Interacting with a Drop Down Menu

Applies To: AutoMate 10
Published: 6/30/09

This sample task will demonstrate three different methods of interacting with a drop-down menu:

Method #1: Typing The Selection

This method is useful as long as the drop-down menu is type-enabled. With some applications or webpages, this is not an option.

Method #2: Using The DOWN ARROW Key

This method selects an item from a drop-down menu, as long as the drop-down list remains constant. If there's an addition or deletion from the drop-down list, the number of arrow keys to send must be modified.

Method #3: Using The "Click Mouse" Action

If the drop-down menu is not type-enabled and the list is not constant, we can use this method to select a drop-down item using the "Move Mouse To Object" and "Click Mouse" actions. Note that this method will work for items that are at the bottom of the list and are not visible unless scrolling down the list. The "Move Mouse To Object" action can recognize those items without scrolling down the list.

Get the task here.