AutoMate 6 Silent Install

Applies To: AutoMate 6, AutoMate 5
Published: 1/19/05 , modified June 30, 2006


AutoMate 6 can be installed silently (without user interfaces or interaction) using command-line parameters through the use of MSIExec and the AutoMate 6 MSI file available for download on the Account Maintenance site.


Follow the instructions of Knowledge Base Article AM6010 to determine the command-line necessary for your installation, and add /qn to the end. For example:

msiexec.exe /i <path to AutoMate MSI file> SERIALCODE="AM6-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" /qn

The /qn switch indicates a silent install with no user dialogs. Note that, because the install will not prompt for input from the user, the correct serial codes and options must be set on the command line in order for the installation to complete successfully.

More Information

See the following related Knowledge Base Article about command-line installs and removals of AutoMate 6: