2&quot; DESCRIPTION=&quot;myvariable2textfile2&quot;&gt;&lt;/AMVARIABLE&gt;<br /> &lt;!--- Read data from textfile1yyyymmdd.txt file ---&gt;<br /> &lt;AMFILEREAD FILE=&quot;\\svr\path\folder\textfile1%yyyymmdd%.TXT&quot; RESULTVARIABLE=&quot;myvar1&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;!--- Read data from textfile2%yyyymmdd%.txt file<br /> ---&gt;<br /> &lt;AMFILEREAD FILE=&quot;\\svr\path\folder\textfile2%yyyymmdd%.TXT&quot; RESULTVARIABLE=&quot;myvar2&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;!--- Join the data, appending textfile2%yyyymmdd%.TXT file&apos;s data after writing the textfile1%yyyymmdd%.TXT file&apos;s data ---&gt;<br /> &lt;AMFILEWRITE FILE=&quot;\\svr\path\folder\newfile%yyyymmdd%.TXT&quot;&gt;%myvar1 + myvar2%&lt;/AMFILEWRITE&gt;
  2. 4/8/09 by Chris Jones
    Does anyone know how to add an additional blank line after the last line of data in the text file?
  3. 4/27/09 by Leonard Amabile
    Hi Chris, Using the Write to File action specifying %""% in the data field will add a blank line to the end of the file as long as you have the "append at the end of the file" option selected.
    &lt;AMFILEWRITE FILE=&quot;C:\test.txt&quot;&gt;%&amp;quot;&amp;quot;%&lt;/AMFILEWRITE&gt;
  4. 1/24/11 by Laurie Beffa
    Is there a way to remove the blank row between the merged files?
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